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Meet The Lovense Hyphy – The Dual Vibrator For Instant Orgasms Anywhere

Lovense’s newly released Hyphy stands out from the moment you lay your eyes on it. The somewhat odd design features a white, thin top with a small ball-end, and a more solid, curved body in purple. It promises almost instant orgasms, high-frequency vibrations, and pinpointed stimulation, but does it live up to all the claims?

In this in-depth Lovense Hyphy review, we’ll take a look at all the things you need to know about this intriguing sex toy and we will find out if it can really make your legs shake within a few minutes. Spoiler Alert: It can.

Lovense Hyphy Specs & Key Features

Let’s kick of this review with looking at how the Hyphy is designed, how to use it and the specs and features you might want to know about. Here’s what you need to know.

Lovense hyphy in boxDesign & Appearance

The Lovense Hyphy looks distinctive, with a soft, purple body and a white, narrow twig-like tip. There is a good reason for this unique design which we will get on to shortly.

The toy is dual-ended and features dual motors. One of the motors delivers high-frequency vibrations on the thin end of the toy, while the other delivers rumbling vibrations from the rounded, thick end. It can be used to either stimulate your clitoris (with the thin end) or to insert and stimulate your G-spot (with the thick end). The toy has a total length of 8.5 inches, and an insertable length of 4.53 inches. The diameter is 1.38 inches at the widest point.

The toy comes with three different attachments that make the tip more versatile by stimulating your clitoris in different ways. You get a circle attachment for general stimulation, a U-shaped attachment for a gentle clasping around the clit (or nipples), and finally a tongue attachment for stimulation that is evocative of oral sex.

It might look different from what you’ve seen before but I’ll be honest – I fell in love with the design of it from the moment I unboxed it.

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hyphy measurements

Modes & Controls

Like other Lovense toys, Hyphy has the awesome ability to connect wirelessly to your phone and be controlled through the free Lovense app. Thanks to this, there are an unlimited amount of vibration patterns for you to explore. Live control can be used by interacting with the screen through dragging and tapping, creating and saving your own patterns, downloading patterns by other users, or even syncing the vibrations with sound… There is limitless potential to the vibrations you can explore with the Lovense toy. The reality is that you probably don’t need that many – but it’s quite fun creating your own and sharing them with your partner makes things more interesting.

On top of that, you can hand over control to anyone, regardless of where they are located. If you have a long-distance partner, or want to have fun with strangers online, you can video call and hand over control to that person and let them choose the vibrations in real-time.

The app is available on your iPhone, iPad, or even iPod Touch on the App Store, or in Google Play for Android users. You can also use it on your Mac, or even Windows PC, although you do need to purchase a Lovense USB Bluetooth Adapter separately to connect it.

Charging & Battery Life

A full charge takes only 75 min, and once it’s fully charged you can use it for up to around 5 hours – which is pretty incredible. Not only is the battery time of the toy absolutely great, but it’s very easily charged just by putting it in the storage case, which is also a charging case. I don’t think there is an easier toy to charge. You connect the case to a USB-plug and just like that, you can quickly charge it discreetly and safely in the case.

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My Experience With Lovense Hyphy

Time to talk about my personal experiences with Lovense Hyphy! I’ll go over my first impressions and also my experience using it, both alone, and with a partner. I’ll also go over maintenance real quick.

hyphy testing on bedFirst Impressions

I have to admit, I was a bit skeptical to try the Lovense Hyphy when I first saw it on the official website. The appearance of the Hyphy is sleek and sophisticated, but I hesitate to call the look of it sexy. It sort of reminds me of some kind of dentist tool or an electric toothbrush. Luckily, as I soon discovered, it far from feels like it.

It also looked much less scary in person. In the package, you get the toy itself, a case, a USB cable, the three attachments, and also both a Quick Setup Guide and a User Manual. The guides make it really easy to get started with the toy. I followed the instructions and put the toy on charge in its case and tried to wait patiently.

Using The Lovense Hyphy Solo

I always try my new toys alone before involving anyone else. I want to make sure I know how to use the toy, and I don’t really feel comfortable using a toy with a partner if I don’t know how it needs to be used to satisfy me; then I can’t help guide my partner, and I just feel less secure.

I didn’t spend very long playing around with the Hyphy, but then again, I really didn’t need to. The high-frequency vibrations really are as intense as promised. Although it’s dual ended and can be used for both internal and external stimulation, I didn’t find that the G-spot end was that exciting, so I mostly played around with the other end. Don’t get me wrong – there is nothing wrong with the g-spot end of the toy, but there’s nothing new here – whereas the other end had me pretty excited.

The three silicone attachments were a lot of fun to try out, each providing a unique sensation of their own.

I orgasmed a few times in less than half an hour. Need I say more? When you’re looking for a quick way to get that satisfaction, the Lovense Hyphy is the way to go. I can imagine that it’s great if you live a really busy life, as the orgasms come really quickly and leave you feeling like a comfortable, sleepy pile of goo.

Maybe a new addition to my bedtime routine?

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Using the Lovense Hyphy With A Partner

lovense hyphy appLovense Hyphy is not designed to be used with somebody else. I tried using the Lovense Hyphy together with my boyfriend, but neither of us were really that into it. It worked, of course, and felt good. But it felt far from being like the most intimate or exciting session we’ve had.  Dare I say it… I orgasmed too quickly?

I don’t think it’s the best toy to use with a partner for a couple of reasons. It does more than tease, so it’s not ideal for foreplay. It can’t really comfortably be used while you two are on top of each other, either, because it’s small and meant to be handheld.

However, I think it can be excellent if you have trouble getting off during sex. After your partner has had his fun, he can quickly help finish you off with the intense toy and for this it is ideal – but for long, sensual love-making sessions – this is not the toy for that.


Taking care of Hyphy is really easy. After each use, you should clean your the toy to avoid bacteria build-up. I did this with a sex toy cleaner spray and some warm water, and since it’s completely waterproof I didn’t have to be careful, and it took just a few seconds.

After that, I dried it off and placed it in the storage case. Since I only used it for less than two hours total, I didn’t have to charge it again just yet. Easy-peasy!

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Pros & Cons


  • Long Battery Life: You don’t find a high quality, powerful vibrator with a battery life of 5 hours just around the corner. You can keep going for as long as you want with Hyphy, and charging for just 75 min is as easy as can be with the charging case and USB cable.
  • Versatile: Not only is it dual-ended, but it comes with three different attachments. This toy satisfies in many ways. The ability to target the sensations very precisely also adds to its versatility.
  • Two Motors: Two separate motors on two separate ends deliver powerful vibrations internally and externally; whichever you’re in the mood for.
  • App Compatible: Since the toy connects through Bluetooth to the Lovense app, there are tons to discover in terms of patterns and ways to use the toy. It’s even compatible with cam sites like Chaturbate, so it’s also perfect for cam girls who want to introduce some new fun.
  • 1-Year Warranty: Lovense offers a 1-year warranty, so if there’s something wrong with the product, you’ll simply get it replaced.


  • Expensive: The price of Lovense Hyphy doesn’t seem excessive, but it still is quite pricey and definitely not a budget option.
  • Not Ideal For Couples: Of course you can use it with a partner, but it’s a bit big to use without it being distracting, and a bit too intense to use just as foreplay.
  • Too Intense For Some Users: The targeted, high-frequency vibrations feel great to some, but others will find that it’s a bit too intense.

Final Thoughts

The Lovense Hyphy has got A LOT of good things going for it, but like most things – it isn’t ideal for everyone. Personally, I loved the intensity of it, and if intense vibrations that will bring you to the big O almost immediately are what you’re looking for, Hyphy is an excellent choice. It’s high quality, versatile and just tons of fun!

I’d say it’s best for solo play, but it can also be used with a long-distance partner or for some cybersex with a stranger. The awesome thing is you can switch things up and alternate between rumbling G-spot stimulation and intense, targeted clit-action. And of course, the brand is a great, tried-and-true sex toy brand that brings out new models every year!

So, that’s all you need to know about Lovense Hyphy! Whether it’s the toy for you or not is for you to decide. Regardless, I look forward to seeing more of the exciting toys that Lovense comes up with in the future and I’ll be keeping this one in my top drawer for when I need some fast and intense relief!

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