Lelo Lily 3 Review

The Lelo Lily 3 is the latest incarnation of this personal and discrete personal massager from Lelo. It takes over from the Lily 2 and promises to deliver near silent vibrations along with ultimate pleasure.

Does it deliver? Let’s find out in our full Lelo Lily 3 review…

Lelo Lily 3 feature

The Lelo Lily was the vibrator that started it all for the company 20 years ago – and with two more versions since then, not too much has needed to change in terms of the design. It is still small, travel friendly, quiet in operation and big on delivering pleasure.

If you own the Lily 2, you might not feel the need to upgrade, but if you are new to sex toys or want something small and discrete, then the Lily 3 could be just what you need.

Lelo Lily 3 Specs and Features

Lily 3 by LeloMade from body safe, super smooth silicone, the Lily 3 is small and measures up at just 3.9cm x 3.4cm x 7.4cm. It features a slight curve in its design which we will discuss in more detail later.

It weighs just 45g, has a 300mAh battery that can provide up to 2 hours of running time and charging time is also pretty fast at around 2 hours.

In keeping with the minimalist design, there are just two buttons used to operate the Lily 3. Between them, they allow you to power up and down the device, cycle through the 8 different modes and select your desired intensity – with 10 to choose from for each pattern.

The Lelo Lily 3 is also waterproof to an IPX7 standard and comes with a USB cable to charge – with the port being located at the bottom of the device.

Lelo do pitch the Lily 3 as being a silent toy – and whilst this isn’t strictly true, it is extremely quiet. When using the motor on the highest intensity you can expect a maximum noise level of 60dB.

The Lily 3 is available in three colors, with dark plum, polar green and calm lavender all looking lovely – we tested the latter and loved the look and feel of it.

The Lelo Lily 3 is also pretty affordable – making it perfectly accessible for beginners and anyone who wants a budget travel companion.

There is no app or connectivity, and this simplicity is what makes the Lily 3 such an intimate toy and  ideal as something that can be used solo or with a partner.

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Using The Lelo Lily 3

Lily 3 by LeloHaving used the Lelo Lily 2, I was keen to get my hands on the Lily 3 and see if it could improve upon what was already a great toy. I wasn’t disappointed.

Let me explain why…

Like many of us, I love a toy with lots of bells and whistles and with a bit of connectivity – however, sometimes you just want something that works well out of the box. And this is exactly what you get with the Lily 3.

The first thing I need to touch on is the design. Not only is it possibly the least intrusive sex toy I have ever tested (and by that I mean it won’t dominate the bedroom), but it is also one of the most ergonomically designed – in as much as the shape just fits snug to the vulva perfectly.

You can use it like this, or with the tip just slightly entering the vagina – and let me tell you, both give me intense pleasure.

There aren’t many toys that can help deliver me multiple orgasms almost on demand – but the Lelo Lily 3 can do just that.

I love solo play, but I also love using my toys with a partner – but not all are well suited to this. The Lelo Lily 3 is ideal for partner play. It is pitched as a personal massager – and that’s exactly what it is. You can use it to tickle and massage pretty much any area of the body which makes it perfect for foreplay – and is a great way to get your partner involved in the fun.

It also doesn’t get in the way during penetrative sex – and thanks to the power the Lily 3 provides, we were both enjoying more intense orgasms when using it during sex.

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Lily 3 side viewIt’s ease of operation is also a key selling point for me. To cycle through the modes you simply double press the right button. There are 8 patterns in total – and these include constant rumbles, pulsations and waves – with the constant rumble being my favorite. The 10 intensity settings are also quite wide ranging – with the lightest being a slight murmur – and also being almost silent. The most powerful setting is extremely intense and should be reserved for the climactic moments – if you can handle it that is.

To cycle through the different intensities you can either single press or long press the left and right buttons. Right for more intensity, left for less intensity. It really is that simple and as I have said, this is what makes it such a joy to use.

They say good things come in small packages – and that’s exactly right with the Lily 3. It is simply a joy to use.

It is available at half price for the whole of 2023 as Lelo run their 20 year anniversary sale on the Lily 3 – which makes it possibly the best value for money sex toy on the market right now.

If you like to take a toy with you when you travel, then the Lily 3 is also ideal in this regard. Small enough to pack in the cloth carry pouch, and with just the charging cable to take, it is perfectly discrete. You can also enable travel mode to ensure it doesn’t accidentally switch on in transit – which believe me (from experience) can be extremely embarrassing – so this is a much welcomed feature.

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The Lelo Lily 3 is possibly the perfect sex toy for beginners. But more experienced users will enjoy everything it has to offer too. If you use it right and get to know it, you can expect multiple orgasms every time you use it. Whether you choose to go solo or with a partner, the Lily 3 is ideal for both scenarios.

Unless you have the Lily 2, at a 50% discounted price for the whole of 2023, the Lily 3 is probably the one must buy toy of the year.

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