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Brought to market by the WOW Tech Group, the Womanizer brand promotes the importance of loving your own body and talking openly about masturbation.

I’m all for self-love, especially if it leads to a memorable climax!

I instantly like the idea of the Womanizer Pro 40. For a start, the toy promises to reveal a new level of orgasm and offers “ultimate clitoral stimulation” – which sounds very appealing. The clit has over 8000 nerve endings and is considered the gateway to multiple orgasms, so the Pro40 is certainly focusing on the hot spot.

The product uses Pleasure Air Technology, in other words, soft air vibrations that are designed to titillate the clit. These waves gently brush and stimulate the clit, using various levels of intensity to provide pleasure. I was keen to try out this toy, and if it did as it promised, I was in for a treat. Let’s find out if it did in my full Womanizer Pro40 review.

Our Womanizer Pro40 Review

In this review, we’ll get up close and personal with the Womanizer Pro40. We’ll check out all of the main functions and features and find out how the sex toy works. We’ll also explore how the Pro40 can be used to achieve memorable orgasms – whether you’re playing on your own or having fun with your partner.

I’m not one for sitting on the sidelines, so I decided to put the Womanizer Pro40 through its paces. Did it provide the mind-blowing orgasms I hoped for? I’ll let you in on my findings a little later on…

Womanizer Pro40 Features & Specs

womanizer pro 40 imageLet’s start with the toy looks. Appearances matter, and it’s fair to say that the Womanizer Pro40 looks simplistically sleek. The product comes in four colors – choose from white-silver, cherry red, black-silver, and magenta-silver. If you’re finding it too tricky to decide, you can always opt for one of each – after all, you can never have too many sex toys, can you?

The Womanizer Pro40 weighs 140g which is relatively lightweight. Size-wise, the product is 120mm x 46mm. The Pro40 is just the right size to comfortably hold in the palm of your hand. You can easily move it around and should easily be able to locate your sweet spot.

Moving on to the tech side of things, Womanizer products, including the Pro40, feature a pioneering concept known as Pleasure Air Technology. The clit vibrator produces gentle air vibrations that are designed to massage, and provide a mild (but noticeable) sucking motion. There’s no need for direct contact, so you don’t need to think about how much pressure to apply. The air vibrations alone are enough to arouse the clit and provide intense pleasure.

In terms of materials, the Womanizer Pro40 is made from hypoallergenic ABS silicone (which is importantly phthalate-free) – particularly great if you have sensitive skin. The toy is also IPX7 waterproof – so you can take it anywhere you like. Enjoy having watery fun in the shower, go for a splash in the hot tub, lather up in the bath or take a naughty dip in your pool – getting wet will be better than ever!

Now let’s move on to the all-important intensity. The Womanizer Pro40 allows you to enjoy the sensation of soft air tickling your clit, and with six settings to choose from, you are in for a good time. The levels are designed to seamlessly merge and there are six to choose from. Work your way from the lower levels (featuring subtle pulsations that will delicately caress your clit) up to the higher settings – where you’ll experience a firm, more intense rhythm.

From a practical point of view, you will find a handy USB charging cable, so you can charge up your Womanizer Pro40 easily. Once fully charged you can make the most of four hours of power. This should be ample time to enjoy plenty of sexual pleasure.

We should also mention that there’s a five-year warranty. The Womanizer Pro 40 is designed to be durable and robust. However, it’s good to have a point of contact and warranty, just in case there are any glitches or problems with the product.

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How To Use The Womaniser Pro40

pro40 suctionUsing any new sex toy for the first time is fun and exciting, but it can be daunting too. Before you get started make sure you get comfy. Find a cozy and quiet space. Ideally, you’re looking for somewhere private, after all, you don’t want to have to keep one eye on the door when you’re trying to reach orgasm.

When you are ready lie back and relax – you’ll need to get hands-on with your genitalia for the next part. Use your fingers to gently spread your labia, so your clit is on show. Then place the soft tip (cup) of the Womanizer Pro40 over the top of your clit. You might need a little time to get the positioning right, so take your time and don’t rush.

Once the Womanizer Pro40 is switched on you’ll start to feel the vibrations immediately. Start on the lower setting, and as you get used to the sensation you can move up through the levels. The intensity will increase, and your pleasure levels will do the same!

Using The Womanizer Pro40

Playing alone can be just as much fun as playing with a partner, you just have to find the right sex toy to add that sparkle. Thankfully, the Womanizer Pro40 comes in handy for both cozy couples and sexed-up singles and can be used in a variety of ways.

Solo Play

me using the pro40You don’t need a partner to make the most of the Womanizer Pro40. This tantalizing toy can be the perfect friend to you when you need it the most! The Pro40 is easy to grip and with a little adjustment here and there to your positioning, you should be able to introduce the toy to the perfect spot, prompting pleasure and lots of enjoyment.

Partner Play

There’s always lots of discussion around how to have better sex, and how to reach a satisfying climax. Sex with your partner should be a fun and intense experience, but all too often intimacy is rushed or confined to Saturday night in the bedroom.

Introducing a sex toy can add a new element to sexual play, and can help to re-ignite that spark in the bedroom. If you’re already enjoying an exciting sex life (lucky you) you can pep it up further with the Womanizer Pro40.

Many women find it can be difficult to climax through vaginal sex alone. In this case, the addition of clitoral stimulation can make all the difference. I guess you could describe the Womanizer Pro40 as a helping hand (or even better, a helping tongue)!

Oral sex can prove stimulating, especially when the tongue gently flicks the clit. The Womanizer Pro40 causes a similar sensation, the feather-light vibrations and sucking motion emulating oral sex.

The Womanizer Pro40 also helps to alleviate the pressure of having great sex and bringing your partner to orgasm every time. No doubt, your partner will be keen to ensure that they satisfy you – and you will want to satisfy them too.

It can be disheartening to find that your partner doesn’t climax, despite the level of effort you have put into foreplay and sex. The Pro40 puts more emphasis on clit stimulation, so your partner can focus on penetration. The two combined can make for a heady, and orgasmic, combination.

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Assume The Position

The key to a healthy and happy sex life? Some might say it is injecting a sense of newness. Varying what you do, in terms of how you touch, what you wear, where you make love, and the sexual positions you engage in, can make all the difference.

Let’s start with the good old missionary position. To my mind., there’s always room for missionary, but there’s nothing wrong with adding a twist. Lie on your back and encourage your partner to penetrate you.

Once they’ve found a rhythm, your other half can tease your clit with the Womanizer Pro40. You can add more intensity by placing a pillow beneath your butt. This will tilt your pelvis upwards for easier access and deeper thrusting.

using the pro40 in bathDoggy is also classed as an old favorite – loved by many, and often used to add spice to sexual intercourse. Once you’re on all fours your partner can ease in behind you. Doggy is great for accessing other areas – your vagina might be otherwise engaged but your boobs hang free and your clit is available for extra stimulation. Your partner just has to reach around with the Womanizer Pro40, and hey presto!

There’s also the cowgirl, which involves sitting aside your partner and enjoying an element of control (you set the pace and depth of penetration). The woman-on-top (or cowgirl) position is used widely, but the addition of the Womanizer Pro40 to arouse the clit makes it an even more attractive option.

Sex should involve an element of experimentation. If you usually stick to vaginal sex, why not try something else? The Womanizer Pro40 can also be used to enhance oral sex. Your partner can use the Pro40 to gently stimulate your clit while they use their tongue to tease your vagina. This type of sexual interaction is likely to propel you towards orgasm very quickly.

Anal can also prove to be pleasurable, although some are still wary of it. If you’re new to anal you can start with anal play rather than jump right in with full sex. Butt plugs can be very arousing, not only do they stimulate anal nerve endings, but they also intensify the pressure in the vaginal canal. If you want to try something different, how about combining a butt plug with vaginal sex? Just add the Womanizer Pro40 in to stimulate the clit, and you can revel in a triple whammy of erotic fun!

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Does The Womanizer Pro40 Hit The Spot?

This product sounded great from the off, and I couldn’t wait to give it a go. I decided to make the most of it and try out solo play for starters, followed by some fun with my partner for the main course. The solo play proved to be successful. The Womanizer Pro40 is easy to hold and move around, and the controls are simple to use.

As the toy is touch-free, I didn’t have to think about how much pressure to apply, but I did have to think about how best to position the Pro40. You might need to practice this a little, but believe me, it’s worth the effort! I decided to work my way through the settings from the lowest level through to the highest.

I’m glad I went for this option, the build-up made for a pleasurable experience (and for the record, I managed to make it to level six)!

So, successful solo play was achieved – but what about fun with another? Unsurprisingly my partner was more than happy to join in. We both agreed the Womanizer Pro40 looked unfussy and easy to use, but would it add anything to sex?

After trying out a couple of positions we concluded that the Pro40 could enhance the fun, but the positioning was a little tricky to master. Rather than using the toy during intercourse, we opted to use it as a stand-alone sexual activity. So, I got to lie back and enjoy being thoroughly teased, while my partner set to work on my clit.

Would I Recommend The Womanizer Pro40?

The Womanizer Pro40 looks unremarkable, but place the soft, silicone tip next to your clit and you’ll experience something a little more out of the ordinary. The vacuum suction pulls and provides intense stimulation.

I would certainly recommend the Womanizer Pro40. It gave me a buzz during solo play, and I think it works well for that. We did enjoy using the toy for partner play, but using it during intercourse might take a bit of practice.

If you struggle to climax from vaginal sex alone, the Pro40 could be the answer. The clit stimulation helps in the orgasm department, and I’d liken the sensation to oral sex. If you like the thought of a tongue tickling your clit, but would rather skip the intrusive head between the legs, the Womanizer Pro40 could be perfect for you.

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