Lelo IDA Wave Review

Emma Miles take this new toy for a spin in our IDA wave review. Find out how she got on with it and if it could be a good addition to your bedroom routine.

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Ready to push a few more kinky buttons? The IDA Wave is an app-connected dual vibrator, designed with fun and pleasure in mind. Use it with your lover or give yourself a treat and indulge in some well-deserved solo play.

In this IDA Wave review, we’ll learn more about the toy, exploring what it does and how it works. We’ll also fill you in on how well it performs – does it provide the big O’s we’re all craving? Or is it more effective as a warm-up act for the main event? Let’s find out…

What Does The IDA Wave Do?

Designed and brought to market by leading brand LELO, the IDA Wave boasts patented WaveMotion™ technology (don’t worry we’ll tell you more about that later). The toy is a dual vibrator, so you can enjoy clitoral and G-spot stimulation simultaneously. Play alone, play with a partner, enhance foreplay and boost sexual intercourse – the IDA Wave has been created to arouse and stimulate.

IDA Wave Specs & Features

What makes a great vibrator? You could argue that it comes down to personal taste. Color, size, power, connectivity – sex toys vary from design to design. Why not check out the key features of the IDA Wave and find out if it ticks your boxes.

Ida wave in boxOpen the packaging and you’re met with the IDA Wave vibrator, a USB-charging cord, satin storage pouch, warranty registration card, and a handy instruction manual.

The IDA Wave comes in two colors, coral red, and black. The shape is fairly distinctive – a curve with one bulbous end and another end that’s slimmer. The toy is reminiscent of a crab’s claw – though thankfully it’s not sharp and won’t nip!

The design has been updated over time (this is the latest version) and the vibrator has been sculpted to fit all shapes and sizes – allegedly it fits like a glove! As for the dimensions, the vibrator measures 63 x 56 x 93 mm and weighs in at 120g.

Sensitive souls need not worry, the IDA Wave is made from body-safe silicone, along with AN+BS plastic. The silicone is extra-soft, place your hands on it and you’ll notice it also radiates a welcoming warmth.

Who says intimate fun should be reserved for the bedroom? The IDA Wave is 100% waterproof, so you can take it into the bathroom for a bubbly soak in the bath or a lathery rinse in the shower.

With not one but two motors whirring away, it’s little surprise the IDA Wave boasts plenty of power. The toy has a vibration motor frequency of 130 Hz and a gear motor frequency of 1.4 Hz. The motors work together, doubling the pleasure and providing stimulating vibrations internally and externally. You’ll feel the pressure build to stir both your G-spot and clit.

Featuring cutting-edge, patented WaveMotion Technology, the IDA Wave vibrator tantalizes the G-Spot and clit. The insertable tail provides a massaging motion (reminiscent of fingertips tickling and caressing) to stimulate the G-Spot, whilst the bulbous end vibrates to tease the clitoris.

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With 4 pleasure settings to choose from you can enjoy everything from a mild hum to a buzzing pulse. When linked to the LELO app, you can configure up to 10 programs (see below).

Maximize the pleasure potential by connecting the IDA Wave vibrator to the LELO app via Bluetooth. This will allow you access to a range of vibrating patterns and satisfying hands-free fun. You can enjoy the sensations during solo play, or you can hand control over to your partner – if you’re brave enough!

Ida wave on side

The IDA Wave operates via a Li-lon 3.7 V 520 mAh battery and there’s a USB charging cord. Charge up your toy and you can enjoy up to 2 hours of playtime, which should be more than enough to buzz your way to sexual stimulation (there’s a 90-day standby time too).

Designed with easy operation in mind, the IDA Wave has a simple one-button interface. Link to the app if you prefer hands-free fun.

Jazz up your sex life by introducing the IDA Wave vibrator to your lover. You can use the toy to change things up during foreplay or bring it in to add something extra to intercourse and a variety of sexual positions, such as cowgirl, missionary, and doggy. If you’re playing alone why not let the IDA Wave get in on the act? The toy is easy to use and handle, and will provide plenty of stimulation.

LELO is a reputable brand, and its products are designed to stand the test of time. However, peace of mind is always welcome when you purchase a new product. The vibrator comes with a 1-year warranty, so if you have an issue within 12 months of the purchase date you can ask for a no-cost replacement. The IDA Wave also boasts a 10-year guarantee.

Everyone likes a few extras. The IDA Wave comes with a handy storage pouch, so you can keep it clean and pack it away safely. You can also hide the toy in your handbag if you need a pick-me-up traveling companion. The instruction manual is welcome too – it’s worth a look to familiarize yourself with the IDA Wave. However, the toy is straightforward to use.

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Using The IDA Wave

As we’ve mentioned, the IDA Wave comes with an instruction manual, but we think you’ll get to grips with it relatively easily. As with most things, preparation is key. If you’re playing solo, find a quiet spot where you won’t be disturbed. Make yourself comfy and get ready for some fun.

lelo ida wave pink versionIf you’re playing with a partner, you might want to introduce the IDA Wave early on (before foreplay/intercourse) – especially if you’re new to sex toys. This is a good opportunity to take a look at your new device and get a feeling for what it can do. Once you’re ready, pour yourselves a chilled drink, get comfortable and get down to it!

You can lubricate the IDA Wave with LELO personal moisturizer for ease of use. The smaller arm slides into the vagina and the larger, bulbous arm is used to tickle the clitoris. Feeling comfortable? Great, then it’s time to switch on the IDA Wave.

Switching on your IDA Wave is simple, there’s just one button so you won’t be fumbling around wasting time trying to work out what does what! Press the button and you’ll notice the LED lights will blink (this indicates the battery level). The lights then stabilize to indicate the vibration level. You can press the button again to toggle between the different patterns.

For maximum pleasure, we suggest you start slowly. Allow the sensations to build and take the time to explore the settings. When you’re feeling confident you could move on to pairing the IDA Wave with the LELO app.

Connecting to the app is easy too. Simply press and hold the button for 3 seconds (this activates Bluetooth). You’ll notice the LED lights blinking to tell you the device is pairing with Bluetooth. From here, open the IDA Wave app. You should receive a message of confirmation, respond to this by pressing the button to confirm.

The IDA Wave should now be connected (the LED lights should have stopped blinking by now) and you can enjoy trying out the different patterns. If, for some reason, the device couldn’t connect it will switch itself off.

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How Did The IDA Wave Perform?

I’m expecting good things from the IDA Wave, after all, it’s an award-winning product – it picked up the 2021 Luxury Brand of the Year at the XBIZ Europa Awards, gained plaudits for Excellence in Product Packaging at the 2020 XBIZ Europa Awards, and was also congratulated in the 2019 Best Luxury Toy Range Adultex Awards. Will it live up to the hype? I hope so…

The black box features a photograph of the IDA Wave, so you know exactly what you’re going to get. A defined curve with one thick end and one more tapered end, the toy has rather a distinctive shape. My new friend is coral red, but there is a traditional black version too.

Some prefer bullet vibrators, as they are palm-sized, but I sometimes find them challenging. In the past, I’ve found myself turning my wrist to find the best spot. The IDA Wave doesn’t require this as the curve allows for ergonomic play.

ida wave in pinkI also like the look of the IDA Wave, and I’m a fan of the fact that I can use it to add a bit more flavor to sex with my other half, or I can indulge alone. Masturbation is still considered a taboo topic by some, but solo play is nothing to shrink away from. It’s a great way to get to know your body and work out what arouses you.

Partner-wise you can enjoy toying with the IDA Wave during foreplay, or you can use it to spice up intercourse. You can go one step further and hand over control to your lover for hands-free fun at its best. I’m no tech expert but the app seems easy to connect to.

With my husband away working I decided to have a quiet night in with the IDA Wave. We didn’t share a fancy meal or snuggle up for a movie, but we did retire to a candle-lit bedroom (complete with relaxing music).

I’ve used vibrators before, and I usually use lubricant, so I follow my tried and tested method for solo fun. Both arms are easy to move into place – so far so good! I didn’t use the app, instead, I decided to try out the manual control (there’s only one button so it was super easy to operate).

The IDA Wave caused a stir from the off, I started on the lowest setting and enjoyed the gentle hum and tingle of the vibrator. The single button allows you to move through the settings and the build-up proved to be stimulating.

Thankfully the vibrator isn’t too noisy, I hate the thought of someone tapping the door and asking me if I know what’s making that irritating buzzy sound – total mood killer!

I have to say though, that when I tested this with the hubby at a later date neither of us found that it added much to the experience. It was useful for the initial foreplay but it certainly isn’t a toy that enhances the pleasure during sex – it just kind of gets in the way. For solo play though, it was excellent.

All in all the experience was a good one, I’m looking forward to trying it out with my other half and connecting to the app.

Pros And Cons


  • App or manual use
  • Different patterns to suit your needs
  • Easy operation
  • Warranty and guarantee


  • Some may find it on the expensive side

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As with all products, the IDA Wave has its good points and not so good. Let’s start with the pros. For a start, the IDA Wave facilitates hand-free play for all. You don’t need a partner to tap into the app, you can do that yourself – no need to worry about pressing any buttons – instead, simply enjoy the experience.

The patterns are a plus too. You can choose the intensity that suits you, be that a delicate and wispy tickle or vigorous vibrations for deep and hearty fun. As this product is easy to operate you won’t have to waste valuable time figuring out how to work it either – its one-button operation is spot on for effective and speedy play.

The 1-year warranty and 10-year guarantee are beneficial too – just in case you have any problems – although you shouldn’t because the vibrator is made from quality materials and has two robust motors.

As for the sticking points, I don’t have much to say. The cost is on the pricy side – but as with most things, you get what you pay for. Sex toys may be classed as luxuries rather than necessities, but if you’re going to treat yourself, you may as well buy something that looks good and does the job.


Good looks? Yes, that’s a tick in the box from me. Ergonomic shape? That’s another tick. Enough power for lots of buzzy fun? Oh, yes for sure!

It’s nice to move away from the conventional bullet and use its curvy cousin instead. The IDA Wave couldn’t be simpler to operate with its one-button function and even the app is relatively straightforward.

I enjoyed the solo session, but am keen to involve the IDA Wave in a threesome, and unsurprisingly enough, my husband has registered his interest in that! I think the vibrator will add that little something extra to foreplay, and I’m looking forward to finding out if I am right.

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