Kiiroo Cliona Review

Our resident expert Emma Miles takes a look at this curvy offering and delivers a full verdict in this Kiiroo Cliona review.

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Brought to you by Kiiroo, a leading name in the teledildonics industry, the Kiiroo Cliona is a clit stimulating vibrator designed for pleasure and satisfaction. The company likes to embrace diversity, and they’re quick to point out that the Cliona celebrates the fact that we’re all different. It’s your body and your sex toy – use it however you want to!

In this review we’ll get to know the Kiiroo Cliona more intimately – What does it look like? How does it feel? Does it perform well in the bedroom (or wherever you fancy playing)? We’ll take a quick look at the pros and cons and I’ll let you know whether the Kiiroo Cliona provides a knee-trembling buzz or a disappointing hum in my Kiiroo Cliona review…

The Design, Look And Feel Of The Kiiroo Cliona

At first glance the Kiiroo Cliona appears very inoffensive – pink and curvy, and dare I say, cute looking! At 11.5 x 5 x 4 mm the device cliona in palm of handis diminutive, and it’s lightweight too, weighing in at just 75g (minus the packaging). It may be on the small side, but who said a sex toy needs to be big and bold to be worthy of your attention?

Sometimes the best things come in small packages and the Kiiroo Cliona clit massager is best described as pocket-sized. Despite its small stature, the Cliona still manages to provide robust and targeted vibrations. There’s a powerful motor in the head, and this helps you to direct vibrations right on your clit.

The device has been designed with user-friendliness in mind too. You can manipulate the power of the toy using the touch-sensitive buttons. You’ll find these in close proximity to each other, which makes the device simple to operate. Cycle through the options until you find a rhythm and intensity that fits your needs.

Made from ABS (Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene) and silicone, the Cliona is durable and robust. Silicone is known for being body-safe and allergen free, and the Cliona vibrator feels smooth and relatively soft. The device is waterproof too, so you can take a long, leisurely dip in the bath or steam the shower cubicle up with a little wet and wild playtime.

The Kiiroo Cliona is a good product for those who like to stay abreast of cutting-edge technology – the product is advanced in its design and is Bluetooth enabled. As a solo player there’s plenty to keep you entertained and you can interact with a wide range (over 4000 to be precise) of erotic videos – sit back and allow the online content to take over.

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If you want to have fun with a lover the Cliona works for that too – get intimate together under the covers and add some spice to your sex-life. The good news is you can still have a great time with your partner even if they are away.

As the vibrator is Bluetooth enabled you can pass control to your other half. This is perfect if you want to experience someone else being at the helm, and is also useful if you share a long-distance relationship.

This product comes with a USB cable and charges via a Lithium-ion 540 MAH 3.7V battery. You will need to charge the Cliona for two hours to reach maximum power, once done, you’ll then have one hour to enjoy yourself to the full.

The Cliona is a straightforward and neat little toy, but it does come with a quick setup manual (just in case you want to make sure you’re using it correctly). There’s also an authenticity and warranty card.

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How Does The Kiiroo Cliona Clit Stim Vibrator Work?

It can be difficult to orgasm via penetrative sex alone, but stimulating the clit could propel you towards the stunning climax you crave. The Kiiroo Cliona pulsates, causing the blood to pump around your clit. This provides plentiful stimulation and pleasure, enough to help you achieve a great orgasm (or maybe a few if you’re lucky).

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The Cliona has a pleasing curve to it – allowing you to hold it in the right spot easily. If it’s your first time using a clit vibrator it’s a good idea to start slowly. Kick things off by placing the device on your clit very lightly.

Once you’ve gotten used to that feeling you can try moving the vibrator back and forth. This will help build the sexual pressure – leading you closer to the ‘Big O’ just when you need it.

So, you know what to do when playing solo, but how about partner play? If you’re with your other half you can use the vibrator to enhance foreplay, or to spice things up when you’re having penetrative intercourse. If your partner is away, why not use the Bluetooth technology to link up and play.

The Kiiroo Cliona (along with all other Kiiroo products) boasts built-in “FeelTechnology” (Bluetooth technology). This allows you to connect the device to the FeelConnect app. The app is a clever tool, you can use it to access virtual reality content, check out interactive videos, and to connect with your lover.

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How Well Does The Kiiroo Cliona Clit Stim Vibrator Perform?

If you’re a fan of deep, robust clit stimulation the Cliona is a good option for you. I must admit to being surprised by its power – it’s like a little pocket rocket! “Small but potent” pretty much sums it up.

cliona and mobile phoneThe compact design lends itself well to play. The Cliona is lightweight so you can pick it up easily and hold it for as long as you need to. The ergonomic shape is pleasing on the eye and also makes the toy easy to grip and move around the clit area.

As for the toy being interactive, I used to have my reservations about teledildonics (I’m a bit of a technophobe and thought the Bluetooth thing might complicate sex toy use), however the Cliona is easy to use. My husband managed to connect with the toy prior to a work trip, and he had a great time! That said, I did too – there’s something naughty about handing over power and control to someone else.

Pros And Cons Of The Kiiroo Cliona Vibrator

The Kiiroo Cliona vibrator has a lot going for it. It’s powerful and versatile, and particularly suited to long-distance play. We have to mention its compact size – perfect if you are looking for a device that’s easy to store and transport.

As with any product, there are one or two things that you might not be so keen on, the strength of the motor being one. It’s powerful – if your clit is on the sensitive side, you might find this product a bit too much.

One other minor detail involves toggling between the solo and interactive mode. There’s no reset, so you if you set up for partner play, the product will automatically open in that mode next time you use it.

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The Kiiroo Cliona is worthy of a space in your play box. It’s so small and light it won’t take up much room! But that’s not the overriding reason you should invest in this one. The Cliona is perfectly petit but delivers strong and deep vibrations – just the thing when you need to add extra sparkle between the sheets.

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