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Self-proclaimed pioneers of playfulness, The Fun Factory has been creating sex toys for over two decades. With a wide range of products, including dildos, vibrators, and cock rings, the toys stand out as bold, bright, and colorful.

Their sex toys come in a variety of shapes and sizes and are made to appeal to everyone (regardless of sexual orientation or gender). I’m a big believer in inclusivity – after all, sex toys are good for one and all! They relieve pressure, spice up your sex life and add intimacy to a relationship. I’m also a fan of fun, satisfying sex, so I was looking forward to playing with the Fun Factory Tiger G5.

Our Fun Factory Tiger G5 Review

In this Fun Factory Tiger G5 review, we’ll get the lowdown on the features and functions of this impressive looking vibrator. We’ll take a look at how you can use the Tiger G5 to inspire sexual exploration, whether you’re playing alone or having fun with a partner.

To review the product thoroughly, I had no choice but to take it to bed. So, did the Tiger make me purr or roar? I’ll let you know a little later on…

Fun Factory Tiger G5 Features and Specs

fun factory tiger g5 imageThis tiger isn’t furry and thankfully it doesn’t have teeth (or claws) but it does have plenty to offer. The funky vibrator comes in four colors. You can choose from India red, violet, black and petrol blue.

The red, violet, and blue vibrators have white handles, and the black vibrator has a matching black handle. The Tiger imitates the shape of a penis well, showcasing an eye-catching curve. At first glance the toy seems to fit well with The Fun Factory ethos – it looks bright and lots of fun!

So, how does the vibrator measure up? The Tiger G5 is 8 inches long, boasts an insertable length of 5 inches, and has a diameter of 1.40 inches. Its size makes it perfect for penetration and stimulation.

The vibrator also appeals on the materials front. Made from body-friendly silicone, the Tiger G5 is free from toxins. Put it in your palm and you’ll also notice the main body of the toy is soft and supple.

The material lends itself well to comfortable and pleasurable play, with a touch of velvety luxury. The toy is also user-friendly, with an easy-grip handle and raised push-button controls.

Appealing looks, soft and smooth to the touch, and easy to use – so far so good! The Tiger G5 is also ribbed and has a clitoral nub for extra fun (this allows for even more pleasure). But what about the all-important vibrations? The product delivers potent pulsations – it’s described by The Fun Factory as having an “unrelenting purr.”

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Let’s explain that in a little more detail so you get a better idea of what we’re talking about. Each Fun Factory product is given a rating, and that’s decided following product testing. For the record, the testing doesn’t involve a multi-bedded room full of lustful employees getting orgasmic – it’s much more methodical than that.

State-of-the-art equipment is used to measure decibels and vibrations, and these findings are used to work out the potency of the toy. Power ratings range from “gentle” through to “pleasurable” then onto “intense” and finally “unrelenting.” Decibel levels are also rated, starting at the quietest “whisper,” followed by “purr,” then “hum,” and “buzz” and lastly, “thundering.”

As we’ve mentioned, the Tiger G5 is rated as an “unrelenting purr.” The “purr” rating indicates that the Tiger is quiet, and the “unrelenting” tag denotes that the toy omits powerful vibrations. There are six levels of speed and stimulation levels to try out, so that should keep you busy (and keep play interesting)!

Let’s move on to the practicalities. The Tiger G5 is sold with a magnetic USB charger, which can be plugged into a wall charger or your computer. Plug the vibrator in for six to eight hours for a full charge, and then you’ll be rewarded with up to two hours of play.

As we all know, it’s important to keep sex toys clean. Keep your Tiger G5 fresh and sanitary by washing it with soap and a cloth after use. Alternatively, you can invest in a specific sex toy cleaner.

Finally, we should also mention that the Tiger G5 is responsibly and sustainably made. With so much focus on the environment, it’s only proper that sex toys are ethically made too.

The Fun Factory doesn’t ship toys in from overseas, instead, they manufacture products in their own factory, using precision German engineering. A lower carbon footprint and robust manufacturing are a big plus.

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Getting the Most from Your Fun Factory Tiger G5

fun factory tiger in boxThe Fun Factory Tiger G5 can be used for all types of play. Use it alone or use it with a partner, either way, the toy can be used to supplement your sexual play.

Playing solo is great fun, after all, you can please yourself, and do exactly what turns you on. The Tiger G5 is a G-Spot vibrator – insert it gently and once you’re ready you can switch it on and begin to thrust.

The vibrator delivers deep and intense vibrations from base to tip, and the ridges provide a rippling sensation each time you move the vibrator in and out. This means you won’t have to put too much pressure on as you thrust. If you want to make the experience even smoother you can use a water-based lubricant to facilitate access.

The Tiger G5 lends itself well to twosome (or more-some play) too. You can use the vibrator to tease and tickle, brushing it on nipples and genitals, as well as for penetration. Remember this toy can be used on both sexes, so whoever you’re playing with, you’re in for a good time!

Assume the Position

If you fancy trying out a few new positions, the Tiger G5 comes in handy.

The flexible and supple shaft is soft and pliable, and the silicone allows the toy to shift in line with your motion. You can move around and your partner can gently thrust from different angles to provide maximum satisfaction.

You can feel the intensity of the vibrator by engaging in some sideways action.

Lie on your side and get your partner to edge up behind you – this is a nice, intimate position (almost reminiscent of cozy spooning). You get to feel the warmth of your partner’s breath, and they get to nibble your neck and stroke your naked body.

Help your partner to ease the Tiger G5 inside you, and enjoy the feel of the ridges as your lover slides the toy in and out of your vagina. The firm texture and titillating tip should tantalize your G-Spot and provide a deep orgasm (or a couple if you’re lucky)!

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Does the Fun Factory Tiger G5 Hit the Spot?

tiger g5 plugged inMy partner and I try not to limit our sex life to a Saturday night, but sometimes the week just rushes past too fast! So, we settled down to a weekend evening, starting with a couple of glasses of wine before retiring to the bedroom (where my new friend The Fun Factory Tiger T5 was waiting to pounce).

I opted for red as I like bright, snazzy colors, and we were both impressed by the feel of the Tiger G5 – malleable and soft with a grooved texture that left me hankering to give it a try!

My partner found it easy to hold and position the Tiger. The ergonomic loop handle helped (even if you have lube on your hands, you should be able to get a decent grip)! We tried out a few positions, and I particularly liked the rippling sensations that tickled significantly every time I shifted position.

The depth of the vibrations and rumbling intensity ensured plenty of pleasure, and the clit stimulating nub afforded me more than one climax.

Afterward, we toyed with the idea of switching around, as we figured the curved tip for G-Spot would be perfect for prostate massage. Alas, we were too tired after a busy week to give it a try, but it’s on our to-do list!

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Would I Recommend the Fun Factory Tiger G5?

The Fun Factory Tiger G5 doesn’t take itself too seriously. It’s a bright and bold product that stands out for being playful and easy to use. The loop handle is a very good idea, and the raised button controls are easy to find (even when you’re in the midst of play)!

I haven’t used the vibrator for solo play as of yet, but my lovely friend has, and she seems to be quite impressed by it. With that in mind, I’m planning to give the Tiger a whirl this week.

However, as a fun toy for two, the Tiger G5 gets the stamp of approval from me. The vibrator added a buzz of excitement, and reaching more than one climax was a bonus! The Fun Factory Tiger T5 might not have jaws and claws, but it certainly has plenty of bite.

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