Long Distance Sex Toys

Anyone who is or who has been in a long-distance relationship, knows that it can get challenging in more than one aspect. Keeping the sexual connection alive is one of the many challenges for those in a long-distance situation, but luckily there are tools available to make it a bit easier.

And by tools, we mean high-tech sex toys and connected apps that let you interact in new, incredible ways. This day and age gives us the chance to dive into the world of cybersex in a way that was impossible a few years ago. Astounding technology lets us connect sexually and intimately no matter the distance and long distance sex toys (or teledildonics as they are known) are the ideal way to keep the connection alive.

There’s a growing amount of options on the market, and I’ve tested and picked the ones I really found to be the best long-distance sex toys currently there. In this guide, we’ll go through the best toys for different budgets and preferences. 

Until you can see your lover again in person, make the distance a bit more bearable through these exciting couple toys!

 Disclaimer on the consent of using long distance toys

When you’re dabbling into long-distance toys with another person, the both of you must be willing. Before you buy any toys for your partner, you should have a conversation about them. Also, remember that consenting to one toy doesn’t automatically mean they’re up for using another toy–it’s always best to double-check these things to make sure you’re both on the same page.

Never try to talk anyone else into something they don’t want to do. Never let anyone talk you into doing something you don’t want to try. Both of these things are equally important. Respecting each other’s boundaries is critical. 

What Are Teledildonics?

Ever heard of something called teledildonics? If you noticed the “dildo” in tele-dildo-nics, you’re on the right track. Although a teledildonic toy doesn’t have to come in the form of a dildo, it certainly can.

Teledildonics is essentially an umbrella term for high-tech sex toys. There are many different types of teledildonics. A google search might bring up images of sex robots and strange bodysuits, but that’s not the kind of sex toys we’ll be talking about today. Instead, we’re talking about much-revolutionizing sex toys that are pretty affordable and used by normal couples like you and me.

An example of teledildonics is vibrating panties that let your partner control the vibrations. An app allows you to link up your toy to your partner through Bluetooth and the internet, and then they get to have fun setting the patterns and intensity of your sensations. 

Another example might be couples toys – a matching vibrator and stroker, for instance. Again, you can connect through the app, and your toy will then respond to your partner’s movements and vice versa.

Teledildonics is a pretty new market, and it’s currently growing a lot, with new, exciting products popping up each year. And many of them are focused on long-distance couples.

In this complete guide for long-distance sex toys, we take a look at the top 5 couple toys that can bring the two of you closer, even when the physical distance can’t be helped. We’ll also look at and answer some common questions, and discuss which type of toy is most suitable for you. 

If you’re a complete beginner to this type of sex toy, this article is for you – but it’s also for those who already have some experience and are looking for the next big thing. 

The Best Connected Long Distance Sex Toys For You And Your Partner

Perfect as a parting or Valentine’s gift, these sex toys are tried and tested for the ultimate cybersex experience. Our top 5 toys all have their upsides and downsides, and we’ve identified those for you to give you a clear overview of the toys most suitable for you and your partner. Let’s get into the list: Here are the 5 best connected long-distance sex toys.

Our Top Pick: Lovense Max 2 & Nora

Lovense is on top of the game when it comes to creating great teledildonics, and Max 2 and Nora are some of their best-selling connected toys. With Nora and Max 2, they bring interactive long-distance sex toys in the shape of a unique rabbit vibrator and a revolutionized male masturbator.

Lovense NoraLet’s start by talking about the rabbit vibrator: Lovense Nora. At first glance, Nora looks much like your classic rabbit vibrator in shape and with a bright pink color. The two things that really make it unique are the dual control of the stimulation–you can control both the shaft and the head individually.

If it seems a bit overwhelming, don’t worry. The purchase comes with a quick setup guide and a user manual to get you started, and the app is much easier to use than what you may first think.

First things first, you’ll need to charge the device before usage. It comes with a magnetic charger. You have to position it by lining up the dots, and once you’ve done so, a solid red light indicator will let you know it’s charging. It only takes 2 and a half hours until it’s fully charged, and you’ll know by the red light turning off again. Now it’s ready to use and with an impressive battery time of 4 hours.

To turn on the vibrator, long-press the top button for 3 seconds. The light indicator will now flash green to let you know that it’s on. To change the vibration, you’ll press the same button again to switch between low, medium, and high.

The lower button allows you control of the head; press it to switch between slow, medium, and fast rotation. Long press to reverse the direction of the cycle.

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Lovense Max 2Max 2 is just as impressive as Nora. Max was a big hit, and Max 2 takes the concept and improves upon it, resulting in a top-of-the-line sex toy for men. Not only does it contract, but it also vibrates. In addition, it’s equipped with an adjustable air vent that gives you complete control over the suction.

The inside of it is full of pleasure dots providing the delightful texture for added stimulating. The sleeve is made up of a soft silicone blend that feels real, and if you wish to, you can purchase a vagina sleeve at an additional cost.

Together, the two toys can detect touch and pressure, which allows you to feel your partner’s touch. Connecting through the app, you can either hand over the controls or simply sync the toys so you’ll feel every movement of your partner as you’re sharing the pleasurable experiences. The app also has a built-in video chat feature to let the two of you stay face to face as you virtually enjoy each other through the toys.

To top it off, the battery life lasts almost as long as Nora, with an impressive 3.5 hours of playtime from only a 100-minute charge.

Max 2 is not only compatible with Nora, but you can also pair it with Max or another Max 2. 


  • Incredible battery lives
  • Realtime interactivity
  • Various types of stimulation for both toys
  • Both toys are very versatile
  • Perfect for couples play but also works solo


  • High cost
  • Max 2 is loud

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Premium: Kiiroo Onyx & Pearl 2 

Onyx and Pearl 2 are two of the best masturbators that Kiiroo has to offer. Combining the two is perfect for ensuring that both of you get exactly what you need every time.

Kiiroo has been bringing us top-notch sex toys for a while, and the pairing of Onyx and Pearl 2 is among the best teledildonics you’ll be able to find on the market. Both are favorites among their users. Together, they’re a perfect match for any long-distance couple looking to close the distance a little.

onyx pearl 2 box setOnyx is a stroker for men, which does a fantastic job of simulating the natural feeling of a vagina. Its unique contracting technology provides you with some of the most incredible sensations an automatic stroker can offer. With the three modes, interactive, manual, and automatic, reaching the top isn’t a difficult task at all.

Pearl2 is the g-spot vibrator designed to stimulate your inside, with powerful vibrations and different modes to provide exciting variation. It’s also waterproof, so you can use it in the shower or bath as well.

When the two devices sync, they do a great job of simulating actual intercourse. As he thrusts, she will feel the vibrations intensify. As she moves around it, he will feel the contractions on his end. All this happens in real-time, and the video chat feature allows you to see each other as you’re interacting.

Unfortunately, each of these only has an hour of playtime. Charging also takes quite a long time. For Pearl 2, charging takes 3 hours, and for Onyx, 4 hours. The good thing is that these toy battery types have memory, so they won’t run out of steam while you’re not using them. If you charge the toys after each use, they’ll always be ready for some spontaneous action.

This set is meant to connect with each other, but if you happen to have any other Kiiroo sync-able toys, each can connect to any of those as well.

Except for the somewhat short battery time, this combination of toys is absolutely perfect for any couple that wants to feel closer, when they can’t be physically close. When you can feel each and every movement from your lover, it’s not so lonely anymore.


  • Very high quality
  • Interact realistically with the touch-sensitive toys
  • Connect from anywhere in the world
  • Play solo with lots of interactive content


  • Slow charging
  • Hefty price tag

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The Best Sensations: Kiiroo Onyx & Cliona

As far as I know, tightness and contractions are what bring most men over the edge. Most women will tell you they need clitoral stimulation to get the best orgasm. Combine the two, and you’ve got yourself a winning combination. 

This wonderful couple set from Kiiroo – the Onyx & Cliona, is made up of a contracting stroker for him and a clitoral vibrator for her.

kiiroo onyx and cliona setOnyx is hands-down one of the best and more realistic-feeling male strokers currently available for purchase, and it combines fantastically with Cliona. Onyx may not be the most lightweight, but the discreet design won’t give it away. This means it’s still relatively easy to bring with you, as it more or less looks like a speaker or another non-conspicuous piece of technology.

Cliona is a pocket-sized clitoral vibrator that offers the very best when it comes to external stimulation. For its small size, it provides potent vibrations. The vibrations are also very targeted, making it easier for you to experience the intense sensations where you really want them. As it’s so tiny, bringing it along with you anywhere is incredibly easy. It weighs close to nothing and is also waterproof, so feel free to take it with you into the shower.

Both of these Kiiroo toys let you connect to interactive videos and VR content for exciting and new solo play. If that’s not your thing, you can also enjoy one of the automatic modes when you’re playing solo.

The two Kiiroo toys can connect to each other and respond to each other’s movements, taking it a step further than just handing over the controls to a partner. 

Both devices have a battery life of 1 hour usage, and the charging times are 2 hours for Cliona and 4 hours for Onyx. It’s always best to charge after every use, so you won’t have to wait a few hours for charging the next time you want to play.

For those couples with a woman who loves clitoral stimulation (and what woman doesn’t?), the Kiiroo Onyx & Cliona pair is going to be a perfect choice. 


  • Portable and discreet to bring with you on travel
  • Interactive, manual, and automatic modes
  • Cliona provides intense, targeted vibrations for clitoral stimulation
  • Onyx features realistic contractions similar to that of a real vagina


  • Only 1 hour of playtime per charge

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Best For Lesbian Couples: Kiiroo Pearl 2 & Fuse

This couple set doesn’t come with a stroker and a vibrator, like most others on the list, but instead, this is a set of two vibrators. Yep, Kiiroo really did it–they created the perfect toy for the lesbian couples in need.

Although this set is perfect for lesbian couples, it can also work for a straight couple for anal stimulation.


Kiiroo Pearl 2 and fuse setOne part of the set is the Kiiroo Pearl 2, an advanced G-spot vibrator. As it’s a G-spot vibrator, it is intended for use internally. Still, it also works well to stimulate your clitoris. It’s coated in seductively soft silicone and has a smooth shape that easily slides into you. The vibrations will reach the pleasure points that feel the best. 

It’s easy to control; start it up by long-pressing the button and short-press to switch between modes. The start-up Bluetooth mode lets you connect with a partner of some interactive video, letting you pair it with the other toy. The next mode is the touch-sensitive mode, which responds to your movements by strengthening and weakening vibrations depending on how far it is inserted. The last few modes are different pulsations and patterns.

The battery time of the Pearl 2 is 1 hour, which is neither great nor terrible. The battery is rechargeable with a USB cable, and charging it from an outlet takes 2 hours.

The other part is OhMiBod Fuse, powered by Kiiroo, which is a dual-stim massager. If you know about the brand OhMiBod, they often provide the market with some of the best vibrators. The collaboration of OhMiBod and Kiiroo through Fuse is an actual work of art.

The design is made to stimulate both your g-spot and your clitoris at the same time. With dual motors, this toy will stimulate you both on the inside and the outside simultaneously. Through this dual stimulation, your pleasure is doubled. It’s also equipped with an LED light, providing you with visual feedback. In addition, it’s coated in soft silicone that’s soft to the touch.

The downside to this toy is also the battery life which is just about an hour. Luckily, charging it also takes just around an hour.

Between the two vibrators, there is two-way communication, letting either of you drive the action. All you have to do is connect to the FeelConnect app wirelessly through Bluetooth, and then you can sync your devices and let each other feel every movement.

Both of the vibrators in this set are waterproof, so if you wish to explore wet adventures like shower sex together even from a distance, it’s absolutely possible.

Not only are the two vibrators perfect for bringing couples together, but they can also be used for some fantastic solo sessions. Both of these devices are compatible with interactive porn and incredibly immersive VR experiences. 

Another plus is that the price for this couple set is slightly lower than most others on the list.


  • Touch-sensitive mode
  • Perfect for lesbian couples
  • A bit cheaper than the other couple options
  • Two-way communication
  • VR compatible


  • Both have only an hour of battery time

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For Beginners: We-Vibe We-Connect Couples Vibrators

If you’ve been scrolling down this list thinking that these items look a bit too high-tech and you’re looking for something a bit less intense, one of We-Vibe’s couple vibrators might be something for you.

sync and we-connectWe-Vibe features three popular remote-controlled toys that you can buy, each separately and syncing to the We-Connect app.

We-Vibe Sync is their best-selling couples vibrator. It provides dual stimulation, giving you pleasurable sensations whether you play solo or with your long-distance partner. It has a comfortable shape that lets you insert it and enjoy the sensations hands-free. It’s also flexible enough that it will fit you snugly but comfortably, no matter your size and shape.

It can be connected to the app and comes with a remote control that you can use if you’re playing together with a partner.

The battery time of the Sync is around 2 hours, which will definitely be enough to get your happy ending with these pleasurable vibrations.nova and we-connect

Secondly, we have We-Vibe Nova. Nova is a rabbit vibrator designed to bring pleasant sensations to your clitoris and your G-spot. It’s beautifully curved, ensuring you’ll hit just the right places. This one doesn’t come with a remote but is controlled solely by the app or the buttons on the toy. The battery life of this toy is also 2 hours.

And lastly, We-Vibe Moxie is a fascinating toy for those of you into public play. This wearable vibrator works with any panties as it attaches with a magnetic clip. It’s very quiet and not at all bulky, so you’ll be able to wear it discreetly without anyone knowing a thing. Just like the other moxie and we-connecttwo, Moxie’s battery life is 2 hours on a full charge.

All these vibrators are waterproof, so you can enjoy them in the shower or bath as well. In themselves, these vibrators are quite pleasurable, but their real charms lie in the app.

We-Connect is an app that lets you explore things you never knew possible. Let’s start with the basics; long-distance control. No matter how far apart the two of you are, you can connect as long as you both have an internet connection. If you decide to hand over the controls, your partner can choose patterns in real-time.

Not only can they switch between patterns, but both you and your partner can also create custom patterns through the intuitive interface that lets you do so by simply tapping and dragging. The same interface can be used to control the vibrations in real-time.

The icing on the cake is that you can sync vibrations to sound. You can choose a soundtrack, like your favorite song, and the vibrator will vibe along with the sound of it. You can also let it detect and create sensations from the surrounding sounds, so your lover’s voice can become a cause for ecstasy.


  • Unlimited range of patterns
  • Connect from anywhere in the world
  • Hand over the control to your partner
  • All feature good battery times


  • No physical stimulation for him

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What To Look For When Buying Long-Distance Sex Toys

The most important thing to look for is something you think would work for you and your bae. For some people, that might be interactive strokers and vibrators. Still, another couple might prefer a more straightforward remote-controlled vibrator. Whichever choice you make, let it reflect the wishes of you and your partner.

Although a long-distance toy is an amazing gift, you have to keep in mind that your partner isn’t necessarily game for everything you are. If you know that your partner loves using vibrators together with you, a vibrating toy might be a good start. If you’re venturing into something new, you’ll have to check with your partner before you make any decisions of your own.

The price is a given, too. In most cases, it’s pretty fair to say that a higher price tag will provide you with a better toy, but don’t overdo it just for the sake of it. If a toy is packed with the functionality you never end up using, you might as well have settled for a somewhat cheaper one that gave you just what you needed. Of course, you can always upgrade later when you’re ready for more.

There’s nothing worse than receiving a faulty product and not being able to get it replaced or reimbursed, so a final thing to be aware of is to buy from an authorized seller. I’d recommend you buy only from the official websites to make sure you receive the original product and that your warranty applies.

Tips For Men Using Long Distance Toys

For men using long-distance sex toys, I’ve got one word – lube. Investing in a high-grade lube is one of the primary keys to having a pleasurable experience. Look for a high-quality lube, and use a rich amount of it when you bring out your stroker. Lube is a non-negotiable when you’re a male using a sex toy, as you won’t lubricate on your own. It also just makes everything feel so much better.

Keep in mind that most strokers need you to use a water-based lube. Oil-based or silicone-based lubes will ruin the silicone material, so stay clear of those.

The second piece of advice I have is that you shouldn’t be afraid to hand over the reins to your partner. It can be lots of fun, and many girls dream about having their man’s ecstasy at their fingertips. Traditionally, we see men as strong and the ones who should be in control, but you can throw all that out of the window. Trust and vulnerability is what establishes a real connection, so don’t be afraid to let go for once.

Whether you’re just using a stroker or exploring with vibrating anal toys or the like, letting your partner control and see your enjoyment is likely to be pleasurable for both of you.

If you’re both interested in something, go ahead and try it. Delving deep into your desires is bound to bring the two of you closer together.

Tips For Women Using Long Distance Toys

The good thing about teledildonics is that there is just so much to explore for us women. Those who love vibrating toys will never have a shortage of them to explore in this section, and from remote-controlled panties to responsive and interactive dildos, you’re in for a thrill.

Being away from your partner is hard, and long-distance toys will help you cope with that. Sure, it’s not exactly the same as when your beloved is with you, but feeling their movements and letting them feel yours is still going to make the times of distance a lot easier to deal with.

If you’re nervous about getting started with connected sex toys, it’s okay to tell your partner that. But, on the other hand, if you’re as ready and eager as can be, you should also communicate. When delving into something like connected couple’s toys, communication is vital to make sure the both of you are getting the experience you’re looking for.

If you have the chance, it might be fun to explore the toys while you’re physically together, at first. I’d recommend you purchase the toys ahead of time and let your partner know you think it’s going to help ease the distance and keep the two of you connected.

When you’re apart, it helps to make sure you also schedule a time to talk and foreplay before you get into the sexy part. This will ensure the both of you really keep the emotional and intimate connection alive. Of course, video chats also make the experience a whole lot more personal.

Final Words

To survive the distance, keeping things fresh and exciting in a relationship is essential. Despite all the negative comments about long-distance relationships, they can be enjoyable and exciting as you’ll be working around the constraints to keep the fire alive. And naturally, really good cybersex through teledildonic toys can and should be part of staying connected.

With the number of toys on the market, you’ll find something for you and your partner. It might take a bit of effort to find what you both like, but I promise it’s totally worth it once you’re able to pleasure each other through the screens. The toy for you is out there (or else it will be soon, with all the new inventions popping up), and you will find it if you keep exploring.

Once you find something that works for you, you’ll never want to go back to regular old phone sex. Toys are so much more immersive.

Have fun and good luck on your journey!

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