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I’ve heard there’s a way you can make your penis harder for longer – you simply put a ring on it! Wearing a Lovense Diamo cock ring around the base of your penis will limit blood flow, resulting in a better erection and enhanced love-making.

Sounds good, but there’s even better news, the Lovense Diamo isn’t your average cock ring. The Diamo is the first wearable, external male toy by Lovense. A comfortable, vibrating cock ring that can be controlled via Bluetooth using a mobile app.

I love a gadget and have an array of useful digital devices at home including a cell phone, laptop, digital camera, and an iPad. I didn’t think I’d be adding a cock ring to that list! However, tech is advancing at pace and Lovense specializes in smart toys and VR, so the Diamo appeals to my geeky nature.

In this review, we will zero in on the product. We’ll find out more about the design and spec and we will get to grips with how the Lovense Diamo works. We’ll also check out the app connectivity and highlight any improvements that could be made.

So, without further ado, let’s see if the Lovense Diamo can cause a stir in the trouser department with our Lovense Diamo review.

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Lovense Diamo Design & Specs

Encased in white packaging that resembles the box of a new cell phone or similar gadget, the Lovense Diamo has “high tech” written all over it. There’s a picture of the product on the front of the box – and at first glance, the product looks like a contemporary bottle opener!

Again, the inner packaging is kept simple – white and unfussy – with the emphasis on the product. Open the box and you’ll find the Diamo. Not a bottle opener, but a black, sleek sex toy designed to take men from flaccid to firm for longer.

The box also contains a USB charging cable, a handy user manual, a quick setup guide, and a storage bag (great for protecting and storing your new device).

diamo in boxThe Lovense Diamo gets a tick in the box for first impressions, but what about its all-important design and spec? The aim of the game is to achieve longer erections and more intense orgasms, and the ring is designed with enduring pleasure in mind.

The Diamo feels smooth to the touch, so will comfortably sit over your penis. There’s a circular opening for ease and a curved shaft that’s perfect for perineum play. If size matters to you, the Diamo comes in at 133mm in length and 56mm in height (inclusive of its curve). Width-wise you’re looking at a base width of 33.5mm and a penis shaft opening width of 56mm.

The product is made entirely from body-safe medical-grade silicone, so you won’t have to worry about coming into contact with any toxins. Silicone lends itself well to easy cleaning, and the robust nature of the material suggests that this device has been designed to stand the test of time.

Adding a further string to its bow, the Lovense Diamo is IPX7 waterproof too. So, if you fancy stepping into the shower, or reclining in the bath for some vibrating fun, you can do so without fear of damaging the external or internal components of the cock ring.

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The product boasts a powerful motor too, which is capable of delivering intense and lingering vibrations to tease the perineum and satisfy both partners. There are three levels of power to choose from and you can enjoy ten different patterns of play.

Despite its adeptness to provide vigorous vibrations, the Diamo is surprisingly quiet (at its loudest the device has a sound level of 46 dB). Lovense claims the cock ring is “perfectly suitable for public play” and has been manufactured with quiet and comfortable play in mind. That said, you can’t account for your own reaction to using a cock ring. After all, a public orgasm could be very noticeable!

Arguably, the main feature of the Lovense Diamo is that the product boasts a programmable remote control. The product utilizes cutting-edge Bluetooth technology so you can connect to the app (more about how to do that later).

Once activated you can hand the remote to a partner and enjoy a variety of vibration levels (try them out and choose the one that best fits your sexual needs).

front view of diamoWhen it comes to charging up your Diamo, you simply use the USB. Rechargeable products are much more convenient (and better for the environment). You don’t have to think about buying batteries, or worry about the cock ring suddenly running out of power just as you’re getting your groove on!

Charge the Diamo for seventy minutes and you can enjoy two to three hours of continuous play. Once plugged in you’ll spot a red indicator light flashing – this tells you that the cock ring is powering up. When the flashing stops, you’re good to go.

The Lovense Diamo also comes with a 1-year warranty. Lovense is confident that their product will meet quality and performance standards, but if something does go wrong you are entitled to a repair or replacement.

How The Lovense Diamo Works

The Lovense Diamo is designed with usability in mind. The device is easy to handle and wear, and you won’t need a degree in computer science to get to grips with the controls. The cock ring features a tap and slide remote control with both traditional and long-distance remote-control options.

You wear the Lovense Diamo cock ring over a semi-erect penis, rather than a flaccid or fully erect one. This will make putting on the ring much easier (and will provide a better and more comfortable fit). Trying to force the ring over a fully stiff penis will make you wince, and if you happen to be

side view of diamo and buttons

blessed with a larger than average member, you will find pushing the ring over it even more awkward.

Positioning-wise, you can wear the Lovense Diamo in one of two ways. The first method involves placing the cock ring over your penis with the curved base facing you and the ring part facing away from you.

You’ll know you have it on correctly as the ring will sit snugly at the base of your penis. The arch of the Diamo will brush against your testicles – reaching toward your perineum.

As an alternative, you can place the bottom of the Diamo against the shaft of your penis. Positioned this way the ring part will sit close to your body and the solid part of the toy will reach down towards the end of your penis. Whichever way you choose to wear it, the Diamo will provide pleasurable vibrations where you need them most.

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Using The Lovense Diamo

The Diamo reportedly offers the user an enhanced experience with each use. I’m enthusiastic at the prospect of a harder erection for a longer period. I’m also looking forward to finding out if the product can bring on powerful orgasms and improve my sexual stamina.

The Lovense Diamo provides thrills and spills by stimulating the male G-Spot (also known as the perineum). I’m not too shy to admit that I like my perineum massaged. If done in the right way this powerful sexual act can provide intensely deep sensations.

I’m cheered to discover that the product can also amplify blood flow to the prostate (which sits just above the perineum). This might not do anything for me sexually, but apparently, it does wonders for my genital health.

The Lovense Diamo seems to be a versatile product, offering plentiful options for solo play, foreplay, and sex with my partner. I like the idea that my other half will feel the vibrations too – what can I say? I’m not selfish in bed, I’m a believer in sharing the love!

black lovense cock ringI enjoy the whole act of sex, from the flirting to the foreplay and the Diamo fitted in nicely. My partner liked its understated looks and was more than happy to slip it onto my penis on my behalf (very kind of her)! The Diamo goes over your shaft and balls and it proved to be a comfy fit.

The vibrations were intense and I enjoyed trying out the different patterns. The cock ring isn’t really designed to take you all the way, but it does make masturbation, and intercourse more pleasurable.

Slip it off and you can continue to play with your penis (if you’re flying solo) or you can carry on having sex with your other half. Either way, you get to enjoy the added excitement a device such as this brings – it could be the perfect way to spice up your bedroom antics.

Of all the features I’m a particular fan of the remote control. The idea of handing over control of my sexual pleasure to my partner turns me on. After all, they can tease me to satisfaction wherever and whenever they see fit. The Diamo is an ideal product for a long-distance relationship. Use it and you can still enjoy being intimate with your partner even when you can’t be together.

As for public play, the jury is out on that one. It’s one thing using a sex toy in the comfort of my own home, but I’m not sure I would want to sit on the subway with a cock ring tickling my penis! To be honest I’m worried about the noise factor. I know the Lovense Diamo is billed as a quiet toy and reportedly ideal for public play, but I doubt I can be noiseless myself. I don’t think my fellow passengers will want to witness my moans and groans of ecstasy or take in the sight of my orgasmic facial expressions!

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App Connectivity

Let’s get onto the tech part. The Lovense Diamo is supported by several platforms. The product is compatible with the iPhone, iPad, iPod touch, and iOS 10.0 (and later versions). Other options include Android 5.0 and later versions (providing Bluetooth 4.0 is enabled) and Mac (again, Bluetooth 4.0 must be enabled).

Alternatively, you can connect using Windows PC, but to do this you will need to use a Lovense USB Bluetooth Adapter. The Diamo features close-range control and also boasts up-to-date Bluetooth technology (which provides long-distance control). Let’s elaborate on that a little more. The product features a 360-degree standing range of up to 12 meters, a 360-degree sitting range of 5-6 meters, and it can also be internet controlled from anywhere.

The app also allows you to control the sound level, and set vibration levels and patterns. You can even sync the Diamo to music and make the most of sound-activated vibrations.

Could The Lovense Diamo Be Better & Is It For You?

All in all, the Lovense Diamo is a good product. It delivers on looks and style, feels like a quality piece of kit, and proffers intense (but not thumping) vibrations. It’s straightforward enough, you just insert the USB – however, I’ll confess to making a rookie error – placing the USB the wrong way up!

The Diamo features a flashing red light when it’s charging – I must have been in too much of a hurry to realize that it wasn’t flashing at all. Not much Lovense can do about that I guess, but worth mentioning to you so you don’t make the same mistake.

The Lovense Diamo has been created to be a good fit for the majority of penises. I like to think that mine’s an average size (or so I’ve been told!). I found it comfy to wear, but if your penis is on the very large or very small side, this might not be the best product for you.


Say the word “sex toy” and most visualize a device created with women in mind, but men like to play too! Thankfully the sex toy market has broadened its horizons and there are plenty of gadgets and gizmos on offer for all.

There are plenty of innovative and pioneering products designed with male orgasms in mind, and the cock ring is one of the best. Whether you’re a curious newbie or a connoisseur of sex toys, the vibrating Lovense Diamo cock ring will give you one hell of a buzz.

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