Best Online Sex Toy Shops

When it comes to purchasing sex toys, sometimes the spirit and body are willing, and your wallet might already be prepped to meet the cost. But then there’s the problem of finding a reliable online sex toy shop.

The problem of finding a good online adult shop goes way beyond finding a toy. Here are a couple of reasons why you should attach importance to the company that sells you pleasure.


The first reason why you should choose your online sex toy store carefully is the variety of their goods. Do they have a good selection? If you’re interested in less mainstream toys like bondage or anal toys, do they have enough products to allow you to make a good choice?

If they don’t, then you probably need to change stores and look for one that’ll have more variety in the category you want.


No one needs to receive a package that says XXX VIBRATOR 3000 in their mail for the neighbors to see. And while most online sex toy stores know to be more discreet with packaging now, there’s still the occasional slip-up. Carefully selecting the right sex toy store will mean that you’ll pay for your toy and NOT see a notification for a dildo or vibe on the doorstep or on your bank statement.

Instead, you’ll probably see the name of the company that you paid to. And when your toy arrives, it’ll come in a nondescript box that won’t have you cringing when you look your neighbors in the eye.


All sex toys will touch your skin; most are intended to be inserted in or near one hole or the other. To make sure that your toy is safe for use, there should be information about the toy’s material and whether it’s waterproof or not.


A sex toy store must be able to talk sex. This means guides, FAQs, and toy reviews should be available and accessible whenever you need them.

Even though the Vibratorist team will help you with the first part, you’ll need to get the other two from your online store.


Any sex toy store should prioritize safe delivery. Most toys are fragile and need careful packaging before shipping. It should be attentively wrapped during delivery to avoid contact with something that can contaminate or damage it. Otherwise, you might receive a sex toy that’s beat-up beyond repair.

These are only some of the reasons why you need to find an online sex toy store you can trust. With that said, we know that you’re busy and don’t have the time to investigate hundreds of online sex toy websites to find the best one.

That’s where we come in. Our team sat down and mulled over these stores and their customers’ reviews for days to find the best online sex toy stores for you. As a result, here are the 16 best online sex toy shops that we have used this year.

18 Best Online Sex Toy Shops


We-Vibe is one of the most popular sex toy manufacturers on this list. Its parent company, WOW Tech Group, has other leading sex toy brands under it, such as Womanizer and Pjur.

What We Love About It

sex toy website imageWe-Vibe toys are excellent for individuals who prefer to use their toys remotely or hand over the control to their partners. Partners can even connect over long distances through the We-Connect App.

Apart from this, they have a pretty wide range for a company that doesn’t sell products from other manufacturers. They’ve dedicated years of research and innovation to create the best sex toys and are confident in their work to the point that they offer a 2-year guarantee on all their products.

From solo sessions to couple play and long-distance relationships, We-Vibe has got you every step of the way.

 Visit The WeVibe Website & See The Latest Offers


LELO is a luxury sex toy brand that began in Stockholm, Sweden. After nearly two decades of manufacturing some of the most beautiful sex toys, they’ve made their mark as a company focusing on creating attractive but powerful toys.

What We Love About It

We love the company’s emphasis on beautiful toys that do their job. LELO toys look great, but they aren’t paperweights. If you’ve bought a toy suited to you, you will cum when you use it. Furthermore, the brand has an extensive catalog of toys for both men and women since they’ve been in business for so long.

What’s especially great about them is their product descriptions and informational content. While they do sell sex toys, they always do it in a classy, flowery manner. This is a nice touch when you’re used to raunchy sex copy.

lelo sex toy website image

Visit The LELO Website & See The Latest Offers are a Michigan based company that is part of the PriveCo brand. They have been in operation since 1998 and they claim to be the world’s most private company – a bold claim for a website selling sex toys.

What We Love About It

Don’t be put off by the website’s dated appearance. This company stocks one of the widest range of sex toys on the market and has some of the most competitive prices. Not only that, but they really do live up to their promise of delivering sex toys in the most discrete manner possible.

They have a good resource on the website that they call Vibrator School and this provides users with all the information they need to help make an informed purchase. They are also available via phone and contact form if needed.

All in all, is a top quality sex toy website with good prices and even better service.

Visit The Website Here


Lovense are without a doubt one of the most innovative sex toy manufacturer globally. They have been creating innovation after innovation since their inception in 2010 and they have a huge focus on long distance and interactive fun through connections with smart devices and apps.

What We Love About Them

Lovense are constantly looking to improve on their products. Rather than creating the largest range of toys possible and trying to spread their products thinly to appeal to as many users as possible they focus their efforts on creating a small range of toys that are the absolute best they can be.

They have toys for men and women and have different types of toys including strokers, wands, rabbits, g-spot vibrators. Their products work well and constantly come out well in our reviews. The Lush 3 is our favourite women’s product and is well worth a look.

Visit The Lovense Website & View Their Best Deals


Womanizer is a relatively new company. It was created in 2014 when inventor Michael Lenke and his wife discovered through a study that many heterosexual women get little to no orgasms. So, they decided to do something about it.

What We Love About It

In our not-so-humble opinion, the only other sex toy manufacturers that can compare to Womanizer in innovation and luxury are LELO and Lovense.

Their flagship Womanizer Premium uses their patented technology called Pleasure Air, which stimulates the clitoris with controlled air pressure. Another breakthrough, Autopilot, allows you to enjoy unpredictable pleasure without having to waste your thoughts on controlling the device. The Womanizer Premium also has an eco-friendly version.

All of this plus a five-year warranty on all their toys with free discreet shipping, and we don’t think that you need any other incentive to shop at Womanizer.

Visit The Womanizer Website & View Their Best Deals


There aren’t many kinds of sex toys you won’t find on The store offers a variety of vibrators, clamps, ropes, couches, dildos, and much, much more.

What We Love About It

Our favorite thing about this store is their customers’ reviews on every product. It’s not that this is an uncommon feature, but many stores remove bad reviews from their sites which deceives customers. Instead, Lovehoney leaves the good and the bad reviews on each of its product pages so that customers can make informed decisions.

There are also loads of guides and FAQs on their blog to help you through any new toys you want to try. They also have several deals and freebies, such as free shipping on orders over $60. Customer service is available 24/7, so you can get advice or a refund (if necessary) whenever you want.

Visit The Love Honey Website

Good Vibrations

Good Vibrations, also known as Good Vibes, is one of the oldest operating sex toy stores on this list. They’ve been running as a brick-and-mortar store since 1977 and have been online since 1995.

What We Love About It

Our favorite factor of this company is probably its emphasis on safety. The Good Vibes brand is primarily focused on safety in all sexual matters. While their prices are a little higher, they always ensure that their products are the safest in terms of material. It makes sense when you realize that they’ve stopped selling toys with phthalates since 2001.

Good Vibes also has a focus on safety in education. This education is for everyone: heterosexuals, homosexuals, cisgender people, non-binary people, transgender people, and more. Apart from the content you can find on, they also host seminars. They even have a renowned sexologist, Dr. Carol Queen, whom you can email via their website if you have any questions.

Visit The Good Vibes Website


Maude is a modern sexual wellness brand (emphasizing the term “modern”) that focuses on creating quality, body-safe products for everyone.

What We Love About It

We love the brand’s inclusivity and discretion; here’s why:

Sometimes, when buying a sex toy, all you see is a mess of pink, blue, red, peach, and black on the product pages. The colors themselves aren’t bad, but they sort of represent a gender divide that’s present even when we’re talking about a toy that feels good for both sexes, like vibrators.

Maude takes all of that discrimination away and presents shoppers with products that absolutely anyone can use. In addition, their colors are neutral, and materials are always body-safe.

In addition to this, you can keep your Maude vibrator on your office desk, and we’re sure that at least 95% of your coworkers will think of it as an artistic paperweight. Honestly, having a vibrator out in public without anyone noticing it is a huge flex.

Adam and Eve

Adam and Eve is a company that was founded way back in 1971 and was part of the sexual freedom movement at the time. With more than 12 million satisfied customers, they’ve proven themselves over and over again as a trustworthy brand.

What We Love About It

As long as your fetish doesn’t harm people or animals, we’re pretty sure you can find some suitable equipment to make it a reality on Adam and Eve. Plus, if you’re not satisfied with your purchase, you can return it within 90 days to get a refund.

Adam and Eve also have several branching websites for other categories, such as AdamMale and Eve’s Toys, a store for gay and lesbian sex toys, respectively. They also have their Guide to Sex, a compilation of their articles on the art of sex.

Visit The Adam & Eve Website


Amazon was created in 1994 by Jeff Bezos, and since then, it has effectively made itself the one-stop shop for online purchases. You can get anything from Amazon, including sex toys.

What We Love About It

The fact that customers are spoiled for choice is a significant factor in the platform’s success. You have thousands of options when choosing sex toys, and several vendors are selling the same products, so you can choose the one with better customer service.

But how do you know which vendor has better customer service? The reviews. Amazon has allowed their shoppers the freedom to express their opinion in clear terms so you can tell which products have the majority vote and which do not.

Plus, the number of reviews also matters quite a lot. In a space where you can see a product with over twenty thousand reviews and a daily visitor count resting comfortably around 200 million, a long-listed product with only a few reviews is a red flag. We also love that you can easily pick safe, well-tested options.

Visit The Amazon Website


PinkCherry is a subsidiary of TBMBM Inc. and is pretty new to the sex toy scene. Apart from that, we have loads to love about this shop, but we’ll cut it down to a few main points.

What We Like About It

Since they also have an extensive stock of sex toys available, you can find almost anything. They have many categories, such as sex toys for men, women, lingerie, toy storage, sex furniture, even bachelor and bachelorette party toys.

Another thing we love is that there’s a Sex Toy Guide and a blog for advice on getting down with some of their products. You can even ask their resident expert, Dr. Sunny, for advice if you’re unsure about which product will serve your needs. We love online sex shops that take sex education seriously, so this is definitely a plus.

Visit The Pink Cherry Website

The Kink Store

The Kink Store is a new online sex toy shop that sells absolutely every toy and tool you could ever need in the playroom.

What We Love About It

While sex toys related to certain kinks aren’t scarce, they aren’t too common. However, in a store dedicated to kink, you can find whatever you need or want for your next scene or adventure.

To show what exactly you can get, here are a couple of product categories:

  • Electrosex
  • Strap-ons & pegging
  • Gags & muzzles
  • Impact play
  • Genital torment

If you’ve always had a fantasy you wanted to fulfill, chances are that The Kink Store can give you exactly what you need.


Babeland is run by the same company currently in charge of Good Vibes but is much younger.

What We Love About It

Babeland has toys from several companies, including some of the stores on this list, such as Womanizer and LELO. They started as a company that wanted to focus more on women’s pleasure. After a smashing success in that category, they’ve broadened their scope and now include all sorts of sex toys and accessories.

They’re also big on sexual wellness and education. With events, workshops, and a blog with hundreds of thousands of visitors daily, Babeland is spreading the message of sexual health and consent on the internet and in their physical stores.

Speaking of physical stores, Babeland makes sure to present a bright and friendly image in all their stores so shoppers can feel free in themselves and their sexuality.

Smile Makers

Heterosexual women are the demographic that have the fewest orgasms. Therefore, online Sex shop owners like Smile Makers aim to close the orgasm gap between men and women.

What We Love About It

In case it wasn’t clear, Smile Makers makes sex toys exclusively for women. Their toys are mostly vibrators in different sizes and shapes to enable better vaginal stimulation.

They also offer videos on sex education that are more focused on masturbation since that is how women are most likely to orgasm. There’s also a quiz that’s supposed to tell you what kind of vibe is best for you. This is an excellent feature for indecisive beginners and can save you a considerable amount of time.

These toys also come with cute, fun names like The Tennis Pro, The Ballerina, The French Lover, and more. So if you’ve ever wanted any of these titles, a Smile Maker toy can get you closer to your goal.

Ann Summers

Ann Summers is an older brand established in 1972, although it still stands as one of the best online sex toy shops worldwide.

What We Love About It

Ann Summers is known for its sexy dresses and lingerie. You can find all sorts of arousing nightwear and erotic costumes, including nurse, maid, and police uniforms. They are more focused on female pleasures, so their products are predominantly female, including their most well-known sex toy, the Rampant Rabbit.

Apart from selling lingerie, costumes, and sex toys, they also sell bondage toys and other sexual accessories.

To ensure that you get the best from your products, Ann Summers has guides on lingerie, sex toys, sex positions, better sex, bondage sex, etc. You can also get a discount if you create your own pleasure bundle, including a toy, an accessory, lube, and a toy cleaner.

The downside of this store is that there are several fake “Ann Summers” websites. Don’t be fooled; if the URL isn’t, you’re on the wrong site.


Unbound is a project that a group of people started from the shelter of their New York City apartments. Today, it’s grown to be one of the leading pioneers in sexual pleasure, which is why it takes up a well-deserved spot on our list of the best online sex toy shops.

What We Love About It

We love how Unbound doesn’t have many products, but they still offer almost anything you can think of. Lube, nipple clamps, plugs, ropes, vibrating cock rings, vibrators, dildos, suction vibes, wands, handcuffs, condoms, and more. If you can think of it, chances are there’s at least one Unbound product that can handle it.

Apart from that, shoppers get free shipping over orders larger than $69. And yes, they are making a kinky joke with that.

You can also get gifts if you join Area 69, gain points and redeem them. Furthermore, you can earn points by reviewing your purchases on their website, buying their merchandise, and visiting their Facebook page. These points can be exchanged for merch, discounts, some toys, and even free shipping.


Kandid is a sexual wellness company whose objective is to take the stigma out of finding pleasure for yourself.

What We Love About It

Kandid is a brand that emphasizes sexual wellness, safety, and openness, which is why they’ve designed their products to abide by these values. They sell products made of body-safe silicone that are made to look classy but sexy.

The appearance of a sex toy can add or detract from its appeal. Kandid’s pretty but streamlined products are colored in pastels and are a world away from loud, multi-colored sex toys. Not that there’s anything wrong with those, but Kandid’s calm innovation sometimes makes the purchase easier.

This care also applies to customer relationships. Kandid has customer service lines open 24/7, offer warranties on their products, and has an active community called Kandidsutra that cares about your sexual wellness. They may not have many products, but what they offer is well-planned and designed with customers’ benefits in mind.

Feel Unique

Feel Unique is an online beauty store that doubles as the last of our best online sex toy shops.

What We Love About It

Feel Unique has a constantly growing sexual wellness section, but they keep it clean by selling products with a luxurious feel like LELO, Dame, Smile Makers, My Viv, and So Divine. They may have only a little over 120 products listed at the moment, but each product has a stamp of quality, so you can be assured that you’re getting only the best.

Wrapping Up

And that’s a wrap!

But before we end this article, here are some scenarios that could happen if you pick a random online sex toy shop for your purchase:

  • Your toy breaks quickly because it wasn’t appropriately manufactured or it’s fake
  • You encounter a problem and fail to reach customer care or get a refund because you purchased from an unreliable vendor
  • You suffer an allergic reaction to the latex or phthalates in the toy

We’re not trying to scare you. But you really should put more thought into where you buy your toys. Suppose you purchase toys from a reliable manufacturer or a reputable online sex shop. In that case, you’ll probably be acting out the last scenario: enjoying some incredible orgasms courtesy of you and your new toy.

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