Best Labia Clamps

Vanilla sex is perfectly fine, but it’s always good to step outside your comfort zone and try something different. If you haven’t tried it already it could be time to dip your toes into the thrilling world of BDSM. From spanking to bondage, there’s so much to explore, but you don’t have to crack a whip to get your kicks! Let’s start with something less extreme – labia clamps.

You may wince, but the best labia clamps, also known as genital clamps, clit clamps, and pussy clamps aren’t as harsh as they sound. As the name suggests, they clamp the genitals to provide a heady mix of pain and pleasure.

In this review, I’ll give you the lowdown on labia clamps – what they are, why you should try them out, and what to look for in the perfect product. If you’re in the market for labia clamps yourself, you’ll find a wide range available.

With so much choice, it can be difficult to pinpoint the ideal product, but don’t worry, I’ll help you narrow it down by reviewing a few of the best. So, let’s take a closer look at this popular sex toy, and discover more about the exquisiteness of discomfort intertwined with delightful ecstasy.

What Are Labia Clamps? 

They might sound like they are designed with torture in mind, but labia clamps can offer waves of pleasure. They work by pinching your genital area, which restricts blood flow to your clitoris.

The pinching motion applies pressure (you can vary the amount of pressure depending on your tolerance). You can also add a tugging and massaging action for extra gratification. Wearing a clit clamp can take some getting used to, the pinch provides continuous stimulation and enhances every movement.

This can be fun in itself, but the real excitement comes with the removal of the clamp. Release the clamp and the pressure diminishes, and the blood begins to flow again.

This pinch and release action stimulates the genitals and provides intense pleasure. The blood surges back into the clitoris causing heightened sensitivity.

What To Look for In a Pussy Clamp

The market is awash with sex toys, which is great news for copulating couples and sexed-up singles everywhere. The traditional pussy clamp fits cozily over the vagina and can be used to pull together or expose the genitals.

Nowadays there are a variety of pussy clamps available to buy. The clamps come in a range of shapes, sizes, and colors. Traditionalists might prefer to stick to tried-and-tested silver or black, but how about changing things up with soft and subtle rose gold?

If you have sensitive skin, it’s wise to check what a product is made from. Clamps are often made from metal, but some are nickel-free – which is gentler on the skin. It’s also worth checking what other materials are used. Clamps are often covered or tipped with softer materials for comfort. Silicone tends to be a popular choice for this as it’s soft to the touch and safe.

You should also look out for bonus features. We’ve already mentioned that some clamps have covers or tips for comfort. You will still feel a pinch, it just won’t be as sharp. If you like the idea of more forceful play, look for clamps that have detachable covers – that way you can leave the covers on, or slip them off to experience a more severe pinch.

Other features to look for include adaptable chains, storage bags, the length of the chain, and the ability to adjust the pressure and force of the clamp. If you’re new to using pussy clamps you should adopt a lower level of pressure at the start. You need to get used to the feel of the clamps, and the first time you attach a clamp you might be surprised at the bite! Take it easy and enjoy the sensations of the pinch followed by the release, then you can ramp up the pressure.

Our 8 Best Clit Clamps

With so much choice it can be difficult to work out what to buy! But don’t worry we’ve taken a closer look at a range of products on your behalf. Below, you’ll find an overview of some of the best pussy clamps on the market. Let’s get started…

Fifty Shades Freed All Sensation Nipple And Clitoral Chain 

You’ve read the book, you’ve seen the movie, and now you can have your own slice of fifty shades fun. The Fifty Shades Freed All Sensation Nipple and Clitoral Chain is fully approved by bestselling author EL James, and part of the Fifty Shades Freed Official Pleasure Collection.

clit and nipple chain imageThe Fifty Shades Chain comes with a storage bag. This cute purple bag is ideal – a great way to keep the toy clean and safe when it’s not in use. It’s also handy should you need to transport it.

Moving on to play, the Fifty Shades Chain will put a satisfied smile on your face if you’re a fan of nipple and clit play. The chain itself is 70cm long and made from metal, so it has a robust and solid feel. The nipple and clit clamps are metal too but don’t worry, they are tipped with a silicone coating. The silicone is soft, so the clamps won’t bite quite as hard when they are applied.

To wear the Fifty Shades Chain, you position the clamps carefully around the nipples/clit and slide the adjustable clamps to find a good fit. You can vary the pressure by adjusting the clamps (depending on how brave you’re feeling!). You’ll feel the pinch in your delicate areas and your genitals will become highly aroused.

The chain also benefits from the addition of beaded weights. The weights are designed to give a gentle pulling sensation, which can add even more pleasure to proceedings. Intensify the sensations further by using lubricant (water-based lube is best for this toy).

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Bondage Boutique Rose Gold Adjustable Clit Clamp

Great for beginners and those with less experience in the world of BDSM, the Bondage Boutique Rose Gold Adjustable Clit Clamp is fun and adjustable clit clampeasy to use. The rose-gold coloring is attractive and subtle, and the clamp is designed to provide a tantalizing pinch just where it’s needed. Pop it on and prepare to experience intense sensitivity and amplified sensations.

The clamp is made from metal and topped off with soft silicone for a degree of added comfort. To wear the Boutique Clit Clamp, just straddle your clit with the tip of each prong to fix the clamp into place.

You can adjust the tension by slipping the ring away from you to apply less pressure and towards you to apply more. This clit clamp is great for solo play as you can adjust it without any fuss, but playing with a partner would no doubt be lots of fun too.

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DOMINIX Deluxe Nipple Tweezers And Clit Clamp With Chain

Seasoned BDSM players will like the DOMINIX Deluxe Nipple Tweezers and Clit Clamp with Chain. The clamp and tweezer set has a professional look and feel, and is great for those with some experience in sensory play.

tweezers clamp and chainThe DOMINIX clamps resemble tweezers and they are easy to apply (nipple tweezers fit either side of the nipple and the clit clamp fits either side of the clit). The clamp and tweezers are fully adjustable. They feature mini-O-rings which you can slide up and down for a good fit (and to tweak the pressure).

The clamp and tweezers are made from metal so they provide an intense pinch, but as they are coated in PVC, they’re not too brutal. Connected by a robust 76cm chain, the clamp and tweezer set can be further enhanced by adding a few weights. Give the chain a gentle tug or move things up a notch by adding some form of restraint too.

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Entice Triple Nipple And Clit Clamps With Chain

The Entice Triple Nipple and Clit Clamps with Chain are suitable for everyone from kinky newbies to those who indulge in BDSM regularly. The attractive rose gold coloring helps the product to stand out – it’s nice to have a change from the standard black and silver.

entice clamps with chainYou might be wondering why the product is billed as a triple nipple and clit clamp set. No, it’s not just for people with three nipples- this clever chain and clamp combo can be worn on your nipples and your clit at the same time.

The clamps are adjustable and have removable pads. You can leave the soft pads on if you like the idea of comfort, or remove the pads if you’re looking for a severe pinch and harsher play. Simply adjust the clamps to experience different levels of intensity.

The clamps are connected by a 63.5cm chain that’s complete with an O-ring feature. The product is also nickel-free metal, which is good news for those who have sensitive skin or suffer from allergies. The lack of nickel also means the clamps are less likely to tarnish.

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Fifty Shades Darker Just Sensation Beaded Clitoral Clamp

female hand holding clampAnother product from the Fifty Shades collection, the Fifty Shades Darker Just Sensation Beaded Clitoral Clamp has been approved by author E L James. Designed to provide increased sensitivity and better orgasms, the beaded clit clamp promises pleasure and satisfaction.

The Fifty Shades Darker clit clamp is made from nickel-free hypoallergenic metal, and the clamp is easy to attach. Simply slide to fit, and you will immediately feel a gentle squeeze on your genitalia. To make things a little easier you can add lube.

The sensation is heightened by weighted beads, which gently tug and add to the pleasure. At 15g the product has enough weight to provide plenty of pull, and when you remove the clamp you will enjoy the sensitivity of your clit – every feeling will be magnified.

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Spartacus Beaded Tweezer Clit Clamp

The name conjures up images of a mighty roman warrior, but the Spartacus Beaded Tweezer Clit Clamp isn’t big and brash. The product is best described as slender, and it has an element of style about it. The purple glass beads add playfulness and a touch of elegance.

beaded clit clampAs it’s slimline, the Spartacus clamp is discreet and easy to wear, and can be transported easily. You can carry it around with you on the off-chance you fancy a bit of added excitement during the day.

With its adjustable tweezer style, the clamp can be easily attached and altered to find the ideal fit. Simply slide the spacer ring to tweak the clamp and apply just the right amount of pressure to tease and titillate.

The discomfort adds to the intensity, but this clamp features rubber tips, so you’ll also benefit from the comfort and will find that the pressure is distributed more evenly.

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Pumped Rose Gold Clitoral And Nipple Pump Set

The Pumped Rose Gold Clitoral and Nipple Pump Set is slightly different from those we’ve talked about previously. The rose gold color gives this set a softer edge than some of its counterparts and there are no clamps to speak of. Instead, this product boasts two nipple suction cups and one clitoral suction cup.

The clit set is made from acrylic, ABS plastic, and silicone and is easy to use. Just place the suction cups over the relevant hot spots (nipples and clit) and squeeze the pump. This will cause the blood to flow into the nipples and genitalia, increasing the surface area and boosting sensitivity – the slightest touch should be enough to cause ripples of pleasure.

rose gold pump set imageYou can even choose from two sizes to accommodate your body – medium or large. The medium clit cup has a length of 7.6cm, an insertable length of 5cm, a diameter of 3.8cm, and an inner diameter of 2.5cm. The medium nipple cup has a length of 7.6cm, a diameter of 2.5cm, an inner diameter of 1.8cm, and an insertable length of 3.8cm.

If you go for large, the clit cup boasts a length of 7.6cm, a diameter of 4.6cm, an inner diameter of 2.5cm, and an insertable length of 5cm. The nipple cup boasts a length of 7.6cm, a diameter of 3.8cm, an inner diameter of 2.5cm, and an insertable length of 5cm.

You can alleviate the pressure by pushing the release valve, or you can leave the cups in place by using the clip to remove the cylinder from the pump.

The pumps provide a pleasurable experience and you can add even more intensity  by using lube or clit stimulants.

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Scandalous Submissive Set

Looking for something a little more comprehensive? Then how about the Scandalous Submissive Kit. This kit will add spice to the bedroom and is good for everyone, from nervous newbies to those with more BDSM experience.

The Scandalous Submissive kit includes a blindfold, collar with chain, and nipple clamps. If you’re not sure how to kick start BDSM play, this kit provides you with three staples to set you on your way.

blindfold nipple clamps and collarThe blindfold is made of polyester and is stretch-to-fit, so it simply slips over your head. This form of sensory deprivation (not being able to see what’s going on) heightens the senses and adds excitement. The collar is fixed around the neck (adjustable up to 10.5 inches) via a universal buckle clasp and boasts a detachable leash. A collar and leash set makes for interesting play, your partner can lead you around and position you wherever they see fit.

The nipple clamps are attached to a robust chain and you will also find two adjustable polyester cuffs (ideal for attaching to wrists or ankles). You might not be sure about being tied up and teased, but submitting to a partner can be very liberating. You can let go of making the decisions, and step away from responsibility. Surrender to your lover and enjoy plentiful play and attention.

We should also mention that the clamps, rings, and chains in this set are nickel-free – good news if you have sensitive skin. The clasps and clips are also nickel-free and the pads are fashioned from phthalate-free PVC.

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Why Use Clit Clamps?

Clit clamps are versatile toys, you can use them to enhance masturbation, heighten foreplay and make oral and penetrative sex more interesting. Play with the clamps when you’re having fun alone, or use them while you’re having an intimate moment with a partner.

You might want to engage in foreplay before applying clit clamps (sex toys feel less intimidating when you’re already aroused). Once applied, the clamp provides direct stimulation – don’t forget, the clit boasts numerous nerve endings, so the gentlest squeezes can result in powerful sensations.

When the clit clamp is removed the genitals become hypersensitive and super responsive. Sexual play will be heightened and the lightest touch will be magnified.

This level of intensity enhances pleasure and can lead to deep and intense orgasms.

We like intense orgasms! We also like the idea of being a bit naughty, and using sex toys such as clit clamps can spice your sex life up spectacularly. Unfortunately, it’s easy to fall into a rut when it comes to sex, it can be tempting to stick to the same old tried and tested methods.

Using clit clamps and similar devices will provide more opportunities for sexual fun, and will also add playfulness and intimacy to your relationship. On top of this, wearing a device such as a clit clamp can be visually stimulating for both you and your lover.

If you fancy pushing the boundaries you could even try wearing a clamp underneath your clothing. This could be a great way to add excitement to a boring work commute or to jazz up completing those dull household chores! Alternatively, you could use the clamp alongside other sex toys, or even go one step further and pair the clamp with a chastity device. Say hello to locked-in labia clamp fun!

Labia Clamps Will Spice Up Your Sex Life

With over 8000 nerve endings, it’s no surprise to learn that the clit is a hotspot for sexual fun. The majority of the nerve endings are situated on the sides of the clit, which explains why clamps are so effective.

We’ve taken a close-up view of a few products today, and all seem to have plenty to offer, so which will you choose? Will you go for the Fifty Shades Freed All Sensation Nipple and Clitoral Chain with soft silicone tipped clamps and beaded weights?

Or perhaps you will go for the Bondage Boutique Rose Gold Adjustable Clit Clamps, furnished from attractive rose gold, and ideal for those who are just starting on their BDSM journey.

If you class yourself as an experienced BDSM player you might prefer to buy the DOMINIX Deluxe Nipple Tweezers and Clit Clamp with Chain. Perfect for sensory play, this adjustable product has a professional look and feel.

We also need to consider the Entice Triple Nipple and Clit Clamps with Chain. If you like to play in more ways than one this combination nipple/clit toy could be perfect. The removable pads add to play, leave them on for comfort, whip them off for a more intense pinch.

Moving on from there we explored another EL James endorsed product, the Fifty Shades Darker Just Sensation Beaded Clitoral Clamp. We liked the weighted beads providing an extra pull where you need it most!

The Spartacus Beaded Tweezer Clit Clamp proved to be a contender too. Although the name didn’t quite fit this slender, elegant product. If discretion is important, this one is ideal.

Our penultimate product is the Pumped Rose Gold Clitoral and Nipple Pump Set, featuring suction cups for nipples and clit, rather than clamps, providing equally stimulating sensitivity.

Last but not least we had the Scandalous Submissive Kit. A trio of products – blindfold, collar and leash, and clamps, designed as a go-to set for those interested in playing out a BDSM scenario with their playmate.

All of the products have their merits and will help you to pep up your sex life, some can be used to make solo play more interesting and others lend themselves better to partner play. The key is to find what works for you. Sex should be enjoyable and provide ample opportunity for exploration and discovery.

Maybe it’s time to take a few tentative steps into the BDSM world, fasten those clamps, and get ready to experience intense pleasure and multiple orgasms!

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