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I have a soft-spot for rabbits, after all, the long eared, fluff-balls are super cute. But, as you’ve probably guessed, this is not a piece delving into the ups and downs of bunny ownership. This review explores a rabbit-style sex toy, namely the Lovense Nora.

The very first dual-action vibrators hopped onto the scene in 1990’s, and one even featured on the popular TV show Sex in The City, where it was purred over by Carrie and the girls. Unsurprisingly the concept caught on, and rabbit-style sex toys have been credited with helping vibrators to go mainstream.

The Lovense Nora is a rabbit-style vibrator with a difference. It’s a teledildonic device (spot the dildo)! This means the vibrator can provide digital remote stimulation via an internet connection or wireless Bluetooth.

It may all sound a bit high-tech (we’ll explore teledildonics in more detail later), but basically, the clever Smartphone control makes solo play, foreplay and long-distance play easy and fun.

The Lovense Nora Review

In this Lovense Nora Review we’ll take a closer look at the product in all its glory. We’ll check out the spec, and find out about the many features and functions. You’ll learn how to operate the vibrator (it’s easy-peasy), and we’ll find out about the updates Lovense has made to it’s beloved Nora over the years.

There’s also info on how to use your Lovense Nora to achieve the toe-curling orgasms we all crave. As I take my work seriously, I tried out Lovense Nora vibrator for myself. Did it hit the spot? Read on and you’ll find out…

Lovense Nora Features and Specs

lovense noraBrought to market by Lovense, a Singapore-based manufacturer renowned for VR and smart sex toys, the Nora was launched in 2013. Let’s check out the main features:

Dual stimulation

Let’s start with the basics, as we’ve pointed out, the Lovense Nora is a rabbit-style (dual-stimulation) vibrator. These types of toys are affectionately known as rabbits for a reason – the vibrators have two arms, which just happen to resemble the ears of a bunny.

The longer bunny ear (arm) stimulates the G-spot and the shorter arm titillates the clitoris. Stimulation of the G-spot can prove heavenly, but throw in arousal of the clit too and you’re walking towards orgasm city.

Size matters

For some, size is a big issue, the Lovense Nora weighs in at just under 290 grams (so it can be described as a lightweight toy). Length-wise it comes in at 19.98 cm, with a handle of 8cm and an insertable length of 11.98cm. Compact enough to be easy to hold onto, but sizeable enough to feel.

Pretty in pink looks

Pink just happens to be my favourite color, and the main body of the Lovense Nora (the insertable part) is a can’t-be-missed electric pink. This toy certainly stands out from the crowd, handy when you’re fishing around for it in a sea of toys! The handle is white, and makes for a striking contrast.

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Quality materials

The main body of the Lovense Nora (the part that comes into direct contact with the genitalia) is made from 100% non-toxic silicone. The silicone feels soft to the touch and pliable, ensuring insertion is a laidback, uncomplicated affair.

Credited with being odour-free, silicone is also hypoallergenic, which is great news is you struggle with overly sensitive skin. The handle is made from medical grade ABS plastic, and you’ll find its sturdy, durable and easy to grip.

Easy to clean

Silicone and ABS plastic are both non-porous materials. This means the product has no small holes (pores) and therefore does not absorb liquid or air. As a result, the toy should remain bacteria free. Obviously, you’ll still need to give your vibrator a really good clean once you’ve finished with it. Mild soap and lukewarm water should do the trick.

Vibrating arm

lovense nora rabbitThe Lovense Nora features a vibrating arm and rotating head. The flexible vibrating arm (the shorter of the two) is just the right size to tease and tickle the clit. It’s refreshing to find a vibrator that’s designed with clit stimulation in mind, many seem to focus solely on the G-spot, but the clit deserves plenty of attention too! Thankfully the vibrating arms deliver plenty of power and add real intensity to play.

There are 7 settings to choose from. You can opt for low, medium or high, and you’ll also come across pulse, wave, fireworks and the impressive, or formidable sounding (depending on your point of view) earthquake mode! So, you can really mix things up a bit when it comes to play and I for one love the dramatic names of the modes.

Rotating head

The rotating head has been designed with the all-important G-spot stimulation in mind. There are 3 settings to choose from: slow, medium or fast, and the 360-degree rotation ensures the toy touches you in all the right places.

The head has a rounded shape so it can slide into your vagina with little resistance. As it’s globular, you’ll certainly feel it’s presence, but it’s not too bulky – so you shouldn’t feel any discomfort.


The Lovense Nora isn’t just waterproof, its fully submersible. You can enjoy having a good time with it in the shower, or take it for a bath with you. In fact, why not go the whole hog and light some candles, pour a glass of fizz, and throw a few petals into the water too? Romance is alive and well, and the Lovense Nora deserves to be part of it!


There’s nothing like an insistent buzz to announce to your friends, family and neighbours that you’re up to no good with a sex toy! Whilst there’s nothing remotely wrong with using with sex toys, you don’t necessarily want your Great Aunt Gertrude listening in on your orgasmic fun. Thankfully the Lovense Nora boasts having a quiet motor.

Charging up

app for lovense noraThe Lovense Nora has lithium-ion rechargeable batteries and also comes with a cable that can be plugged into any USB/AC power adapter or USB port. It takes around 2.5 hours to charge up the vibrator and you’ll know the toy is powering up as you’ll see a red light. Once charged the red light switches off and you are gifted with a full 2 hours of buzzing fun.

The connected app

The Lovense Nora can be paired to a Bluetooth device, and you can download the app to a smartphone (iOS, android etc) or PC (using a Bluetooth dongle). It sounds a little bit complicated, but it only takes a few minutes to get everything set up.

This is where the fun ramps up a notch – the Bluetooth app allows you (or whoever you give permission to) to manipulate the settings remotely. The app can be used to control how fast the rotating head turns, and to dictate the intensity of clit stimulation received from the vibrating arm.

This means you can have fun with your partner no matter where they are! Give your other half permission to use the app and, providing they are connected to the internet, they can control your vibrator and your orgasms!

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Understanding Teledildonics

I couldn’t miss the opportunity to point out the dildo earlier, and the word goes some way to explaining what teledildonics are all about. American tech expert Ted Nelson first coined the term in 1975, and it’s used to describe cutting edge sex toys that can be controlled from near and far.

Used correctly, teledildonics can provide a welcome boost to your sex life. You can use these type of versatile sex toys for solo play, or for sexual play with a partner. If you are looking to spice up intimate play, the Lovense Nora could be just the thing.

How to operate the Lovense Nora

nora in boxThe Lovense Nora is straightforward to operate – with two buttons, an indicator light and a charging port.  To turn your toy on/off press and hold down the A button for 3 seconds.

For vibration control just tap the A button, and to control the rotating head you tap the B button. Holding down the B button reverses the rotating head. You can toggle between the 7 vibration buttons and 3 rotation settings to try out different settings and vary your experience.

Pairing with a device

It’s easy to pair your Lovense Nora with a device. Simply switch on your vibrator and look for the flashing green light (this means the Lovense is ready to link up). Once that’s done you need to click the chainlink symbol and then tap the “+” to search. When the toy has been located by your device you simply tap “done.”

Pairing with a PC

You can also pair your Lovense Nora with your PC. Again, wait for the flashing green light and then plug the USB adaptor into the USB port on your computer. Click on the remote app and look for the chainlink symbol, and then tap “+” to search for the toy. Once located just tap “done.”

Lovense Nora Upgrades

The first Lovense Nora was launched back in 2013, and since then there have been a few updates and modifications. In 2015 Lovense adjusted the placement of the beads inside the vibrator, cranked up the vibration level, reduced the noise of the motor, and improved the charging capability.

In 2016 Lovense introduced the 5th generation Nora, showcasing a flexible clit arm, optimised shaft, and improved charging port.

Not ready to call time on the design Lovense went for another round of updates in 2017, with the 6th generation Nora hitting the shelves. This time customers could look forward to advanced sensors, designed to detect movements, and new and improved packaging.

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Getting the Most from the Lovense Nora

The Lovense Nora can be used when you’re alone or when you’re with a partner, and provides plenty of fun whether you’re close to your other half, or miles away. Here are a few ideas to get your juices flowing…

Solo Play

You don’t need a special friend to play with the Lovense Nora. The vibrator is easy to use and manoeuvre. The buttons are located on the handle and are easy to access, and the soft body ensures insertion is a doddle.

As with most toys you might prefer to use lube to ease entry. It’s also worth moving around until you find a comfortable position. If you are in the mood to play, the Nora provides plenty of intensity and should facilitate plenty of fabulous orgasms.

Partner Play

Playing with a partner adds an extra element to sex toy play, and it’s always good to spice up your sex life with a few games and gadgets! The Lovense Nora is great for couples, and as an added bonus, it doesn’t matter if you’re in the same room or different corners of the globe.

If you’re miles apart, the Lovense Nora allows you to be teased by your partner remotely. If you’re in the same room you can use the vibrator as part of foreplay and right through to the main event. The Nora can add a special something to a variety of sex positions too, why not give it a go? Here are a few to get you started:

On a Mission

This one is a little bit like the missionary position, but it goes a step further (or should we say deeper)!

To facilitate this one, you will need to lie back and slide a pillow underneath your backside (this opens you up to your partner so they can enjoy easier access, and deeper thrusting).

Your partner then stands between your legs and enters you. Once you’ve got going you can use the Lovense Nora to add intensity yourself, or you can let your partner do the honour. Either way, there’s a good time on the horizon!

Spooning Sex

For a cosy, intimate feel, spoon sex can be spot on. To spoon, you both lie on your sides – this allows your partner to sidle up behind you and fully embrace you. This should help you to feel closely connected to your partner. You will sense their body moulded to the shape of yours, enjoy their skin pressed tightly to your body, and absorb the warmth of their breath on your neck.

This position calls for unhurried love-making, rather than fast and furious romping. Your partner can take the opportunity to whisper naughty anecdotes in your ear and nibble your ear, neck etc.

When ready, your other half can then penetrate you from behind, gently thrusting until you feel the waves of pleasure washing over you. Add passion by bringing in the Lovense Nora, your partner can reach around with their free hand to use it, or you can use the toy to get busy yourself.

Mutual Pleasure

How about a spot of dual masturbation? This is a good opportunity to see what you’re partner likes, and the perfect chance to showcase what gets you excited too!

Stand or sit opposite one another when play gets underway, and you’ll get a perfect view. Alternatively lie side by side and look into one another’s eyes for a real sense of intimacy.

You can both enjoy pleasuring yourselves at the same time. Enjoy watching each other, and listen out for one another’s moans and groans (hopefully of enjoyment). This is also a good time to get into a little dirty pillow talk.

Share you’re fantasies, describe what you would like to do to your partner, and what you would like them to do to you. Being open about your desires can ignite passion and heighten the experience further.

Multi-taskers can try touching their partner while they pleasure themselves (hopefully this will prompt the same in return)! Heck you can even swap over and pleasure each other, then swap back and finish the job.

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The Lovense Nora and the Max 2

nora and max 2 togetherLovense produced the Nora with women in mind (although men seem to enjoy playing with it just as much)! However, the company did give a thought to producing a sex toy for men – allow me to introduce you to the Lovense Max 2.

A delightful duo, the Nora and the Max fit together like a rude little jigsaw puzzle!

Bluetooth connection to the app allows the Nora and Max to work in sync, so you can enjoy an interactive experience. Move one toy, and the other toy mimics the movement.

In keeping with the drive for inclusivity, the Lovense toys are made to work in a variety of combinations. You can pair the Nora with the Max, sync one Max with another Max or sync a Nora with another Nora. Fun for all!

Does the Lovense Nora Hit the Spot?

You can read about it, look at photographs, and ask other people for their opinion, but the best way to make your mind up about a product is to try it out for yourself. I could have sampled the delights of the Lovense Nora out on my own, but it seemed like a crying shame, after all this is a vibrator that seems perfect to share.

Plus, if I’m honest, the thought of handing over control of my new toy (and my orgasms) gave me goosebumps! This goes some way to explaining why I couldn’t hide the smile when my hubby mentioned he would be heading away overnight for work.

Unsurprisingly, he had an even broader smile than me when I explained what I wanted him to do. He eagerly accepted his role as a fellow tester, promising to give it his all. The app was downloaded to his Smartphone before I could scream “yes, yes, yes” and he left with a promise to push every single one of my buttons (from afar of course).

Later that evening, I poured a glass of wine, dimmed the lights, and sent an invitation to my other half. We kicked things off using the chat option and then moved onto a video call when things started to get interesting.

We were a little apprehensive that we might run into technical difficulties, after all most of us have had our fair share of Bluetooth bloopers. Let’s be honest, no-one wants to turn their vibrator off and on mid play! Thankfully we had no tech hiccups – just a hell of a lot of fun with the Nora and the Lovense remote app.

The app is packed with pre-programmed patterns, providing oodles of choice, but my guy seemed most taken with the option to create your own, bespoke blueprint for buzzy fun. His imagination paid off, the build-up, play and finale were memorably orgasmic.

What a pity we didn’t have a Lovense Max 2 to hand, I would have liked to find out how well the two worked together. I’m drawn to the idea of the vibrators performing in sync, it would have been entertaining to give that a try – oh well, maybe next time.

Verdict: Would I recommend the Lovense Nora?

The Lovense Nora certainly cheered up our evening. Normally we’d chew over our day and maybe engage in a bit of flirty goodnight chat. But that night we shared far more than conversation! If I had to grumble at all I’d say the whisper motor isn’t quite as hushed as I’d like, but that didn’t cause any problems.

Nowadays long-distance relationships are more common than ever, so I can see the appeal of this vibrator. Despite being far away from one another you can still enjoy the pleasure of shared intimacy and love-making.

I understand that the giving of control to a partner isn’t for everyone, but it certainly ticked my box! The good news is you don’t have to send your partner off on their travels to benefit – you can be in the same room and still enjoy the thrill of unpredictable fun.

With the Lovense Nora you can play solo, as a duo, up close, or from a distance. So many options – it would be rude not to try them all really. This vibrator is certainly deserving of a spot in my toy box, and I think you’ll want to find a space for one in yours too.

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