Kiiroo Pearl 2 G-Spot Vibrator Review

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In this day and age we are a lot more open to exploring the benefits that sex toys can bring to our lives – and as a result we have seen many incredible innovations. Toys that can vibrate, toys that can suck, toys that can lick, toys that can rotate, and more. We even have toys that you can use with long-distance partners. The toy we’re going to be checking out today, Pearl 2 by Kiiroo, is one such toy.

Kiiroo is a company focused on achieving their customers’ satisfaction by way of their innovative teledildonics. They don’t have the largest range of products, but their capabilities have made them very well received.

The Pearl 2 is one of the few toys that Kiiroo has developed themselves, and it has done pretty well in terms of sales so far, considering the fact that it costs nearly $100. However, there’s still too little information on it. This begs a few questions: Is the Pearl 2 worth it? Does using the Pearl 2 mean a guaranteed orgasm? How does it work, and who is it for? We’ll answer all your questions and more right here in our Kiiroo Pearl 2 review. So keep reading.

Kiiroo Pearl 2: What Is It?

The Kiiroo Pearl 2 is a teledildonic G-Spot vibrator. In this context, the word “teledildonic” means that the Kiiroo Pearl 2 can be controlled remotely and can do a few things that your average wand vibrator or even G-Spot vibrator can’t. This means that they’re quite hi-tech, and the Pearl 2 can be regarded as one toy that nearly tops the list.

The Pearl 2 is one-half of a whole set. The other half is the Onyx 2, which is a male masturbator also made by Kiiroo. They’re meant to be a matching set for mutual masturbation or couple’s play; the Pearl 2 for the lady and the Onyx 2 for the man.

These rules aren’t set in stone, though. Later, we’ll tell you how this partnership works and how flexible it can be. But first, let’s take a closer look at the toy in review: the Pearl 2.

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What’s In The Box?

When we opened up the box of the Kiiroo Pearl 2 G-Spot Vibrator, it gave us the following;

1.    The Kiiroo Pearl 2

The G-Spot Vibrator herself is the main focus of the box, lying down in a cut-out space.

2.    USB Charging Cable

A charging cord for the Pearl 2. It’s meant to be plugged into any wall charger. Your regular phone charger should work just fine.

3.    Authenticity Card

This is a card that’s meant to be proof of your purchase so that you can access your warranty.

4.    Quick Setup Manual

An easy-to-follow instruction manual that tells you exactly how to start up your Pearl 2, how to use it, and lots of other things, most of which we’ll let you know about in this article. The Quick Setup Manual also shows you how to access the broader manual Kiiroo has set up online instead of wasting paper in a bid to be a little more environmentally friendly.


Here’s a quick look at some of the features that make Kiiroo Pearl 2 stand out from its competitors:


The Kiiroo Pearl 2 comes in two colors: black and white or pink. It’s shaped like a dildo, but the slight curve going up to the head marks it as a G-Spot sex toy. In total, the Pearl 2 is just a little shy of eight inches, of which only about five are insertable. However, everything above the white oval button is insertable. It makes sense since the G-Spot is thought to be along the walls of the vagina, not too far inside.

Pearl 2 boxThe Pearl 2 is made of ABS and silicone. The insertable area, made of slightly soft silicone, has a little give to it, and we found it reminiscent of an actual penis since it’s also quite girthy. The handle is a bit rougher than the smooth silicone insertable, but we found that this makes it easier to grip and maneuver.

Close to the base of the toy, you can see the charging port and the sole button. Now, this button did give me some issues. First, it was hard to press, which means that while this toy can stay off while in transit, it’s annoying when you want to have a quick orgasm. But, if you can slow down for a couple of seconds, you should be able to turn it on without a hassle.

The Pearl 2 is completely waterproof, which means you can take it with you almost anywhere. It’s also very sturdy, which is a surprise because this toy relies on touch-sensitive sensors to enhance your playtime.

This touch-sensitive feature is one of the best features on the Kiiroo Pearl 2, if not the best. This feature works by detecting touch through its dispersed sensors and increasing or decreasing vibration based on how much or how little you’re touching it. That is, the more you touch the Kiiroo Pearl 2, the harder it vibrates, and if you touch a little less, the vibrations will slowly decrease in intensity.

This works especially well when you’re on the cusp of orgasm. Since you’ll probably be frantically thrusting the toy in and out of your body, in response, the toy should increase in vibration intensity. It’ll also slow after your orgasm, which is good because you’ll probably be overly sensitive and tired.

However, while the shaft of this toy is touch-sensitive, the head is not, which is a significant disappointment. Although the Pearl 2 is a G-Spot vibrator, it’d be nice if there were vibes closer to the head of the toy to make it work for clitoral stimulation as well.

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To turn on the Kiiroo Pearl 2, you’ll need to press the power button for at least four seconds. After that, it’ll emit a blue light when it first comes on, to show you it’s in Bluetooth mode. pearl held in handFrom there, you can choose from seven modes, of which Bluetooth mode is one.

Of course, the seven modes are only there when you’re on manual. You can also use the Feel Connect app to control the toy if you sync it up in Bluetooth mode. The other modes are a variety of vibration rhythms and patterns. But are these vibrations strong enough?

In our opinion, they’re kind of meh. They’re not strong enough for us to say we came on the spot, but they’re not weak enough to call the sensations nothing, either. Therefore, we have a meh.

Our main complaint with this toy isn’t the lack of vibration power. We were eventually able to come, but it took an unnecessarily long time and was somewhat underwhelming. It was better when we used this toy with a partner, but that’s mostly because, by that point, we knew how to maneuver it. However, the lack of vibration in the head of the Pearl 2 takes a lot out of the experience.

While the toy does feel good inside, the vibrations pulse from the sides of the toy. So if you take it out and use it to stimulate the clit, it’s a bit awkward because the shaft can’t achieve full contact the way the head can. Plus, the vibrations aren’t particularly strong, so the effect was doubly weakened. We could come with this toy, but I wouldn’t expect earth-shaking orgasms from its vibrations alone.

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Now we’re getting to the fun part. The Kiiroo Pearl 2’s capacity for connections is one of my favorite things about this toy. You can connect the Pearl 2 to any Kiiroo toy with FeelTechnology. That is, you can pair this toy with any other teledildonic Kiiroo sex toy. This can be the Onyx 2, the Titan, the Pearl 2 onyx setKeon, and even another Pearl 2. This means that the Pearl 2 can be paired as a couple’s toy, even with homosexual couples.

To pair this toy with anything, you’ll first have to sync it with the FeelConnect through Bluetooth mode. We’re not going to lie, you might have to troubleshoot this app a little. While it easily syncs to the app, getting the app installed and set up is fairly complex. This app can be installed on phones with Apple iOS 6.0 or later and Android 4.3 or later.

We used the app on an iPhone and my Android, and the difference in functionality left us wowed. The Android version was significantly easier to use and had a slightly better interface, especially when partnering with another toy or sharing controls with another user. There’s even a lock feature where you hand over all controls to your partner exclusively.

You can have a lot of fun with the app, but setting it up wasn’t easy, and we hope Kiiroo fixes these bugs. Nobody wants to waste time setting up the app instead of going straight to the main event.

You can also use the Pearl 2 to connect with interactive porn websites. So if you’re someone who likes getting down with some porn, you can sync your Pearl 2 to an interactive porn website and have it mimic what the actors are doing.

There are even some live cam websites that have partnered with Kiiroo to provide another level of entertainment. You can check out a list of the platforms available at However, we tested our Pearl 2 with interactive videos on Pornhub. More about that later.

Charging And Runtime

The Kiiroo Pearl 2 charges for two hours and gives back a runtime of one hour. However, we advise that you do not take the runtime listed on the website as the actual amount of time it’ll run.

Various factors decide whether or not your toy will last longer or die quickly. Some of them include:

  • What mode you’re using
  • How intense is the vibration level
  • The age of the toy
  • Whether it was fully charged when you unplugged it
  • When it was last used

While the charging time to run time ratio isn’t terrible, it’s not the greatest either. For couples who want to use the Kiiroo Pearl 2 as a way to reconnect with long-distance lovers, one hour might be too short. But, it might be just enough for other users. One plus of the Pearl 2’s battery is that the leftover battery after your sessions doesn’t drain for a long time.

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Noise Level

Apart from the fact that this toy can lead to some serious fun time with your partner, or yourself, the almost non-existent noise of the Pearl 2 is another huge pro for us.

This toy is meant to go inside your body, and, unlike some toys, you can’t hear it at all when it’s inside unless it’s turned up to the highest vibration level. Even then, all you get is a low hum that can easily be attributed to electrical equipment or something. When it’s outside your body, the hum is louder but is still at a very safe level.

back of pearl 2You will hear sounds when the toy is syncing to the app, but those are from the app and can quickly be muted through your phone or laptop.

Cleaning And Care

Your Pearl 2 should be cleaned before and after every use to ensure that all’s well down there and that your toy lasts as long as possible. But because it’s waterproof and the insertable part is already made of body-safe silicone, it’s effortless to clean this toy.

Just use any mild soap without a strong scent and warm water to lather it up and rinse it off. Then, dry it off with a clean towel and keep it in a clean, cool place if you aren’t going to use it just then. If all of this still feels like way too much work, you can use a toy cleaner that’s specially made for silicone toys. Most only require you to spray it on the toy and then wipe it off with a clean cloth, and you’re done.

How To Use The Kiiroo Pearl 2

The Kiiroo Pearl 2 can be used in two main ways: through the app and manual use. In this Kiiroo Pearl 2 review, we’re going to be giving you a brief rundown of how to use this toy through both methods.

Through The App

You can simply download the Feel Connect app on iOS and Android or sync with the desktop platforms compatible with Mac and Windows. All you have to do to sync your device with the app, is turn on the toy, make sure it’s on Bluetooth mode, and then look for the device with your app. Once you’ve successfully synced up to your app and device, operating the device is much easier.

held black kiiroo

While the Feel Connect app won’t win any awards for app functionality, it’s still effortless to navigate. You can easily do any of these three things:

control the Pearl 2, allow your partner to control it, allow your partner sole control of the toy, or connect to an interactive porn website and have some solo fun.

Manual Use

You can access each of the seven modes through the button at the base of the Pearl 2. All you have to do is long-press the buttons for four seconds to switch the gadget on. This might be a little hard to do. Just use your thumb and put your wrist into it.

Once it’s on, you have to bypass Bluetooth mode with one extra press. Then, you can start getting to the different vibration levels and patterns.  The second mode is the touch-sensitive mode which will make the device start responding to your touch. The other five modes have various rhythms and patterns which you can alternate for maximum pleasure.


  • This touch-sensitive device makes for a fantastic experience
  • The interactive mode was spot-on
  • Manual mode is incredibly easy to use
  • The toy is compatible with other Kiiroo toys, including other Pearl 2’s
  • Fairly quiet
  • Easily cleaned
  • Great toy for long-distance partners


  • The app is challenging to use for some users and has a rather bare interface
  • Not the best battery power
  • Vibrations aren’t all that strong
  • The button is hard to press

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Our Conclusion: Is The Kiiroo Pearl 2 Worth It?

We liked this toy a lot for solo use. We can see ourselves taking it along with us on vacations and using it with its compatible toys when our partner is away. However, the app does have some issues that bring down our excitement about it. But, it’s not something irreparable, and we hope that it’s fixed in the future. Kiiroo is continuously improving its products, so we’re pretty hopeful.

And for partnered use, after getting past the little bumps in the road with the app, we loved the way the app gave us control over each other’s pleasure and how versatile we could be with patterns and vibration levels. Right now, it’s one of the most well-used toys in our closet.

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