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There are those who have brought sex toys into the bedroom with their partner and have been disappointed. Others haven’t tried introducing sex toys into couple sex yet. And then there’s those who have tried using We-Vibe Chorus!

We-Vibe Chorus is one of those toys that just make sense. It increases the pleasure of both you and your partner, it’s hands-free to let you focus on the fun and each other, and it doubles as the perfect long-distance toy. It’s no wonder this toy is getting so much love. The sex toy Chorus from We-Vibe is specially designed for couples’ sex and has since its launch brought back the excitement in many couples’ sex lives.

If you’re questioning whether this product actually lives up to the hype, you’ve come to the right place. I’m putting Chorus to the test, and I’m telling you all about it. I’m going to go into all the details you need to know about We-Vibe Chorus. Just keep reading to discover all the toy’s features, specs, quality, and my overall experience with it.

Are you ready to find out if We-Vibe Chorus really is the ultimate couple’s toy? Let’s get into it!

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We-Vibe Chorus Key Features And Specs

Pink We-Vibe ChorusExactly what makes Chorus such a popular toy for couples? We’re going to start off by taking a look at all the things that make Chorus into the revolutionary toy it is. Here’s all you need to know about We-Vibe Chorus’ features and specs.

The Design, Shape And Size

Something that undoubtedly makes We-Vibe Chorus stand out is the adjustable fit. Everyone’s body is unique, and the designers behind We-Vibe chose to take that into account when creating Chorus. It’s easy to adjust the vibrator to make it just the right fit for you. Once you’ve found the perfect position, it stays in place, letting you focus on the pleasurable sensations.

The toy is coated in super-soft, body-friendly silicone and is completely waterproof. It’s small and light; it has a length of 7.8cm and a weight of only 70 grams. We-Vibe Chorus is available in 3 different colors, letting you choose between pink, purple, and blue.

Control And Vibration Patterns

WeVibe measurementsEven without the app, you get enough variation to keep things exciting; you’re able to switch between 10 different vibration patterns. These vibrations come in from low to high, pulses to waves, and even one called echo. You can switch between the vibrations in a few different ways, including directly through the vibrator’s buttons or through using the remote control.

Charging And Battery Time

I have to say that I was very impressed with the charging system of this sex toy. With your purchase comes a storage box that doubles as a charging station. When you’re done with your toy for the session, you just have to place the toy and remote in the station, plug it in and wait. The remote and the vibrator will both automatically charge as long as you place them correctly and the station is plugged in. It just doesn’t get any easier than that. 

Once the toy is fully charged, the LED light indicator will stop blinking. One charge lasts for 90 minutes, which will typically be more than enough time to make love.

Connected App

The free app that connects to We-Vibe Chorus is called We-Connect, and it’s available on Android, iOS, and Windows. If you haven’t tried using an app-controlled vibrator before, you’re in for a thrill! Through the app, you get an unlimited selection of patterns to choose from and the option to create your own. You also get to connect with a partner over video call or through messages. You can even hand over the control of your toy to your partner.

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Using The We-Vibe Chorus

The three ways to use We-Vibe Chorus are solo, long-distance, and with your partner. Let’s go through how to do each of these and what you can expect.

1. Using the We-Vibe Chorus Solo

WeVibe Chorus Remote Control imageWe-Vibe Chorus can be used solo just as any other vibrator can. The fact that it is insertable and has two motors, one for stimulating you inside and one for stimulating you from the outside, is bound to give you some really nice experiences playing alone.

When you’re doing it solo, you can use the vibrator outwardly first to get yourself ready and wet for the vibrator. If you don’t self-lubricate enough to feel comfortable inserting the toy, that’s completely normal; just lube up the insertable part and slide it in. The part that you’ll want inside of you is the narrow side, the one without buttons. You can adjust the vibrator until you feel it applying the right amount of pressure on your sensitive spots. Then you can long-press it to start enjoying the pleasurable vibrations.

Switch between the patterns by pressing the buttons on the vibrator or turning on and using the remote control. Using the control might be easier, as you can control the vibration intensity by simply holding the remote control in your hand. Press it tighter when you want more stimulation and let up when you want less.

To give you even more options for different vibrations, you can Bluetooth-connect to an app on your mobile device. This will provide you with many exciting possibilities, like Music Mode and letting you create your own patterns. More on how to use the connected app and all of its functions in the next section.

2. Using The We-Vibe Chorus Long Distance

Vibrator-remote-app imageWhen you’re using the We-Vibe Chorus long distance, the whole feature which makes it possible is the wireless Bluetooth connection to the We-Connect app. This app can be found on Google Play or App Store and connected to your device with Bluetooth. 

Once you’ve got the toy connected to the app, you’re able to connect with a partner and let him or her take the reins from there, if you want. You can also just initiate a video call, let them watch you, and talk dirty, while you’re still in control of the toy. Since the messaging function and video call are built-in, you won’t have to leave the app to video call to let them take control. It will be very easy for your partner to choose the vibration patterns and intensity and see your reaction in real-time.

With the app, a whole world of new sensations will open up to you. The We-Connect app is just perfect for exploring an unlimited amount of vibrations to enjoy either on your own or for allowing your partner to take charge of your solo play sessions. As long as both of you are connected to the internet and your device is connected to your phone, the distance won’t matter.

3. Using The Chorus As A Couple

Almost all couples engage in penetrative sex, but most women can’t climax from penetration alone. The result? Most of the time, women don’t orgasm from sex.

If you’ve been dreaming of better sex, the We-Vibe Chorus could be the answer to your prayers. We-Vibe Chorus is the perfect toy to enjoy together with your partner. It lets you enjoy clitoral vibrations while it also stimulates you inside. On top of that, your partner will also experience pleasurable vibrations on his penis. Talk about killing 3 birds with one stone!

To use We-Vibe Chorus with a partner, you’ll want to start by lubing it up. You can insert it during foreplay or right before penetration. It’s entirely up to you.

WeVibe Chorus contents imageJust like when you are using it alone, you’ll want to insert the thinner part of the arm into your vagina, letting it rest against the front of your inner walls. The other wider arm of the toy will be resting against your clitoris so that it can provide you with the most pleasurable vibrations. Since it’s adjustable, you can easily bend it to best fit your body and apply the most comfortable amount of pressure for your preference.

When you’ve found a comfortable fit, your partner can enter. If he’s entering from the front, the Chorus should be against the front of his penis. If he’s taking you doggy style, he’ll feel the vibrations against the back side of his penis.

You have a couple of different options for controlling the vibrator while you’re using it with a partner; remote control or app. Controlling the vibrations through the vibrator buttons isn’t really an option when you’re having penis-in-vagina sex, as that’s bound to be complicated with bodies in the way.

The remote control has a couple of different modes allowing you to control the vibrations in different ways. One of the unique features is the “Touch-Sense” technology which lets you control vibrations simply by applying pressure to the remote control. As you clutch tighter, the vibrations will become stronger, and as you let go, they’ll become weaker. This mode is effortless to use to change up the sensations when you want, even in the heat of the moment, without it becoming distracting.

Besides that, you can also just control it with the remote by switching between the 10 existing modes. And finally, connecting the toy to the app gives you lots more vibration patterns to choose from.

If you want to be using the app, don’t forget to download, connect it and make sure it works before you and your bae get started. You don’t want to have to interrupt your lovemaking for the sake of a slow download or troublesome Bluetooth connection.

While the toy is designed for couples, I’d say the app is best used for long-distance or solo play. You can definitely enjoy it as a couple together as well, though. While you may not be wanting to customize your own patterns in the middle of intercourse, you can select other modes for more variation via the app. Once you’ve connected to the We-Connect app, you can, for example, use Music Mode for some exciting vibes as you’re enjoying each other.

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Maintaining And Cleaning The We-Vibe Chorus

WeVibe Charging SystemSo, just like with any other toy, you need to clean the We-Vibe Chorus regularly. It’s essential since you insert part of it, and if it isn’t clean, you run a seriously high risk of catching some kind of unpleasant infection.

You need to clean it after every use and before use if it’s been a while since you last used it. 

Cleaning it is really easy, as the We-Vibe Chorus is entirely waterproof. Simply rinse it in lukewarm water, use some unscented soap to get it all clean and rinse it again, making sure there is no soapy residue. Once this step is done, you can either dry it with a towel or let it air dry and then put it back into its container. 

Store it somewhere that’s not too hot and not too damp. Since the container is really discreet, you don’t have to worry too much about hiding it in the darkest, deepest drawer.

The We-Vibe Chorus is rechargeable, and once it’s fully charged, it lasts for 1 and a half hours. You might want to charge it after you’ve finished using and cleaning it so you can be spontaneous next time the mood strikes… waiting for the thing to charge is kind of a buzzkill.

Our Experience With The WeVibe Chorus 

I made the mistake of telling my boyfriend I was planning on buying it before I placed the order. I wanted the pink one. My boyfriend was leaning towards the blue one. We eventually compromised and picked the purple color (which neither of us wanted). 

I have to say I love it, and my hopes were high from the moment the package arrived on my doorstep. First impressions are crucial – and Chorus didn’t fail to impress. It came really quickly and it comes with everything you need: the charging/storing station and some water-based lube.

Vibrator-remote-charging systemAnd so, it was time to try it together. Mind you, this isn’t the first time I’m trying a sex toy with my boyfriend, so it wasn’t awkward or anything like that. For new couples who haven’t yet had the toy talk, just communicate with your partner about what you want. More likely than not, they’ll be very into the idea.

For the sake of the review, I decided to use the lube that comes with the toy. It isn’t the best lube I’ve ever used, but it worked just fine, and I could slip in the Chorus comfortably. The toy is adjustable, and it wasn’t hard to shape it in a way so that it lay comfortably. So far, so good. I turned it on and then I let my boyfriend use the remote control to control the vibrations. The vibrations felt really good and weren’t too intense.

I was a bit worried that penetration would somehow be painful, but it was quite the opposite. It hit all the right spots. Actually, it was probably the most pleasurable penetrative sex I’ve had. 

Sometimes I want to bring in toys in our sex more often, and my boyfriend isn’t the biggest fan because it divides my attention. On the other hand, he loves knowing that I enjoy myself, so I can honestly say that the We-Vibe Chorus was perfect for both of us. Because it’s completely hands-free and stays in position, we were able to enjoy and focus on each other, just with the extra sensations from the toy.

He also said that the vibrations felt good for him too. Double win!

Cleaning it afterward was an easy experience. I just sprayed some toy cleaner spray I already have at home, rinsed it in lukewarm water, and dried it off. Voila! Charging it went equally as smooth. Once it was finished, I put it into the charging case. I have to say, there was something really satisfying about just putting it in the cute and discreet charging case after use. The little LED light blinked to show that it was charging, and once it was finished the light stopped blinking and I knew it was time to plug it out.

Since it also works connected to an app, we had to try it again when he was away for the weekend. The We-Vibe app worked just as it’s supposed to, and my boyfriend thought it was loads of fun to experiment with all the different patterns. It’s not the best vibrator I have for solo use; when it’s the only stimulation I’m getting, I prefer it with a little bit more intensity. That said, it was lots of fun, and I was eventually able to climax.

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Final Verdict

Between the intriguing and well-thought-out concept and the positive reviews, We-Vibe Chorus certainly raises some high expectations. I am glad to report that it lives up to them. If you ever felt like penetrative sex isn’t all that, and thought that some more stimulation in the right places would better the experience, We-Vibe Chorus is for you.

This miracle toy should be considered a necessity for couples who enjoy using toys and love intimate sex. You get to focus on each other instead of choosing between scrambling with sex toys while you’re having sex or skipping them altogether. The squeeze-activated remote control really only adds to making the use super easy and natural. It lets you both enjoy the pleasurable sensations without having to concentrate on lowering or intensifying the vibrations.

On top of that, it’s going to keep bringing you pleasure when your partner is out of town. If you want to enjoy it all by yourself or give your partner a show through the connected app, you decide. Although Chorus doesn’t provide the most intense vibrations, the two motors combined for both the G-spot and the clitoris, is usually enough stimulation.

Not only is the concept excellent, but the quality of the product is as well. We-Vibe isn’t new to the market and has created many best-selling toys. Still, this one has quickly become one of my favorites. It takes all my favorite parts of sex with a partner and solo masturbation and combines them into one. Although I can’t know yet, I feel this toy will stay with me for many years to come.

If you ask me, the praise that We-Vibe Chorus has been getting is well deserved. This vibrator sure has won me over!

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