Womanizer vs. Satisfyer

Not so long ago, the world was without sex toys. But then there were wand vibrators, then bullet vibes, and later, even more vibrators. If it wasn’t battery operated, it was manual, but at least we had something. Now, however, we’ve got a fairly great range and new technology is taking things to new levels.

One of the newer toys spicing up our sex shops is suction-type sex toys. They’re meant to stimulate your clitoris by simulating the feel of oral sex. Since 2015, the use and production of these toys has surged, and now, most female (or vagina-having) sex toy connoisseurs have one or two (or three!) of these devices.

The technology used to produce these toys varies from manufacturer to manufacturer. Womanizer, one of the leading manufacturers for suction sex toys, has branded their tech “Pleasure Air” technology. Satisfyer, another brand, calls theirs “Air Pulse.” Apart from this, both Womanizer and Satisfyer have made a name for themselves on a brand basis because of these suction toys.

These two brands are somewhat (or a lot) similar when it comes to origin and products. But today, we’re going to decide who’s better at pleasing their most important critics: the buyers. So buckle up, and we’ll start with a bit of introduction in our Womanizer Vs Satisfyer review.

Image Product Features Price
Womanizer Pro40 Womanizer Pro40
  • Good range of usable intensity levels
  • Can go powerful or slow to suit your mood or tolerance level
  • Excellent 5 year warranty
  • Can get you from zero to 100 very quickly if you need to be quick
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Womanizer Liberty Womanizer Liberty
  • Visually well designed
  • Very portable
  • Has a handy travel case which is well worth using
  • Full pleasure pretty much guaranteed
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Satisfyer Pro3+ Satisfyer Pro3+
  • Our favourite Satisfyer model
  • Waterproof and makes for a great underwater experience
  • Hard to use the highest levels if you are sensitive
  • 15 year warranty!
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An Introduction To Womanizer

Since we’re going to be looking at Womanizer in its entirety, that is, the company and the products, let us start with a little introduction to Womanizer and what it stands for.

Every brand has a few core values that shape how they manufacture their products, market their products, and relate with their customers. For Womanizer, these values are self-love, sexual freedom, sexual fulfillment and women’s sexual health. In essence, this brand cares about women loving themselves enough to seek sexual satisfaction, hopefully, with the help of a Womanizer product.

Women are having more orgasms than ever, but we’re still way behind other demographics. This is mainly because most women need clitoral stimulation to orgasm, and, let’s face it, many men forget about that part or don’t pay enough attention to it during sex.

Womanizer founders, Michael and Brigitte Lenke, aim to close the orgasm gap and give more women splendid orgasms with the help of their sex toys.

The Womanizer story begins on a bright morning in Bavaria, where Michael Lenke discovered through statistics that women have significantly fewer orgasms than men. He then began to speculate and form a theory. He thought that if the air pressure around the clitoris could be alternated, sometimes sucking and other times pushing through some sort of device, it might help women to come to an orgasm.

Brigitte was his test subject, and when she found a design she liked, he contacted his local swinger club for public approval. After that came the patent. Their new invention is called “Pleasure Air Technology,” It does exactly what Lenke intended and uses focused air pressure on the clitoris to bring women to orgasm.

In 2014, the Womanizer started being marketed. Years later, the Womanizer is a well-known name in the sex toy industry and a common sight in millions of womens’ toy drawers.

But while Womanizer toys have generally been well-received, today we’ll be taking a closer look at some of their best sellers to see if they’re worth their price or if other options are more suitable… but first, let’s switch from Womanizer and take a look at Satisfyer.

Womanizer DUO

An Introduction To Satisfyer

The values for Satisfyer are a little different from Womanizer. The Satisfyer brand is more focused on sexual innovation, favorable pricing and inclusivity. That is, while Womanizer has only recently begun to produce toys for men, Satisfyer includes toys for men, women, gays, lesbians, non-binary; basically every part of the sexuality spectrum you can imagine.

Their inclusivity and price range are two of their best selling points. Since the company was established in 2016, it’s gone on to win over 200 design awards and created toys and tools that have solved problems plaguing the Sextech industry for years.

An example of this innovation would be creating a remote app for its sex toys. On its own, this isn’t a new concept. Sex toy manufacturers like We-Vibe, OhMiBod, and Lovense have created toys that use apps for remote fun for over a decade. The core problem is that these toys don’t always manage to deliver their claims. Often, what is promised on the site, isn’t what you get in the actual product.

Problems like only a few toys working with the app, terrible connectivity, inability to control the toy through the app at a distance persisted with these manufacturers. The few toys with apps that worked cost an arm, a leg, and a lung to purchase.

But since Satisfyer launched its new app – Satisfyer Connect – these problems have been mostly resolved. Satisfyer, and a few other companies who successfully produced functional, remotely controlled sex toys, stripped the Sextech industry of most of its excuses, including the typical spiel that Bluetooth connectivity hates water, which the human body has in abundance.

Five years down the line, and Satisfyer is thriving. With the expiration of the much-hated teledildonics patent, they’ve continued to roll out product after product, never falling behind on innovation.

The creation that puts them in direct competition with Womanizer is called “Air Pulse Technology.” According to Satisfyer, Air Pulse Technology is used with clitoral stimulators to give a clitoral massage similar to oral sex. They have more products in this one category than Womanizer has in their entire stable.

But does this make their products better than Womanizer? That’s what we’re going to find out. So grab yourself a cup of coffee and keep reading – as we are going deep with this Satisfyer Vs. Womanizer comparison.

satisfyer and womanizer

Womanizer VS. Satisfyer: A Comparison


When it comes to design, Womanizer overshadows the Satisfyer; in terms of build quality, button placement, and waterproofing.

For build quality, the products of both brands are made of silicone and body-safe ABS plastic. However, Womanizer is a luxury brand, and you can tell this the moment you touch their products. All their products are smooth to the touch and extremely comfortable to hold.

However, Womanizer has an issue with making their products way too big. It makes it hard to grip and can cause some users with smaller hands to ditch it in favor of other toys that are easier to handle.

Both Satisfyer and Womanizer have clit nozzles that are way too small. Clit nozzles are the hole at the tip of each unit, where your clit is supposed to experience some magical air pressure. Just as men have different penis sizes, women have different vagina and clitoris sizes. For women with a larger or longer clitoris, the nozzles of both toys are pretty small.

Womanizer attempted to fix this problem with the addition of an extra-large (XL) cup size. However, most people may not realize that this is necessary until they find out how small the nozzle is. And buying it separately and waiting for delivery is an extra cost.

While many Womanizer reviews state this problem, we haven’t seen any reaction from Satisfyer customers regarding these complaints.

Next is button placement. This may sound like a weird criterion, but when you realize the difficulty of clicking Off or changing the level and intensity of a toy while chasing an orgasm, you’ll understand the importance of an easy-to-reach button.

Both the Womanizer and the Satisfyer have two buttons: one for power and one for adjusting the level and intensity. The placement for both brands’ products is quite different, though it does depend on the product.

However, the Womanizer typically has buttons on the inside curve of the toy and towards the top. This works because it’s easy for your thumb to reach those parts while you’re using the toy. What doesn’t work is how easily turned-on Womanizer toys are (we meant that literally by the way).

Womanizer toys don’t have travel locks, and just a little force is enough to switch one on. This isn’t a bad thing when you’re in a hurry to have a self-love session, but it is annoying and embarrassing when you’re out and about, and suddenly you have something vibrating in your bag or suitcase.

Satisfyer’s products are much more reliable when it comes to these situations. However, the button placement for most of their products is a little off, which gets really annoying. Also, while Satisfyers are generally slimmer than Womanizers, the latter takes the cake when it comes to weight and maneuverability.

For this battle of design, Womanizer takes it home.


Most toys differ when it comes to design, control, and ease of use. But from our experience, when the same manufacturer makes toys, you can expect almost the same intensity from a bunch of them, especially if they have the same range of intensity levels. This is very true for Satisfyer, with 11 vibration intensities and ten patterns as the default setting for most toys.

This isn’t necessarily a bad thing (makes it easier for me, at least). But, when it comes to satisfying us, the female members of our team had a lot to say about the intensity levels.

For most, level one through eleven was like being gently flicked for one second, riding a rollercoaster as you turned to the second level, a wild horse by the fifth level, and not much difference on the levels after that.

I’d like you to pay close attention to the transition between “gently flicked” and “riding a rollercoaster” because it was like Jekyll and Hyde. Soft and sweet, one moment, and then BAM! You’re on the cusp of orgasm by level three out of eleven. If you’re going for a slow, controlled orgasm to build sensation, this can be frustrating, but an orgasm is an orgasm, and Satisfyer products have more than enough power to satisfy you.

Womanizer has a broader range of settings and intensity levels. For example, there are Womanizers with four, six, eight, and twelve settings. This is something we prefer because, after all, variety is the spice of life (even though we had a harder time keeping track of which had what settings).

While you can feel the similarities between Womanizer toys, the team and I concluded that Womanizer did a better job at graduating the intensities. The switch between levels, especially those on toys with four and six levels, made a difference, but it didn’t feel like an unreasonable jump.

However, we found that both brands’ toys got a little buzzy and less “licky” at certain points. This isn’t necessarily bad, but for brands that focus a lot on touch-free sensations and air pressure, having them suddenly turn into vibrators wasn’t what we were expecting.

In the grand scheme of things, though, both these toys have strong settings and are quite capable of giving you an awesome O.

Womanizer DUO

Noise Levels

Unfortunately, both Satisfyer and Womanizer make some noise. All toys do and to some extent this is pretty unavoidable. The question is, is the noise level low enough that it’s optimal for your living conditions?

At the lower levels, Satisfyer toys define the term “whisper-quiet.” However, as the level increases and the motor works harder to increase the air pressure, the sound will inevitably increase. As a result, Satisfyer toys with Air Pulse Technology are louder than many other motorized toys. The same is true for the Womanizer.

However, the difference is in the intensity and level. You should expect your toy to start getting pretty audible as you turn it up. A higher level means more work for the motor, which directly translates to more noise. Starting to hear the noise as you get to the fourth out of six vibration levels is pretty normal and controllable.

The Satisfyers with Air Pulse Technology that we tried all worked well but started getting noisy around the fifth or sixth level. Most were quite audible at the tenth level. For context, the Satisfyer has 11 vibration levels. We’d say it was almost as loud as a vacuum cleaner at level six, which gives it a decibel measurement of maybe 69 to 70dB.

The Womanizer’s noise level stays relatively constant through all levels. Of course, it increases as you increase the vibration, but it doesn’t get as loud. You can liken the sound of most Womanizers to the hum of a refrigerator at the highest level.

Also, remember that these toys are several times quieter when doing their job on your body. They only become louder when left without contact.


The Satisfyer has the edge for this round because it’s effortless to use. Its buttons are clearly outlined and easy to switch on or change vibration levels. But it’s not that easy, which means that it won’t accidentally switch on when you’re moving.

Apart from that, both brands use the same style of button for their toys, with one button to turn the device on or off and another to adjust vibration level. But that’s where the similarities end.

Although the Womanizer’s buttons are too easily moved, they are well placed. The buttons are centered in the toy, within the section that faces the nozzle. This makes it easier for you to control your orgasm because it’s more accessible for your fingers to reach that section.

The Satisfyer is much less likely to embarrass you on a long road trip than the Womanizer. But it doesn’t mean that they’re perfect for this criteria. For example, the Satisfyers we checked out had their buttons placed on the side not facing the nozzle, which is a problem for short-fingered people or people with small hands. However, it makes up for it with narrower necks and slimmer bodies, which helps ease the stress of finding the buttons.

That doesn’t erase the chance that you may press the Off button instead of the vibration button and abort your orgasm. If it does, sorry. There’s always the next one.

Charging And Battery Time

Both brands have long-lived products that can last for hours on end with one full charge. We say “charge” because nearly all Satisfyer and Womanizer toys are USB rechargeable. Womanizer batteries can last for around 300 charges, and although we’re not sure about Satisfyer, the few reviews we found about their battery life have been pretty good. Unfortunately, we weren’t able to test these out until they needed new batteries.

However, on average, both toys have relatively short charging times and can be used and stored while still retaining their charge for their next use. In summary, no matter which toy you choose, whether Womanizer or Satisfyer, you’ll get a pretty good deal on battery life.

Price And Affordability

If we’re talking affordability, Satisfyer wins hands-down. We put a lot of thought into whether or not we should add this criterion, but since the price is usually a significant factor when purchasing a sex toy, we’ve added it here.

Satisfyer has a firm policy on providing sex toys at an affordable rate. As a result, many of their sex toys are way below $100, which is a massive deal for a toy that’s so well developed. However, you do pay for this lowered price in not-so-luxurious materials.

A Womanizer can cost as much as $200, which isn’t unexpected for a luxury brand. If you have the cash and are willing to splurge a little, the premium materials make the spend worth it.

Which One Feels Closer To Oral Sex?

Here’s the truth: No matter how much lube you put on the toy or clit, neither toy is going to feel like oral sex. A real, flexible tongue tops all of these anyway.

BUT… in the absence of that tongue, you can use either the Womanizer or the Satisfyer as a replacement. While the toy you choose won’t be able to replicate the wetness, versatility, and unpredictability of oral sex with a partner, you will be able to have a fantastic orgasm.

When it comes to which brand’s products do it better, we have to go with the Womanizer.

The Womanizer’s superior materials are more similar to the touch and feel of actual flesh (though they’re still quite different). Plus, since the vibration levels transition more seamlessly, the sensations are slightly similar to a real tongue. But, of course, this only applies to the lower levels. Once you approach the higher levels, you probably won’t be able to give two ducks about an actual tongue.

Now that we’ve rounded up the specs and shown you how Satisfyer and Womanizer products fare under different criteria, let’s slow down a bit and take a look at all the clitoral stimulators under both brands. We’ll start with Womanizer.

womanizer vs satisfyer image

Womanizer Products

Womanizer Premium Eco

premium ecoThe main selling point of this toy is its eco-friendly material. It’s made out of biolene, a biodegradable material that’s mostly made from renewable raw materials. It’s the first clitoral stimulator to be made with the Earth’s welfare in mind. We’re pretty much in love with this product, mainly because it’s both eco-friendly and orgasm-friendly.

While the Womanizer Premium Eco comes in a pretty, pastel pink and feels slightly different (read: rougher) than other Womanizer products, it works just fine. Its inner parts function just like the Womanizer Premium, which is the product it’s based on. But instead of repeating the specs of the Premium, let’s just discuss the product itself.

Claim Free Shipping & 5 Year Warranty With The Womanizer Premium Eco

Womanizer Premium

womanizer premium imageThink of the Womanizer Premium as the Womanizer Premium Eco, just made of ABS plastic instead. This is the flagship product from Womanizer, and its feature list alone is stunning.

Within this toy, you get a waterproof toy with 12 intensity levels varying from medium-low to a teeth-rattling high. But there’s no need to talk about the twelfth level; we’re about 96% sure that you won’t make it there anyway.

This toy is also one of the more silent products, plus its Smart Silence feature means it automatically deactivates when not in contact with skin.

There’s also the Autopilot feature for when you get sick of changing levels by yourself. Simply choose a mode — Soft, Medium, or Intense — and then let the device select the levels for you. We’re not guaranteeing you an orgasm, but you’ll be pleasantly surprised.

Claim Free Shipping & 5 Year Warranty With The Womanizer Premium

Womanizer Duo

duo imageWhile penetration doesn’t do it for some women, many others don’t mind a little internal stimulation to push them off the edge, and that’s precisely what the Womanizer Duo provides.

It kind of looks like a rabbit vibrator but with Pleasure Air Technology to stimulate the clitoris. The vibrator works for the inner arm that’s meant to stimulate the wall of your vagina, adding another level of sensation. The vibrator gets ten patterns, and the clitoral stimulator is the same as the 12 intensity levels available for the Womanizer Premium.

All the other specs are there; Smart Silence, Pleasure Air Technology, etc., but the star of the show for us was the brilliant curve of the inner arm. The angle makes it possible to enjoy the Duo hands-free by relying on the body and the toy’s curves to hug each other. I have to say, it does allow you to get around more. You might crash into a few things when your vision goes white from orgasm, but you’ll get around.

Claim Free Shipping & 5 Year Warranty With The Womanizer Duo

Womanizer InsideOut

inside outThe InsideOut is the cheaper version of the Duo. It has the same ergonomic curves, if only a little less thoughtfully crafted. The curve on this toy is less dramatic, meaning it may not touch the internal vaginal wall for many women. This implies that this toy is less likely to find your G-Spot and more likely to need lots of adjustment to hit the right spot.

However, the InsideOut is powerful when it comes to vibrations. If you have the time to adjust it to your optimum spots, you’ll have a pretty good time. Plus, since the battery can go on for around 2 hours on a full charge, you only need to charge this toy once every few uses.

Claim Free Shipping & 5 Year Warranty With The Womanizer Inside Out

Womanizer Liberty

liberty toyIf we were to give a title to all the Womanizer toys on this list besides their names, Liberty’s title would be The Traveler.

This small, adorable-looking toy looks like it’s made to be shoved into your purse and carried around. But if you read the section on Control above, you’ll know that Womanizer’s easily pressable buttons make it impossible. Unless you want people to hear a buzz from your bag, and if you do, we’re all for it—more power to you.

But if you don’t want all eyes on you but still want to enjoy Pleasure Air Technology and awesome orgasms while you travel, you can use the Womanizer Liberty travel case to envelope the toy and make sure it doesn’t start working when it’s not necessary.

While this toy is great and the travel case is a nice touch, it does have a problem which we’ll define in the following review.

Claim Free Shipping & 5 Year Warranty With The Womanizer Liberty

Womanizer Liberty by Lily Allen

womanizer lily allen toyLily Allen is a British singer who joined hands with Womanizer to advocate for sexual wellness by designing a new version of the Liberty with Womanizer. The only problem is, apart from changing the original purple-red color to bright shades of pink, purple, and orange, there was no difference. It still gives the same six vibration levels and has a run-time of 120 minutes and a travel case.

We liked this toy in testing. It’s visually pleasing, if a little obvious, but that’s not necessarily a bad thing. However, this toy is way too small; Smaller than nearly all Womanizer products. It follows that the nozzle will be small, too. For this toy, that extra stimulator head will prove invaluable.

Claim Free Shipping & 5 Year Warranty With The Liberty By Lily Allen

Womanizer Pro/W500

womanizer pro imageThe Womanizer Pro/W500 is one of the most cost-effective Pleasure Air Tech toys available. It has a long feature list which makes it superior to almost every other Womanizer product.

This toy is only available in black and white or full white. It also comes with a Swarovski crystal embedded, just for the culture, y’know? This toy also somewhat breaks the line of two-buttoned Womanizer toys by having a power button and then a long one with plus and minus on the opposite ends for switching between 12 vibration intensities.

It also comes with a tiny flashlight which looks cute but seems like an unnecessary detail to us. But you can use this toy for four hours of play on a full charge, so we understand that you can afford to waste power with an additional (unnecessary) flashlight.

Claim Free Shipping & 5 Year Warranty With The Womanizer Pro

Womanizer Starlet Snow

starlet snow toyThe most obvious thing about the Womanizer Starlet Snow is how small it is. It’s about half the size of an average palm, around eight to nine centimeters long. Unfortunately, it can’t be used for those with larger clitorises and is the only Womanizer toy that isn’t completely waterproof.

This is the cheapest type of Womanizer intended to serve as a teaser. In other words, Womanizer is expecting you back for your second purchase.

However, the vibration power of this little thing is unbefitting of its small size. There are only four vibrations, so there’s a bit of a jolt between the first and second levels. Just enough to make you sit up and go, “Oooooh!”

Claim Free Shipping & 5 Year Warranty With The Womanizer Starlet Snow

Womanizer Starlet 2

The Starlet 2 is another option for those new to clitoral stimulators but may have experience with other toys. We don’t feel that there’s a lot of difference between the first and second models. There are only minor changes, like increased size, power, and a slimmer design. However, the price also increased.

Womanizer Pro40: My Experience

pro 40 toyThis is the Womanizer toy I tried because, as I said before, while we love sex toys, we can’t afford to test a total of 15 toys on one person. But I did get to try the Womanizer Pro40, and I tested it thoroughly because I don’t believe I have ever cum so fast in my life.

While the Pro40 also has a narrow nozzle, my clit is a little big, so it touched the sides of the cone, which kind of muted the enjoyment and dulled the sensations. As a result, I switched to the extra, bigger attachment and had my 35-second orgasm.

But because I was suddenly brought off, I couldn’t catalog the sensations to write this review. So I switched on the Womanizer Pro40 again.

I started slow the second time. The pressure on the first few levels is fairly low. It feels like a gentle tickling. Going higher to the third and fourth levels, there was a deeper suction, and I had to switch it off so that I didn’t need to start over again.

The higher levels were even better with a quick suck and blow sensation, which was a little too much for me and needed a healthy dose of water-based lube to make it bearable. However, for people who need intense sensations, I think this might be just the thing.

When I was done, there was still more than enough power left if I wanted to go another few rounds, and I noticed that, unlike with other toys, my clit didn’t feel sore because of the multiple orgasms. In addition, the Womanizer was pretty silent. It’s nice that you can only hear a soft hum even when it’s not touching your skin.

I loved the Womanizer Pro40. Although it is a little expensive, I think it’s worth the price. The buttons are a little too easily pressed, which makes me a bit wary of taking it with me on trips but apart from that, it’s great. It’s waterproof, as all Womanizer products are, and I like the fact that there’s a 5-year warranty on it—more security for me.

Claim Free Shipping & 5 Year Warranty With The Womanizer Pro 40

Satisfyer Products

Satisfyer Pro 1+

First off, we have the Satisfyer Pro 1+. It’s a thin piece that looks great in white and gold. Our first impression is that it’s pretty easy to hold. However, the button placement was slightly off and took some careful maneuvering. Apart from that, this toy was a breeze to use. This toy does its job and does it well. It’s quite powerful once you start getting to the higher levels, but it’s also noisy. As a result, we don’t recommend using this toy in a shared space.

Satisfyer Traveler

This toy is convenient for unplanned trips. You can just grab it, chuck it in your suitcase or carry-on and be on the road. It’s sleek and smooth and is the different-looking one out of the other Satisfyer Air Pulse products.

The designers clearly understood the assignment. The Traveler does have the capability to leave your legs shaking once you find the proper position for it. However, the battery is pretty short-lived, so it can’t partner with you for long sessions.

View The Complete Satisfyer Range & Get Best Prices

Satisfyer Pro 2+

satisfyer pro 2 imageThe Pro 2+ is an upgrade over the 1+. It’s a little bigger, way more waterproof, and has stronger vibrations. The Satisfyer Pro 2+ isn’t for the faint-hearted. It seems like the manufacturers said, “go big or go home.” The 11 pressure wave intensities are still there, but even the lowest intensity has been increased.

Still, since the Satisfyer has had a long history of being unable to waterproof toys, we had to test that out. Our results were half and half. The device does work underwater, but it’s certainly not fully waterproof. During cleaning, the toy kept releasing water, leading to problems if a user is even a little careless.

One Night Stand

We’re not sure whether to call this toy economical or a waste. I’m personally leaning towards the latter because this toy is single-use. It’s the cheapest Air Pulse available. However, it’s only a one-night stand. It works well for one fantastic night and to give you a taste of the Air Pulse. But it’s straight to the dumpster after that and for that reason alone we’d suggest looking at other models.

View The Complete Satisfyer Range & Get Best Prices

Satisfyer Penguin

This is one of Satisfyer’s bestsellers. We loved nearly everything about this toy. The intensity, the strength, the grip, everything. There’s nothing to say, except we really, really liked it. Enough to buy it on our dime.

Note: All Satisfyer products have a 15-year warranty on them, courtesy of its parent company, EIS Inc.

The Satisfyer Pro 3+: My Experience

pro 3 by satisfyerThe Satisfyer Pro 3+ was released as an upgrade to the Satisfyer Pro 2+ and 1+. This toy is famous for working even better underwater, so that’s where I tried it, and I was not disappointed.

This model made my clit fall in love. The first few levels were light but not too light suction, so I only made it to level five before I came. While on my next orgasm, I noticed that my clit was slightly swollen, although I didn’t feel any pain or numbness.

The Satisfyer Pro 3+ is intense, but when I found the strength to dial that baby up to the eleventh level, I found that the vibration intensity didn’t change at the ninth, tenth, and eleventh levels, which might be a bit of a bummer if you like more intense vibes.

View Best Prices On The Satisfyer Pro 3+

Womanizer vs. Satisfyer: Our Verdict

Both brands have incredible air pressure clitoral stimulators available. While we agree that Satisfyer may have copied Womanizer, they’ve managed to make pretty good products at affordable prices. Although the Womanizer Pro40 is my favorite toy, it might not be yours, so you should focus more on buying the toy that suits your budget and needs.

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