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Today we’re checking out KEON by Kiiroo, a stroker that Kiiroo claims is the Ultimate Sex Toy for Men. But is it really? That’s what you’re going to find out in our Kiiroo Keon review.

The concept of an automatic stroker isn’t new. However, male sex tech is getting better and better, and several companies have proclaimed themselves the best.

Many people regard the Keon as Kiiroo’s second attempt at creating an automatic stroker after the Fleshlight Launch. That is a big deal since the Fleshlight Launch was first announced years ago, and we’ve heard no word of any other kind of hi-tech male sex toy in production since then.

The Kiiroo Keon was introduced a few years ago and is one of Kiiroo’s best-selling toys. In this review, we’ll tell you what it is, what it looks like, what’s good about it, what could be improved and perhaps most importantly – how it felt when we used it. Buckle up guys, as we are going in hard with this one.

Kiiroo Keon Design & Appearance

So, first impressions. The Kiiroo Keon is big and heavy. It’s 8.6 inches tall, weighs over one kilogram (over two pounds), and has a tight Fleshlight inside it aside from its other parts. It’s also made of aluminum alloy and covered with a layer of smooth chrome to make it easier for carrying.

But when we look closer, we realize that the Keon isn’t just the Keon. I mean, you could call it the Keon, but you’re missing an essential part of the toy, the ones that make it a stroker. That part is called the Feel Stroker.

The Feel Stroker is a normal Fleshlight. That’s all it is, except it’s been adapted to be lifted and then put down again in a stroking motion. That is, Keon’s role in this play is to aid you in your masturbation with the Feel Stroker. So all you have to do is lay back and let these two work their magic on you.

Remember when we said that the Keon weighs over one kilogram? Well, we just meant Keon. The Feel Stroker adds 800 grams so that when you use both together, there’s a collective weight of nearly two kilograms.

This isn’t bad, though. After all, you only have to use this toy to insert your penis into the Fleshlight and let the Keon work it on you.

The Feel Stroker consists of a sleeve made of TPE and an outer casing of ABS and PC. Each TPE sleeve is ribbed on the inside to provide more stimulation for your penis. They’re made in the way of normal Fleshlights; casts are taken of the vaginas and anuses of individuals and recreated on the insides of these sleeves so that you can feel what it’s like to be inside these people – and this in itself is one of the main appeals of the Kiiroo range.

These are called FeelStars, and you can actually “feel” what it’s like to have sex with them with the help of your Kiiroo Keon and VR technology. The sleeves can be exchanged with others. The key point here is that you can have one Keon and one Feel Stroker and have dozens of sleeves.

The Keon also allows you to have simulated pleasure with the owners of the vaginas and asses in your sleeve. You can easily connect the Keon to your VR headset and sync the thrusting movements to match those on the screen.

Here’s an example:

If you’re using the sleeve made from FeelStar and porn star Nicolette Shea, you’ll feel like she’s right there with you, riding up and down while watching her films with your interactive VR goggles. Keon’s job is to sync with her movements, pull up when she does, and go down with her as well.

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Since the Kiiroo Keon works as a support and mover for the Feel Stroker, it follows that it must pack some serious power to be able to replace your trusty hand. On average, your hand can move hundreds of times per minute, up and down, sideways and out, to make sure you get to the finish line whenever you want.

Although the Kiiroo cannot replace your hand speed entirely, it can stroke you more than 230 times per minute. However, this is mostly for men who enjoy fast but shallow thrusts. For men who love deeper, slower thrusts, this toy can accommodate your preferences since the stroke length is absurdly long. You can go from a stroke length of zero to around 22cm in a second.

Keon Control And Connectivity

keon boxThe Kiiroo can be easily controlled through the touch-sensitive buttons on its side. So you can just reach out to make an adjustment or change a pattern while using your toy. There are two modes and four buttons. The modes are used to control speed and stroke depth, while the four buttons are meant to control the lift, whether it goes up or down.

All you have to do is press the buttons to be in total control of how the toy strokes you. You can direct the Keon up and down and dictate how fast it goes as well as how deeply you penetrate. It all depends on how you want it and how skilfully you can control the toy.

You can also connect through your Feel Connect app. The application is available for iOS and Android devices, so you can easily download and link to Keon via Bluetooth. By the way, make sure you download the Feel Connect 3.0 app.

Simply download the app and switch on your Keon to connect. After that, you’ll be able to access three modes: Website, Partner, and App Control – and this is where things get really interesting with the Keon.


With the Feel Connect app, you can connect with VR and 2D content. You can even connect with VR interactive adult content. To do this, you’ll need to have special interactive VR content, which Kiiroo provides through FeelXVideos. Just scan the toy’s QR code to sync your content to the Keon. This way, the Keon can sync with the actions of the stars in the video in real-time, and you’ll feel like they’re right there with you.


While this mode can include a partner, it doesn’t have to. Nevertheless, this mode does allow you to use other Kiiroo toys. Your choices are limited to other teledildonics with FeelTechnology enabled, such as the Kiiroo Onyx, but you can also use the other synced toys with your partner.

Also, if you’re in the mood and your lover is far away, they can easily control your orgasm through the Kiiroo Keon. You can even chat and make video calls with your partner so they can see your reactions.

App Control

The app allows you to get extra control over your Kiiroo. For example, you can create patterns of your own and control the vibration level through touch. In addition, there’s talk that app users will soon be able to make the device move to sound which would be an incredible development.

The Kiiroo Keon is almost autonomous. All you have to do is sync the toy to the app and your VR set, stick it on your penis, and you’ll be ready to go – what could be simpler?

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Keon Charging And Runtime

keon by kiirooBecause this toy weighs 2kg, we were expecting a shorter than average runtime. But its specs said that it could run for up to two hours. More specifically, Kiiroo said that the Keon can last thirty minutes to two hours long, depending on the usage.

But, while that’s impressive, it’s a pretty wide range. What if you think you still have enough juice left in the Keon for another round, and it dies on you in the middle of your session? That’s why we decided to test just how long the Keon could last at certain stroke levels.

The Keon’s maximum stroke count is 230 strokes per minute. That means it can go up and down on your dick a few hundred times per minute. To test the battery level at the fastest speed, we set the device up to stroke at the quickest pace, made a sandwich, and waited for it to die. It started slowing down on its own around the twenty-eighth minute and eventually stopped after 48 minutes.

The Keon at slower speeds varied, and once it slowed down to only a couple dozen strokes per minute, it ran for nearly two hours. Basically, the higher the stroke speed, the less time it takes for your Keon to die.

And if you think a quick charge would get it up and running again, you’d be wrong. It takes over four hours to get this baby full again. So, make sure to charge it before you start using it or after a session to avoid an aborted orgasm.

Noise Level

The Kiiroo Keon isn’t a traditional teledildonic. It doesn’t vibrate, rumble, shake or create airflows. Its only job is to lift your Fleshlight up and down over your dick. This means that its capacity for making noise is pretty minimal. It’s certainly not something you need to worry about your roommate hearing.

The part that can make noise is the Feel Stroker, and if you’ve ever used a Fleshlight before, you’ll know that this toy doesn’t make a lot of noise. A Fleshlight might only make noise if there’s still air trapped in the sleeve, and you can usually work it out within the first session.

However, if you add more lube than necessary to the Fleshlight, you can get a squelching, wet sound (not to mention the mess) every time the stroker works. Still, this is temporary. As you continue to use the Keon, you’ll get better at applying lube, and your sessions can be even more discreet.

Cleaning And Care

keon fleshlightThe Keon itself doesn’t need much cleaning. All you need is a damp cloth to rub it down, and it’s good to go. It’s just a vehicle for the Feel Stroker, which is what needs cleaning after a session.

To clean your device, the sleeve in the Feel Stroker should be taken out and washed with warm water and soap. You can simply wash it with your hands and rinse it till it’s clean. It’s best if you do it immediately after you’re done using the toy. Otherwise, it’ll dry and become sticky and nasty.

The Feel Stroker sleeve’s material is TPE which is delicate and will likely tear if subjected to the rough scrubbing that dried semen and lube need. Yes, we know it’s hard to get up immediately after you’ve done your business, but you’ll have to do it if you want this toy to last.

After washing and rinsing, you have to make sure that the TPE dries, which is, arguably, the most crucial part. You’ll need to hang it somewhere it can catch a breeze so it’ll dry well. TPE is specifically made to be skin-like, so it can start to smell and grow mold if it doesn’t dry well.

It’s not an easy process, but it can be quick if you don’t let your cum dry in the sleeve.

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What’s In The Box?

Our Kiiroo Keon came in a discreet box that almost surprised us with its weight. However, there were only three items within it.

The Kiiroo Keon

The first item was the Kiiroo Keon, a big, black hunk of aluminum alloy that’s comfortable to hold.

The Feel Stroker

When you open the package, the Feel Stroker is already in the Keon for easy use. However, you can take it out and use it separately, so it’s more like two toys in one.

USB Charging Cable

The company-made USB charging cable is made for the Kiiroo Keon. You’ll have to get a wall plug for it, but the one you use for your phone should do just fine.

My Experience with the Kiiroo Keon

A few paragraphs ago, I told you that my first impression of the Kiiroo Keon is that it’s big and a little clunky. Well, that changed when I finally used it. Still, one of my main problems was that it took so long to charge. Four hours isn’t a long time, but it feels like forever when you’re waiting to use a new sex toy for the first time.

using keon appAfter it was (finally) fully charged, I familiarized myself with its buttons. They are relatively easy to use, which can be both good and bad. Good, for when I want to use manual mode and don’t need to apply pressure to get what I want. Bad, because this toy might turn on at inconvenient times since the buttons only need slight pressure to start them up.

Before anything else, I used the toy with the app. Then, after syncing them, I started using interactive mode where the Keon and the VR porn are supposed to work in tandem to bring me to orgasm.

Well, I did cum, but it was a rocky start. While the Kiiroo and the VR set synced, they didn’t do it perfectly. The intention was to use the Keon and Feel Stroker and simulate the actor’s actions, which the Keon didn’t do well. But eventually, it got with the program. I had a fantastic time from there on, before switching to manual mode to finish myself off.

In my opinion, the manual mode was much easier to work with compared to the app. The buttons responded quickly, and I honestly felt that I could have replicated that star’s movements with how smoothly every command was executed.

Cleaning my mess wasn’t fun, but it wasn’t much different from cleaning my Fleshlights. It’s a bit of a chore, especially if you’ve just had a great orgasm. But I washed and rinsed the sleeve, dried it with a clean towel to clean up any excess water, and hung it up to dry close to the window.

Here’s a quick summary of what I liked and disliked about the Kiiroo Keon.

What I Liked:

  • Great manual controls
  • Interactive mode syncs with VR.
  • Extremely easy to use
  • Fleshlight can be used even if there’s no charge
  • Fairly long runtime
  • High-speed stroking

What I Disliked:

  • The cleaning process is cumbersome
  • The charging time is too long.
  • Interactive mode stalls at times
  • The device is heavy

My Conclusion

So, is the Kiiroo Keon worth your money? I think it is. There are other options such as the Kiiroo Titan, but the Keon is up there with that too.

Do I think it’s the best teledildonic toy available? I can’t say. There are many teledildonic toys available, and some still in the works. However, I do believe the Kiiroo Keon is one of the best. It’s a toy that does what it’s meant to do, and it does it well.

Who wouldn’t want a toy that can make them feel like they’re having sex with a sexy partner anytime they want? Plus, there’s a year’s warranty on the Kiiroo, so you can be sure that you get your money’s worth of pleasure.

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