Sex Swings – All You Need To Know

Let’s Get Intimate With The Sex Swing

There are plenty of ways you can add a little pizazz to your sex-life. You could dress up in a sexy outfit, grab a pair of cuffs and paddle fifty shades style, or hop straight to the G-Spot with a rabbit. If that all sounds a bit too predictable how about investing in a sex swing?

The sex swing sounds (and looks) rather hardcore to some, but let us reassure you, it’s not just for porn shoots and fetish parties. This impressive piece of kit is surprisingly straight forward to use, and is just as at home in the bedroom as it is in a swinger’s club. So cast aside your misgivings and misconceptions, used correctly, the sex swing can take your sex life from dreary to dreamy.  Let’s find out more as we check out a handful of the best sex swings on the market.

What Is A Sex Swing And How Does It Work?

Also known as a sex sling and a love sling, the sex swing allows for more freedom of movement during sex. The swing can be used to facilitate and enhance all types of sexual practise including vaginal, anal, and oral sex.

Made from robust materials such as leather, nylon webbing, thick canvas, rubber, and steel, the sex swing is best described as a harness. It typically hangs from a stand, ceiling or door (we’ll find out more about that later). The sex swing usually consists of a number of adjustable, padded straps, and sometimes has a platform or hammock style seat too.

swing in useThe swing is designed to take your weight, allowing you to be fully suspended in the air. As a passive partner you are fully supported and can relax into the harness. Your lover can attach straps to your limbs, e.g., ankles, and manoeuvre you into different positions. They will then be able to enjoy full and unrestricted access to all of your sensitive and sexual hot spots.

Earlier on we mentioned that sex swings are often associated with swinger’s clubs and fetish events. If you venture into the world of BDSM (bondage, discipline or domination, sadism or submission, and masochism) you’re very likely to come across one.

In this setting the swing is used as a form of bondage, restricting the person in the swing and limiting their control. Whether you consider yourself kinky or not, the sex swing can certainly add spice to your relationship! If you’re keen to say goodbye to lying back and thinking of England, then this is for you. The sex swing will allow you to try out a wide range of new and stimulating positions.

On another note, we should also point out that the sex swing can also be very handy for those with a physical disability or medical ailment, such as arthritis. Using a sex swing places less pressure on joints and muscles, and enables ease of movement. As far as we’re concerned sex should be an inclusive past-time! Thankfully the sex swing can be used by anyone and everyone.

Are There Different Types Of Sex Swings?

There are a variety of sex swings available on the market. Let’s take a look at the different designs:

The conventional swing

Typically a conventional sex swing consists of a seat, a couple of straps to support the swing, and stirrup straps to keep your limbs out of the way! There might also be handles, and a padded strap that doubles up as a head rest. Most conventional sex swings can be attached to the ceiling via a couple of hooks, or they can be connected to a specially constructed stand.

The over door swing

As its name suggests, the over door swing attaches to a door frame. So, you don’t need to be a DIY expert to set this one up. Although easy to install, this type of swing doesn’t have endless space around it (due to it being in a doorway)! So, you might be limited in terms of the type of positions you can try.

The sex sling

This name is usually given to swings that encompass a large seat/platform as well as harness straps. The seat is designed to support your body – typically you rest you buttocks or stomach on it. This is a comfy way to play and the sex sling is ideal if you need more support, or juts fancy leisurely sex!

The spinning swing

Feeling even more adventurous? The spinning sex swing rotates entirely – we’re talking a full 360 degrees.  This enables your partner to gain full access to every part of your body from a variety of angles.

The body swing

Not for the faint hearted! The body swing is attached to your partner rather than a doorframe, ceiling or stand. Handles and leg straps are used to provide support to the person climbing into the harness. This one works well for sex positions involving one partner standing up, but does require a little more stamina and control.

Why Should I Use A Sex Swing?

Trying out new sex positions can add interest and variety to your sex life, and can also bring you closer together as a couple. However, for some it’s all just too much effort –and if you’re not a gymnast (or contortionist) you might be wondering how you can possibly twist and turn your body into such complicated shapes.

The sex swing makes it much easier for you both to try out more complex sexual positions – you can make light work of the rocking cowgirl or flying doggy! Who said Saturday night love-making can’t be new and exciting?

Alongside finding new and novel ways to have sex, you can also enhance penetration. The sex swing allows for deeper vaginal and anal penetration, which in turn (if you’re lucky) could result in bigger and better knee-trembling orgasms.

How Do I Use A Sex Swing?

Before you get all over-excited let’s check we know exactly how to use a sex swing. First things first, where are you going to put it? You need to make sure there’s enough room for you to comfortably climb into the harness and enough space for your partner to move around you.

lady on swingThe swing is suspended so needs to be securely attached to something. The ceiling is a good option, but you need to make sure you connect the swing correctly, the last thing you want to do is end up in a heap on the floor! If you have the space to spare, a stand-alone metal frame is a good alternative. The frame can be positioned wherever you want it to go, and it’s easy to hook the sex swing onto it.

Once you’ve got the practicalities sorted you need to make sure you’re both happy with what you’re doing. Any sexual acts, kinky or not, should be safe, sane and consensual. Are you both comfortable with the idea of using the swing? Explore a few ideas and positions that you would like to try, and talk candidly about what you would like to get from the experience.

Ready for some fun? Have a good look at the swing, climb onboard and give it a go! You’ll have to decide who’s going to lie back and who’s going to do the teasing (choices, choices)! You should both get familiar with the straps (they are usually adjustable). Try out a few positions and make sure you are comfortable and fully supported by the harness.

If you’re new to the world of sex swings it’s probably best to start simple. Some positions are more difficult to maintain than others, and some require more control. Don’t worry – the more you play, the more confident you will become!

Seven Sex Swing Positions To Make You Scream!

Vaginal, oral, anal – when it comes to penetration you’re in for a treat. But why go straight for the main course when you can try a few delectable starters first? Put those sex toys to good use and play a few games to get things going, blindfolds, vibrators, feathers, ice – it’s the perfect chance to get creative.  Once you’re warmed up try out a few of these rousing positions:


Let’s not bemoan the missionary position too much. After all, it’s perfect for intimate, romantic sex. You get to look your partner in the eye, and share long lingering kisses. Add in a sex swing and you can take the missionary action up another level. Simply lean back into the harness, pop your ankles in the stirrup straps and enjoy the motion as your partner rhythmically rocks.

Upright lotus

Sit in the swing and wrap your legs around your partner (who will be standing in front of you). Try and make sure your genitals are aligned with their hips – this makes for easier and more intense thrusting.


If you’re a fan of riding on top of your partner the rocking cowgirl is your kind of rodeo. Get your partner to lie on their back on the floor and adjust the swing so you are sitting astride (as you would for the regular cowgirl position). Then simply climb onboard and enjoy the ride! The harness will provide steadiness and help you to maintain the position for as long as you like! Yee-haw!

Reverse lap dance

You need to check the weight limit of your sex swing for this one, as you’re both going to be resting on it! Dragging in the scales and weighing one another before you get started is a guaranteed way to kill the mood – so we suggest you check discreetly (and ahead of time)! Get your partner to sit on the swing and then lower yourself onto their lap – then simply sway back and forth using the swing to gently propel you.

Floaty oral

You can use the sex swing to support you as your partner pleasures you energetically with their tongue. Yes, you can lie back on the bed for this, but suspension adds a floaty feel (plus you get the added bonus of more motion). You can also adjust the height of the swing  to enable your partner to deliver oral standing up or kneeling down, depending on their (and your) preference.

Anal attraction

Anal can be tricky, but you can use the sex swing to help you find a comfortable angle. Adjust the height of the swing to find the optimum spot and adopt a doggy style position to get things started. If you’re new to anal you might need to shuffle around a bit, but as they say – practise makes perfect!

V for victory

This one is for those who are looking for something a little more elaborate. You might need a bit more staying power – but it will be worth it! Climb into the swing and lean back enough to raise one leg, ideally you need to place your limb onto your partner’s shoulder. This might sound ambitious, but the sex swing will support you, and the straps will help with flexibility. Your partner can also lend a hand with this, and if you get it right the penetration will be deep and intense.

Three of the best sex swings

Door swing, conventional swing, body swing or spinning swing? Harness straps only or straps and a hammock sling seat? Swing hanging from the ceiling, over the door or from a stand-alone stand? Phew, this sex swing lark is hard work! Don’t worry, we’ve explored the options and found three of the best to share with you.

Trinity Sex Swing

sex swing by trinity vibesThe Trinity Sex Swing, by XR Brands, is a robust sex swing designed with adventurous sex in mind. Let’s find out more:

  • Adjustable buckles – The swing is fitted with adjustable buckles for a secure and snug fit
  • Comfortable and versatile straps – The straps are wide and thick and there’s extra padding for your back, buttocks and legs. The leg straps can also be shortened and can be converted into hand straps if required
  • Made from robust material – Made from nylon and metal, the Trinity Sex Swing is made with durability in mind
  • Strong and sturdy – This piece of kit can hold up to 350 lbs and can support a wide range of sexual positions
  • Easily installed with mounting kit included – The swing can be suspended on a supportive beam over the bed, or in an open room. Mounting hardware is included with the swing, as are instructions
  • Can be also attached to a stand – You can also hang the swing from a stand of you prefer – but the stand is not included, so you will have to purchase a suitable one separately

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Fetish Fantasy Spinning Sex Swing

sex swing in useThe Fetish Fantasy Spinning Sex Swing revolves fully, allowing you to get into all sorts of positions and providing access to all areas. Here’s what you can expect:

  • Versatile and adaptable – Enables you to try out even the most complex positions – and you don’t have to be a gymnast of particularly flexible to use it
  • Can be used by all shapes and sizes – Can support up to 350 lbs and is ideal for partners of different shapes and sizes
  • Easily adjustable – Alter the height and angle to suit for a comfortable fit and to facilitate your chosen sex position
  • Rotates a full 360 degrees – The Fetish Fantasy Spinning Swing rotates a full 360 degrees, enabling you to spin around
  • Comfortable straps – The swing includes soft, padded stirrups to provide a cosy fit
  • Made to last – The swing is made to last, manufactured from metal and nylon for durability
  • Bonus item included – You get a mask with this item as an added bonus

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Whipsmart Door Sex Swing

sex swing in boxThe Whipsmart Door Sex Swing can be used to turn a bedroom, lounge or even kitchen doorway into something much more exciting! The main features include:

  • Easy to install – Door swings can be easily fitted to any doorframe, just strap the swing to the door and you’re ready to go! There’s no assembly required at all
  • Fully adjustable – Adjust the harness straps to alter the height and ensure a great fit – the straps can be altered even when the swing is in motion.
  • Well-made product – Quality craftsmanship, manufactured using robust materials
  • Comfortable and supportive – Leg straps are double padded for a comfy fit
  • Strong and hard-wearing – Can support up to 200 lbs, suitable for all body types
  • Easy to store and transport – Fold up the swing when not in use, easy to store and carry around

Ready, Steady, Swing!

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We’ve explored three of the best sex swings on the market. First we looked at the Trinity Sex Swing, a conventional sex swing that’s versatile and robust. Hang it from a beam or stand and let your imagination run wild.

Alternatively you can get in a spin with the Fetish Fantasy Spinning Sex Swing, a durable swing that facilitates freedom of movement and fun from numerous angles. Or perhaps you’re seeking a quick and simple solution, such as the Whipsmart Door Sex Swing. Easy to install when you fancy some fun, and fast to pack away when you’re done! Whichever you choose, you’re sure to have a great time.

It’s always a good idea to keep things fresh and fun in the bedroom department. We often get wrapped up in the daily grind, focusing on work, chores, finances, and anything else that comes along.

Romance and intimacy all too often end up taking a back seat. It’s time to change that! Nowadays there are so many ways to shake things up, and a sex swing could easily add some sparkle to a lack-lustre sex-life.

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