Riley Reid Fleshlight Review

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What’s better than a toy that allows you to engage in thrilling vaginal sex with a hot porn star? How about a toy that can also be used for anal sex (with the same hot porn star)? Allow me to introduce you to the Riley Reid Fleshlight.

Fleshlights are popular sex toys and are made up of two distinct parts. There’s an outer plastic case and an inner (known as the sleeve), which is used for masturbation. The sleeve has an entry point, a hole for your penis to slide its way into, and once inside you can enjoy thrusting your way to climax – and today we take a look at one of the most hotly anticipated Fleshlights with our Riley Reid Fleshlight review.

Introducing Riley Reid

Riley ReidEnthusiasts will know the name, but just in case you don’t, Riley Reid is arguably one of the hottest stars on the planet. The Californian bombshell is gorgeous, and she’s also a talented performer. But don’t take my word for it – watch one of her many movies and you will be able to see the XBIZ and AVN award-winning star in action.

Riley is a stunner, and regularly treats entranced audiences to a feast of sex and fun including gangbangs, lesbian action, and anal fun, to name but a few delights. Bursting onto the scene in 2011, the actress has perfected her art and gained a legion of fans to boot. Admirers can’t get enough of her hourglass figure and her inimitable sexual prowess.

Into both vaginal and anal penetration, Riley Reid wanted to offer her fans the opportunity to climb between the sheets and make love to her. Unfortunately, she’s way too busy to get around everyone personally, but the Riley Reid Fleshlight makes for an excellent stand-in.

Not content with offering just one hole to toy with, the Fleshlight has two sleeve options. Go for Reid’s perfect pussy, known as The Utopia Sleeve, or opt for Reid’s beautiful butt, which is known as The Euphoria Sleeve.

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What Can The Riley Reid Fleshlight Do For You?

Both the Utopia and the Euphoria sleeves can be used to enhance masturbation and provoke orgasms. Instead of using your hand, why not invest in a fun toy to spice things up?

The Fleshlight can be of help to those experiencing sexual difficulties, such as premature ejaculation and erectile dysfunction. This type of sex toy provides pleasure, but it also enables men to become more familiar with the workings of their penis – it’s a great way to find out what feels good!

Even if you’re lucky enough not to suffer from sexual problems, you can still work on your performance – building your stamina and pace. After all, it’s not all about you! You need to be able to go the distance to please your lover.

In this review, I’ll explain what the Riley Reid Fleshlight is and tell you about the main features. I’ll give you a lowdown on the vaginal and anal sleeves, so you will know what to expect. I’ll also give you my feedback on the device’s performance. I’m a lucky guy, for this review I got to live out my fantasy and try out both of Riley Reid’s orifices.

First Impressions Of The Riley Reid Fleshlight

The box sets the tone, featuring a photograph of the bikini-clad Riley Reid – which will get you excited from the off. Open the box and you’re met with the product – a white Fleshlight.

riley reid fleshlight imageThe Fleshlight resembles a flashlight (hence the name) so at first glance it doesn’t look like an obvious sex toy. The product is best described as compact and neat. You can carry the Fleshlight in your gym holdall or work bag – just in case you get the urge when you’re out and about (in a private place where no one can see you of course).

The pearlescent casing is hard and robust, providing a hygienic home for the star of the show- the Fleshlight SuperSkin Sleeve. Durable, pliable, and skin-soft, the SuperSkin has been designed to provide a realistic feel. The sleeve is phthalate-free, so it’s body-safe and contains no nasty toxins.

Riley Reid Fleshlight Specs & Features

You can choose from two Riley Reid Fleshlight models, The Utopia and The Euphoria. Let’s take a look at what each has to offer.

The Utopia Sleeve

The Utopia is a vaginal sleeve, an anatomical orifice that’s been expertly constructed to resemble Riley Reid’s vajayjay.  From the luscious labia to the perfectly pink lips, this sleeve is an impeccable copy of the porn star’s vagina.

If you’ve dreamt of penetrating a porn star – this is your chance. The Utopia features a coiled design and has been produced with pleasure in mind. The sleeve offers a cozy fit and a stimulating texture. There are distinctive rings for added gratification and the device boasts four chambers.

Chamber 1

Push your penis into the Utopia sleeve and you will soon enter chamber one, which measures 1.2 inches and will immediately stimulate the tip of your penis. The chamber boasts a reverse bell shape with 3 rings. The first ring has a diameter of 0.8 inches, the second 1 inch, and the third 1.2 inches.

The chamber varies from wide to narrow, and at its narrowest measures a mere 0.6 inches. The wraparound shallow ridges will tease and torment as the party gets started.

Chamber 2

Chamber 2 measures 2 inches and features 4 rings. Each ring has eight small nodules pointing inwards, as your penis moves back and forth you can’t fail to feel the sensation of the bumps as they tease and tickle.

Chamber 3

Moving on towards chamber 3, space gets tighter again. This is the longest chamberriley reid utopia (4.15 inches in length) but has the narrowest entry and at its slimmest, it’s a mere 0.2 inches.

Rather than rings, this chamber has a block-style pattern of ridges and bumps, separated by small gaps. The chamber also features 2 spirals. One is made up of a collection of nodules, positioned very close together. As the spiral continues the nodules get bigger. At the start of the spiral, the bumps have a diameter of 0.1 inches, towards the end, they have a diameter of 0.24 inches.

The other spiral traverses the length of the chamber and is ribbed. The ribbing works well with the bumps of the other spiral, and together they tantalize the penis. The inner narrows the further along with the chamber you go, it starts at 1 inch in diameter and ends at 0.8 inches.

Chamber 4

The fourth and final chamber comprises 0.1-inch-wide ribs and the inner has a diameter of 0.6 inches. The ribs run one after the other and provide a unique sensation.

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The Euphoria Sleeve

Let’s move onto the Euphoria sleeve, this one is an anal version, with the cast taken straight from Riley Reid’s delectable derriere.

Anal sex used to be classed as taboo, but nowadays back-door fun is high on the list of many couples. If you’ve not had the pleasure yourself as of yet, this is the perfect way to experience anal for yourself.

Entry to the Euphoria sleeve is narrow. The opening is 0.4 inches in width and the tight cavities intensify the experience. The mixture of ridges and nodes adds plenty of

excitement, and you can take things a step further by turning the suction control base.

Sleeve Performance

riley reid euphoriaIt’s all well and good reading about the Fleshlight and looking at the device (and its sleeves), but you have to try these things out for yourself to get a feel for them. So how did the sleeves do?

The Utopia vaginal sleeve gets the thumbs up from me. As soon as I slipped my penis inside, I felt the ridges rub – very satisfying. The tip felt instantly stimulated and as I began thrusting, I wasn’t sure what to expect, but it certainly felt good.

My penis pushed its way through to the second chamber and the nodules came to life. My whole penis from the shaft to the tip benefitted from the lumps and bumps and every thrust had me tingling.

I didn’t think it could get any better, but it did. The third chamber offered a heady combination of nodules and ridges that bumped and rubbed in all the right places. The fit felt spot-on – tight enough to embrace my penis, and stimulating enough to edge me closer to climax.

The final chamber felt restrictive, the close-fitting inner provided suction, and the ridges proved to be a stirring incentive to shoot my load. The climax was full-on – it’s fair to say the Utopia sleeve was a huge success on the orgasm front.

The vaginal sleeve did the job, how about the anal one? The Riley Reid Euphoria sleeve allowed me to taste what was once considered the forbidden fruit – anal sex.

There are three chambers and each offers plenty of rich stimulation. The inner touches and teases the whole of the penis and, once again, I easily managed to reach a knee-knocking climax.

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Keeping it clean

Riley Reid Fleshlights are fun to play with, but someone has to clean up after the party! Thankfully the Utopia is relatively easy to clean (good news as you need to clean it after every use).

The chambers are easy to access, so you can remove any excess lube, semen, and water without any fuss. To clean your device, you will need to take out the sleeve and rinse it thoroughly in warm water. Use a towel to remove moisture and leave your toy to air dry for a couple of hours. Heat isn’t good for the sleeve so no wafting a hairdryer by it or laying it over a radiator.

As an alternative, you could invest in a specially formulated cleaning solution. Add the wash to warm water and pop the sleeve in for a soak. The solution should get rid of any semen or lube that’s lurking inside. You can also buy a special type of powder formulated to keep the sleeve in tip-top condition.

The Good and Not So Good

Like every product on the market, the Riley Reid Fleshlight has its good and not-so-good points. Let’s explore the good points. First off, we must applaud the design of the chambers. With their many bumps and ridges, they offer plenty of welcome stimulation, and you will be propelled towards an intense orgasm.  As a bonus there’s no need to engage in the five-knuckle shuffle, this device takes the strain on your behalf.

Alongside furnishing you with pleasure, the Riley Reid Fleshlight also has a practical side. The device can be used to boost your sexual stamina, and enhance your performance between the sheets. As a bonus, once you’ve had a good time you can easily clean up the sleeve, so extra points to the Fleshlight Utopia and Euphoria for that. The reviews are good too. Customers seem happy with their purchase, describing the sleeves as feeling silky, soft, and unique.

Onto the not-so-good stuff. Well, there’s not much to say on that front. The price tag might put some buyers off, as this Fleshlight product costs a little more than others on the market. You also need to remain realistic in terms of expectations – the sleeves are modeled on the orifices of Riley Reid, but they won’t live up to the feel of real-life vaginal and anal penetration.

Top Tips for Using the Riley Reid Fleshlight

The Riley Reid Fleshlight will spice up solo sex no end. Not everyone is comfortable talking about masturbation, but it’s fun to do and perfectly natural. There’s no harm in giving yourself a tug, especially after a long, stressful day.

If you’re new to sex toys don’t worry. The Riley Reid is relatively easy to use, however, the orifices are a little tight, so find yourself a comfy (and private) place to sit back, relax and get to know your new device. To make the ride a bit smoother you could use lube to help you slide in more easily.

Riley Reid is renowned for her bedroom antics, and you’re in for an authentic treat with both the Utopia and Euphoria sleeve. You can enjoy an even more realistic sexual experience by heating the sleeve using warm water. The sleeves are very responsive to temperature and a warm welcome is always appreciated.

As an alternative, you could use the Fleshlight USB Powered Hole Warmer. As the name suggests, this handy gizmo heats your sleeve to body temperature (maximum 57 degrees Celsius). In less than five minutes you will have a cozy faux anus or vagina to snuggle up inside. Add moisture with a squirt of lube and you will be in heaven with a hot and wet hole to penetrate – just like the real thing!

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I have to say, the Riley Reid Fleshlight impressed me. I don’t mind paying slightly more if I’m getting shed-loads of fun out of the deal. The Utopia sleeve fitted well and felt silky soft against my penis, the nodules and ridges provided enough bump and grind to take me to ecstasy.

As for the Euphoria sleeve, I liked that too! Anal sex has always appeared high on my lists of “likes” even before it became “popular,” so this sleeve held a certain appeal for me. Yes, the entryway was tight, but a little bit of vigor will get your penis over that first hurdle, so you can get into the thrust of things.

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