We-Vibe Sync Review

Emma Miles takes a look at this top selling couple’s toy to help you decide if it’s for you and your partner in our We-Vibe Sync review.

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If you’re used to thinking that sex toys are designed only for solo use, get ready to think again. The We-Vibe Sync introduces us to the best of both worlds – you can use this hands-free sex toy while having sex with your partner, during penetration, without any distractions. 

It’s brilliantly designed with the aim to please both parties without taking any of the limelight, and after trying it out I have to say it does a pretty good job. We-Vibe Sync truly enhances sex with your lover without any of the fuss.

In this review, I’ll go through everything you might want to know, from specs to my personal experience and the less exciting details like cleaning and charging. Let’s dive in already and get hands on in our We-Vibe Sync review…

What Makes The We-Vibe Sync Special?

What really makes the We-Vibe Sync stand out among other vibrators for couples is that it’s thoughtfully and carefully designed to be completely ergonomic, practical, and easy to use during penetration. It focuses on the pleasure of both parts and is very good at working aqua we-vibeto make the sex better without stopping lovers from simply focusing on each other.

The We-vibe sync is pretty much wearable, meaning you just have to insert it, adjust it and then keep going hands-free. You don’t have to hold it or pay it any mind – it leaves your hands free to roam all over your partner while still providing those pleasurable vibrations that take the moment from enjoyable to ecstatic. 

The other thing that makes the We-Vibe Sync a bestseller is that the quality is as good as the design is thoughtful. It offers powerful vibrations, feels silky soft, and isn’t very loud. The battery life is long enough that you don’t have to worry about stopping mid-action or charging after every use, and the toy itself will last you for many years.

We-Vibe Sync Specs & Features

Design & Appearance

The We-Vibe Sync comes in a sleek C-shape, and thanks to the two adjustable joints it’s perfectly suited to fit any woman’s body. It’s designed to wrap around your clitoris on one end while the other end is inserted into you. It stays in place during use, so your hands are free to do other things and you don’t have to worry about needing to reposition it. 

side view of purple We-vibe syncOn top of the adjustable joints, it’s also flexible which makes it not only ergonomic but also comfortable. It’s covered in smooth silicone that feels soft to the touch. It comes in two colours, so you can choose between purple or turquoise.

It also comes with a convenient remote control that lets you adjust the vibrations even easier in the heat of the action or even hand over the controls to your partner!

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Patterns & Controls

No one likes fiddling with the controls and accidentally turning off the toy in the midst of lovemaking so the option to control your We-Vibe without blindly fumbling around is a welcome one. The toy has controls on the body itself, of course, but if it gets a bit stuffy to reach down you can always use the remote control.

The remote control works from up to 3 meters away and lets you switch between the 10 pre-existing patterns. The patterns that exist go from gentle to intense, with the likes of Pulse, Wave, and Ultra. Experiment a bit, and you’re bound to find one you like.

On top of the remote control, there’s also a Bluetooth app you can connect to for even more flexibility. This takes us to our next section.

Bluetooth Connected App

If you’ve used any of We-Vibes toys before you’re probably familiar with We-Connect. This app is available both for Android and iOS and we-vibe and mobile phonelets you control your We-Vibe toy remotely from any distance. It connects to the app through Bluetooth, and you can then control it directly from your phone or hand over the controls to anyone. 

The person who controls the toy can be anywhere in the world as long as they have the app downloaded on their phone and are connected to the internet. This is perfect if you want to play with a long-distance partner and if your partner lives close, you might be more interested in the new patterns that the app makes available to you.

Not only can you create your own patterns, but the toy can also be controlled in real-time with the tap-and-drag interface. On top of that, it can sync to audio – be it a sexy song or your lover’s voice. You can even create playlists with the patterns to design the ultimate experience for yourself or your lover.

Battery life & Charging

The We-Vibe Sync lets you enjoy the toy for up to 90 minutes per session. Charging it only takes 2 hours, so when you want to use it again it’ll be ready to go in no time! You’ll charge the toy with the help of a sleek charging station that comes with your purchase, which also vibrator, charger and remote controldoubles up as a storage container.

To charge it, simply place your toy correctly in the charging station and connect the USB cable to any nearby outlet. The case has a cover, so you can charge your toy very discreetly. Although, since the station looks inconspicuous enough, there’s really no reason not to just let it stand on your night table if you use it regularly.

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My experience using the We-Vibe Sync

First Impressions

I have nothing but good things to say about my first impressions of the We-Vibe Sync. Let’s start with the packaging – it is sleek and comes with everything you’d need. 

You get a charging station, a USB cable, the remote control, a manual, and even a small we-vibe box and contentspacket of lube in addition to the toy itself. The toy feels quite small – but I soon learned not to underestimate its power because of its humble size. Once I’d unpacked the toy, I put it on charge, and then it was just waiting for a couple of hours until the real fun could finally begin.

Using the We-Vibe Sync long distance

Before anything else, I decided to test the We-Vibe Sync by myself. I turned it on, followed the We-Connect apps prompts for connecting it, and played around for a while.

What’s really amazing is that you can actually control the two motors separately. That means that if you prefer a strong, pulsating vibration on your g-spot and a more rapid pattern on your clitoris, you’ve got it. This was huge for me, and I decided to call my partner and ask him to play with me. We scheduled a video call for later that evening.

Evening rolled around and our play session began. I handed over the controls to him half the time, and let him watch me please myself the other half of the time. It was insanely hot all of the time.

An unexpected upside to the two motors was that seeing my reactions on screen somehow gave my boyfriend an even better idea of what I like, both in terms of the pulsations inside and how I like my clitoris stimulated. After the session, he smirked and told me he was pretty sure he knew how to touch me better the next time he saw me. Needless to say, I’m sold on the We-Vibe Sync.

Using the We-Vibe with a partner

As much as I loved using the We-Vibe long-distance, using it together with my boyfriend really was the finale – it does enhance the whole experience! Since we’d already played around with it earlier we both anticipated the action, and it also felt amazing to be so thoroughly filled up and simulated in all possible ways.

It doesn’t just fit during sex, it enhances the penetration for both parts. What felt the most amazing for me was that the curved shape perfectly stimulated my G-spot in a way that normally only happens with a few specific sex positions. And of course, that it stimulated my clitoris without distracting me from my wonderful partner.

And he loved it. Besides an added feeling of tightness and seeing how much I enjoyed it, the vibrations also stimulated his penis which he did rave about afterward.

I’ve heard some reviews say that the previous versions of We-Vibe Sync (like the We-Vibe 4 Plus) hurt a bit when used during penetration, but the improved Sync really feels comfortable for both parts. I wouldn’t change anything about it.


Cleaning the We-Vibe Sync really couldn’t get any easier. It’s 100% waterproof, which means you can easily rinse it under the tap without worries. I used a toy cleaner spray to make sure I got rid of any bacteria or dirt, and then just rinsed it off in lukewarm water and dried it off with a towel.

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Pros & Cons

In this section, I summarize the good and bad of this toy based on the features, as well as my own experience with the toy. Take a look at the detailed pros and cons below to get a good idea if this is the toy for you or not.


  • Hands-free use – All you have to do is insert the toy and enjoy the fun. The ergonomic design means you can keep your hands on each other and enjoy the ride while still feeling some intense vibes
  • 2-year warranty – You get quality with We-Vibe, and their 2-year warranty is an indication of that. The warranty guarantees you’ll get at least 2 years’ worth of pleasure
  • Fully waterproof – The We-Vibe is fully waterproof which means you can use it in the shower or bath if the mood strikes, and it also makes clean-up a breeze
  • Wirelessly controlled – Depending on preference you can use either the remote control or the app to control the toy. Wireless control makes handling the toy easy even in the midst of some seriously steamy action
  • Fast charging – The included charging station ensures the fastest possible charging time. Your Sync takes just 2 hours to charge fully


  • On the expensive side – The toy is both beautifully designed and of high quality, so it’s no surprise that it also comes with a premium price. But if you’re looking for a budget toy, Sync isn’t the toy for you
  • Limited battery life – 90 minutes is normally more than enough time for a fun play session, but if you’ve become spoiled by toys that last 3-4 hours, it may feel a bit annoying that you have to remember to charge it frequently

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For such a small item, the We-Vibe Sync sure can have a profound effect on your sex life. From the well-thought-out design to the excellent quality, it’s hard to fault it for anything. Of course, it’s not for everyone – some couples find it uncomfortable to use, and if you’re looking for a solo toy there are other options. However, most couples who try it out are likely to find it does a lot of good for the sex, just like I did when I tried it with my man.

The best way to know is just taking a look at the pros and cons above – if you don’t mind the listed cons, you’re likely to find it’s a toy perfect for you. If you’re looking to spoil both yourself and your partner through a single purchase, the We-Vibe Sync might be just the thing.

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