WeVibe Verge Review

It might not be the most obvious hot spot, but the perineum is an erogenous zone in its own right. Awash with highly sensitive nerve endings, the perineum responds wonderfully well to stimuli from sex toys, such as the WeVibe Verge. But is it any good? We assess all in this WeVibe Verge review.

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Crafted to enhance erections and deliver powerful orgasms, the WeVibe Verge cock ring boasts a unique design. Slip your penis through the hole and enjoy the vibrations as you play. Have fun on your own or share the pleasure with a lover – the WeVibe Verge vibrates to provide you both with a sexual thrill. You can even play from afar using the WeVibe app (we’ll tell you more about that later).

So, let’s find out just how good it is in this WeVibe Verge review…

How Does The WeVibe Verge Work?

Cock rings are designed to prolong erections and can help generate intense orgasms. The WeVibe Verge has a traditional silicone cock ring but also boasts a powerful perineum stimulator. The cock ring sits comfortably around the base of the penis and scrotum adding power to your erection and giving the perineum a buzzy thrill.

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WeVibe Verge Specs & Features

Before you get too excited let’s check out the features and specs of the WeVibe Verge. We’ll find out how the device works and more importantly, we’ll discover if it tickles, teases, and hits the spot.

  • Easy to Operate – The WeVibe Verge is easy to operate, with a control button located on the side enabling you to switch the verge box and contentsdevice on and off. To switch on the Verge simply press the control button. Pressing the same button again allows you to toggle through the different vibration modes. Turn the toy off by pressing and holding the control button for 2 seconds.
  • Simple to Use – The WeVibe is easy to use (once you get the hang of it), just take your time. You can use a water-based lubricant for added slide and glide and The Verge comes with a 2ml sample of pjur® lube. The manufacturer recommends you steer clear of silicone lubricants as they may damage the device.
  • Good Vibrations – You can’t help but feel the vibrations of the WeVibe Verge, it rumbles pleasantly to stimulate the perineum. If you’re playing alone, you’ll enjoy the experience, but if you’re playing with a lover, you’ll both benefit as your partner will be able to feel the vibrations too. There are 8 vibration modes to choose from including pulse, wave, tease, ultra, massage, tempo, heartbeat, and step. Toggle through them to get a feel for each and enjoy the different sensations.
  •  Waterproof – The WeVibe Verge is waterproof (IPX7) so you can enjoy getting wet and wild. Slip into the shower or take a long, Verge cock ring in blackleisurely dip with your new toy. As it’s submersible, the WeVibe Verge is also easy to clean. You’ll need to clean the device after each use, use warm water and soap or opt for a specially formulated sex toy cleaner.
  •  Rechargeable – We’re pleased to say the WeVibe Verge is rechargeable, which is great news. You don’t have to deal with the additional cost and inconvenience of buying throw-away batteries, and your conscience is clear in terms of doing your bit for the environment. Charging is simple – there’s a USB for charging, just power up your device via a USB port or USB power adaptor (not included). Charging time is around 90 minutes and once your device is fully powered up you can enjoy around 2 hours of run time. The light blinks to let you know your toy is charging and when fully powered up, you’ll notice the light just stays on. The WeVibe Verge also alerts you when power is running low, very handy – after all, you don’t want to run out of juice midway through a session.

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  •  Sleek Design – With its unique design, the WeVibe Verge stands out from the crowd. The product has a pleasing curve and is tapered at one end. The other end features a ring – the perfect size for slipping a penis into. The product has a sleek and steely look, with its slate hue it looks like it means business! Dimension-wise, the Verge measures up at 60mm x 114mm. The ring should fit over the majority of penises easily.
  • Access to WeVibe App – The WeVibe App allows you to use your smartphone screen to change your setting, and alter the intensity and frequency of vibrations via the app. Alternatively, sync with your partner’s phone and hand over the control. It’s we vibe verge and mobile phoneeasy to pair your device with the We-Connect App. Start by making sure your smartphone has Bluetooth switched on, then download the We-Connect app and open it in accordance with the instructions given. Holding down the control button for 5 seconds (you’ll feel it pulse two times) sets up your Verge for pairing. Once you’ve paired you can invite your lover to connect. Make sure your partner has the app too, then send an invitation and let play commence!
  •  Body-Safe Materials – Made from body-safe silicone, the WeVibe Verge is toxin-free, so you don’t have to worry about the presence of phthalates, BPA, or latex. The soft and silky-smooth silicone is gentle enough so all you need to worry about is enjoying your playtime.
  • Quick Start User Guide – The WeVibe Verge is relatively easy to use but the product does come with a quick-start user guide. It’s worth checking out the illustrated instructions in advance to familiarise yourself with the product.
  • Warranty – You shouldn’t run into any problems while using the WeVibe Verge, but the product does come with a two-year warranty just in case.
  •  Maintenance Guide – We’ve already mentioned that the WeVibe is waterproof, which means you can clean it easily with water and soap (or sex toy cleaner). The manufacturer states you shouldn’t use cleaning products containing acetone, alcohol, or petrol. They also dictate a few other no-no’s, such as not putting the WeVibe Verge in a dishwasher or microwave and not storing it in extreme temperatures.
  • Safety Guide – The manufacturer has also provided a few safety tips, to make sure play is free from any drama. They state the cock ring should be used for no more than 30 minutes at a time, with a 60-minute break between each use. It’s wise to get used to using the ring as misuse can lead to injury or even long-term damage. No one wants a wounded penis so play safe and take care! The guide lists several safety guidelines, so take a good look before you get started.

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Cock Ring Sex Positions

Cock rings can enhance your sex life, but they can be a bit daunting if you’ve not used one before. You don’t have to jump straight in side view of we vibe vergewith penetration, you can start with a good old hand job and take it from there. The cock ring should make your partner firmer and increase the sensitivity of the penis, while the perineum vibrations should build and deliver a powerful climax.

You can also use a cock ring to supercharge your lovemaking in several positions including the conventional missionary and the popular doggy style. There’s the table-top position too, which involves sitting on the edge of a table (or something of suitable height). This allows you to watch your lover’s penis enter your vagina and allows you to touch one another and make raunchy eye contact at the same time.

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Does The We-Vibe Verge Hit The Spot?

My partner and I enjoy trying out different toys. We have an array of gadgets and gizmos including rabbit vibrators, love eggs, and butt plugs. I must admit the majority of sex toys in our box of fun are made with women in mind (lucky me), so it was nice to get our hands on the We-Vibe Verge cock ring.

I’m pleased my other half will be able to enjoy this vibrating device, but I’m even more excited that I will benefit from it too. The device is apparently good for couple play and will tease and please both of us.

At first glance the cock ring looks innocuous enough, the slate grey hue gives it a steely, masculine look but the curvy shape softens the toy up a little. The device is smooth to the touch and felt firm but pliable.

We both like the fact the cock ring is rechargeable, for 90 minutes of charge time you get a full 2 hours of fun, that should be enough for us. In fact, the safety guidelines with the device state the cock ring shouldn’t be used for more than 30 minutes (and you should leave 60 minutes between each use). I’m thinking we can do a lot in 30 minutes!

We headed upstairs, I did consider heading into the spare room so I could try out the WeVibe remote option from afar, but decided against it (I’ll save that for another time). I managed to download the app to my smartphone easily enough and my partner had no difficulty easing the cock ring over his penis. Clearly, the thought of me being in control stirred him up!

We toggled through the vibration modes to start with, heartbeat mode had a nice rhythmic buzz (as you might expect). Things progressed well and we soon moved from foreplay to the main event, we both felt the vibrations and enjoyed the sensation.

The WeVibe Verge took us both past the verge and helped us on our way to heady climaxes, so I’d say it was successful in its quest to spice up our bedroom antics. Would I use it again? Definitely, but next time I’ll try it from afar, I’ll get a real buzz knowing my partner has zero control and will be dancing to my tune!

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