Best Mouth Fleshlights

For many men, blowjobs are the highlight of sex. If that’s you, there’s no reason you can’t enjoy a blowjob all by yourself, whenever you want it.

A mouth fleshlight serves the same purpose as a regular fleshlight, but at the same time, it provides you with a totally different experience. If you are curious about this type of toy and want to get one for yourself, you’ve come to the right place! 

Here we’ll go through everything you’ll need to know about buying and using a mouth fleshlight, from the best alternatives to pro-tips for using it that will give you the ultimate experience. So, let’s get straight in and take a look at the best mouth fleshlights available right now…

What is a Mouth Fleshlight?

If you’re familiar with fleshlights, a mouth fleshlight is pretty self-explanatory. Just like a fleshlight, it’s a masturbation toy for men, but mouth fleshlights are designed to look and/or feel like a mouth. If you love blowjobs, a mouth fleshlight can be a great option for when you’re masturbating as it clones the experience of getting a blowjob.

Some mouth fleshlights are realistic in look and feel, while others are automatic and several of them have suction. In this article, we include a variety of fleshlights for different budgets and preferences. Keep reading to see the best mouth fleshlights currently on the market.

Top Mouth Fleshlights

I’ve gathered up 6 of the best mouth fleshlights below. I’ll go through why I chose each one of them, the pros and cons of that specific model, and who it’s most suitable for. Let’s get started with my top choice, Doc Johnson Good Head!

Our Top Pick: Doc Johnson Good Head Blow Job Stroker

Do you adore the feeling of being deep-throated? With the Doc Johnson Good Head Blow Job Stroker you can enjoy the sensation by yourself, or together with a partner for effortless pleasure without anyone having to choke or cough.

Doc Johnson packagingThe Doc Johnson Good Head Blowjob stroker is perfect for those who love the feeling of fucking a tight throat. It’s designed to feel like getting deep-throated with both the texture and the incredible tightness.

It’s very light and easy to use. It’s made up of soft plastic and ULTRASKYN which is designed to feel like real skin, and also incredibly stretchy meaning it accommodates almost any size.

It is very easy to clean and it’s waterproof. And of course, you can’t beat the price. 

It is however pretty short at 2 inches in length, so it won’t fully engulf your penis the way some other fleshlights do. But it is perfect to use as an oral aid, if you do have a partner that doesn’t want to or can’t deep throat, or simply wants a bit of the load off their shoulders sometimes. By using the Doc Johnson Good Head Blowjob Stroker on the base of the penis and stimulating the tip with mouth and/or hands, an incredibly intense sensation can be created. Use plenty of lube for the best feeling!


  • Great price
  • Excellent both for solo use and for couples
  • Realistic material and texture
  • Fits easily in your palm and can be squeezed for added sensations
  • Very tight


  • A bit small and short

Who is the Doc Johnson Good Head Blow Job Stroker suitable for?

The Doc Johnson Good Head is best for those who love deep throat sex and are looking for a masturbatory aid, as well as using it as a couple. You’ll love the tightness and stimulating texture, but the short length of the toy is a problem for some people.

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Premium: Hummer Plus Ultimate Blow Job Male Masturbator

Top-quality, a heavenly combination of suction and vibrations, plus a textured sleeve for some of the most stimulating sensations of your life. That’s what the Hummer Plus Ultimate Blow Job Male Masturbator has to offer.

hummer plus and remoteJust slather the pleasurably ribbed sleeve with lube and let the fun begin. This is one toy that brings you extremely realistic sensations, perfect if you’re craving some oral action! With the ability to reach a speed of 180 RPMs and 180 suction impulses per minute, it really takes intensity to the next level. Your experience is enhanced even further by the remote control that lets you change mode mid-action without fuss or interference.

The inside sleeve has a depth of 6 inches and is detachable, and can also be used on its own if you want to switch things up. 

While the discreet, sci-fi look can certainly be practical for hiding it in plain sight, the Hummer Plus Ultimate Blow Job Masturbator’s visuals won’t do much for most people sexually. You’ll have to close your eyes to really get into the fantasy.

Overall, the Hummer Plus may be quite the splurge but the price gives you immaculate sensations mimicking what it feels like to get a blowjob from a lover. Only this masturbator is happy to play with you any time of the day, however long and often as you want.


  • High-end toy designed by experts
  • Remote-controlled and hands-free
  • Comes with 8 fully automatic modes
  • Detachable textured sleeve with vibrations


  • Very expensive
  • Not visually stimulating
  • Quite loud on the higher settings

Who is the Hummer Plus Ultimate Blow Job Male Masturbator suitable for?

If you’re a collector of sex machines and want something really high-end, Hummer Plus Ultimate Blow Job Male Masturbator may be the right choice for you. The combination of suction and strokes creates the ultimate blowjob-like experience and the option of random patterns brings you to the kind of mind-blowing orgasms you crave.

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Most Realistic: Magic Eyes La Bocca Della Verita Realistic Blow Job Stroker

If you’re tired of strokers that don’t even look or feel like real mouths, you’ll be happy to know more about this realistic BJ toy. The Magic Eyes La Bocca Della Verita Realistic Blow Job Stroker is everything you’re looking for if you love a realistic stroker.

There are tons of raving reviews on this one, and it’s not hard to see why. Many men praise this toy as the only one they’ve ever come across that actually gives the feeling of a real blowjob.

front view of blowjob strokerThis toy has been carefully designed to be as realistic and pleasurable as possible, and it really has everything to make it feel just like the real thing. It has a tongue, teeth (don’t worry, they’re soft!), even a uvula, and realistic throat ridges.

To make things better, you can warm it up in warm water for an even more realistic experience. It’s completely waterproof, so there’s nothing to worry about there.

While the waterproofness is great for warming the toy up and does make cleaning easier, it still takes a while to clean it. With such a detailed interior, it will take you a few extra minutes to ensure that your toy is completely clean after each use.

In short, it’s the most realistic fleshlight mouth you’ll find, and all things considered, the price is pretty reasonable. When it comes to cleaning, it is high maintenance, but it more than makes up for that by giving you the best experience you can hope to get from a mouth fleshlight toy.


  • Very realistic and lifelike
  • Can be warmed up to the desired temperature
  • The soft, moldable material means you can hold it however tight you want for the perfect amount of pressure


  • Hard to clean

Who is the Magic Eyes La Bocca Della Verita Realistic Blow Job Stroker suitable for?

If you’re looking for a realistic mouth fleshlight, this is it. Complete with anatomically correct details like a tongue, teeth, and even uvula, it doesn’t get more life-like than La Bocca Della Verita. Since it can also be warmed up, this toy has really got it all.

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Best For Sensitive Users: Blowmotion Warming Male Masturbator 

Pulsating, warming, and vibrating… This toy lets you insert and slowly takes you to the edge through deep but gentle stimulation.

One of the best aspects of the Blowmotion Warming Male Masturbator is that the vibration and pulsating patterns can be controlled individually. This really allows you to create the ultimate experience customized to your exact preferences. To top things off, the area you grip is moldable – by squeezing it, you can apply additional pressure to increase intensity whenever you need it. The Blowmotion Masturbator is fully rechargeable and has a battery life of 60 minutes. 

blowmotion masturbator with charging leadThe mouth fleshlight is designed to stimulate the head of your penis, the most sensitive part. The internal length of 3.5 inches stimulates your head while leaving you to choose if you want to stroke the base yourself or if there is already enough intensity in the pulsating and warming sensations on the tip of your member. 

Because it doesn’t engulf the entire penis many users find that the Blowmotion Warming Male Masturbator works the best as foreplay with a partner, or to warm up and then finish up in a fleshlight. Other users, however, report amazing orgasms from using this toy alone.

Keep in mind that this might not be the toy for you if you have roommates that seldom leave the apartment! The motor is powerful, which unsurprisingly results in the toy being pretty noisy. You’ll want to use it only when you know you have some privacy.


  • Vibration and pulsation modes can be controlled individually
  • The squeezable case lets you add pressure
  • The warm feeling creates a realistic sensation


  • Hard to clean
  • Too gentle for some users
  • Noisy

Who is the Blowmotion Warming Male Masturbator suitable for?

The Blowmotion Warming Male Masturbator is best suited for those who are a bit on the sensitive side. This toy brings you wonderful stimulation, but not quite as intensely as many other toys do. If you find that many toys you use are too intense and you’re looking for something that will stimulate you gently and teasingly, you’ve found your match.

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Most Affordable: ThrustPro Mini Ruby

If you’re looking for something that feels absolutely amazing but don’t want to break the bank, keep reading to find out more about this catch.

hand holding thrust pro mini rubyIf you’re looking for a toy well-packed with features, another toy would be a better choice. Ruby is really quite simple but well-designed. Although there’s no high-tech suction or thrusting, the ThrustPro Mini Ruby will make you fall in love with lips wrapping tightly as you enter. The seductive internal structure stimulates every inch you can get inside and stunning visuals help your imagination along.

If you want to add some extra spice to The Mini Ruby, there is a space designed at the base of the toy where you can fit a bullet vibrator. The vibrations travel right through Ruby and add to the intensity as you stroke in and out. When coated in lube, the textured canal does well mimicking the experience of being deep-throated. And since the toy is made of soft plastic, it stays lubricated, so you won’t have to stop to reapply lube in the middle of the fun!

It’s pretty light and easy to store, with an internal length of 4 inches. It stretches to accommodate most sizes and the grip is just tight enough to feel right. Not only is it easy to use, but it’s also easy to clean. You can simply run it under tap water and use some gentle soap to get it completely clean.

On top of everything else, the price is pretty much unbeatable. It’s an excellent affordable toy to add to an existing collection but also a great entry-level toy.


  • Great price
  • You can add a bullet vibrator
  • Visually pleasing
  • Fully waterproof


  • No suction
  • A bit short

Who is the ThrustPro Mini Ruby suitable for?

Anyone looking for a simple yet fun toy to add to their collection or anyone just getting started. The ThrustPro Mini Ruby is excellent as a first-time toy since the price is low, and it’s very easy to use and take care of, but it is also well-suited for those who just want to add another element of fun into their collection or even to try out something new with a partner.

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For Those With Smaller Members: Blowjob Master

Have a hard time finding a toy that’s tight enough for satisfaction? Then this one’s for you.

blowjob master with sleeveThis sci-fi-looking toy is transparent, letting you see the action as the toy strokes you to extreme bliss. You have 6 different modes of thrusting to choose between, ranging from slow and sensual to intensely fast. The soft sleeve features bumps and ridges that bring in a whole other element of stimulation. The sleeve fits snugly around your cock and holds you tight for the full ride. The built-in push button on your machine makes it easy to switch between the modes in the middle of a session.

The Blowjob Master is battery-driven, instead of charging it you’ll have to change batteries every now and then. This masturbator runs on 4 AA-batteries.

Once you’re done with your fun for the day you can easily clean the toy by removing the insert and washing it under the tap. The material can be washed with a gentle soap and warm water. Then simply dry it off with a towel or let it air-dry, and put it back in the case.

Unfortunately, those with bigger members will have to sit this one out; the Blowjob Master just isn’t for you. It’s too small in width, and you’re very unlikely to enjoy the suffocating feeling.

If you’re the right size for it, however, you might just fall in love with this snug blowjob stroker.


  • 6 different stroking modes
  • Fully automatic
  • Easy to clean
  • The transparent case lets you watch the action


  • A bit expensive
  • Too small for a lot of users

Who is the Blowjob Master suitable for?

This particular toy is best suited for those who are smaller. The toy may look quite bulky but the inside is very tight and, while great if you’re on the smaller side, will be uncomfortable or even painful if you are a bit bigger.

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Tips for using a Mouth Fleshlight

It can be hard to know where to start when you finally have the toy in your hands. While it’s up to you to figure out what gets you off best, I do have a few pointers that I’d like to share with you to help you best make use of your new friend.

Warm it up

There are a couple of ways you can warm up a mouth fleshlight. One option is heating it up with a sleeve warmer before using it, and another option would be holding the toy in hot water for a while to warm it up. However, not all toys will be able to survive this kind of treatment, and in that case, you’ll have to do things another way.

When you can’t warm up the toy itself, a great option is to put some lube in a microwave-safe bowl and let it run for a few seconds until it feels warm but not hot. ALWAYS check the temperature with your hand before using it!

Play with your imagination

Your imagination is often what makes or breaks the experience. If you feel totally ridiculous using the toy, you won’t enjoy it very much. Therefore, you must ensure you get complete privacy and accept that there is nothing wrong with using a toy for satisfying yourself. 

As you use it, imagine a scenario, maybe a hot vixen down on her knees doing the job, and feel free to get vocal if you’re alone. Don’t hold in moans and dirty talk just because you feel weird – let yourself get caught up in the moment to really have fun.

Mount it somewhere

Using a mouth fleshlight hands-free is absolutely an experience worth having. You can mount it by buying a compatible mount or by fixing one up yourself. It’s usually best to buy one if there is one available, but don’t get discouraged if there isn’t. 

With the help of some furniture in your house, you should be able to find somewhere it fits. Some tape or rope will attach it properly, allowing you to concentrate on the sensations of the toy and actually giving your wrist and hand a break for once.

Experiment with different types of lubes

BEFORE you try anything new, make sure that your toy is actually compatible with the lube you want to use. The wrong lube can deteriorate the toy, and we don’t want that.

When you know what type of lubes work (typically water-based ones for this type of toy) you’ll find that experimenting with different lubes makes your experiences unique and more fun. Since different lubes create different sensations, you may find that one lube is perfect for one fleshlight and that another lube is better for another fleshlight. Find the right lube for your mouth fleshlight for the very best experience.

Bring it into couple sex

This is definitely not for all couples, so tread carefully. If you have a partner, they may enjoy seeing you use a mouth fleshlight or even enjoy using it on you – but don’t assume they will. Some partners don’t like it at all, while others love it. Communicate first and make sure it’s something your partner would actually be into before bringing out your new plaything.

DIY Mouth Fleshlights

If you don’t want to buy a fleshlight, there are a few ways to DIY it. While they won’t be able to compare to a toy specifically designed for pleasure, there are a few options that’ll do in a pinch.

Most DIY solutions consist of a hard “case”, some kind of soft or squishy filling, and a condom or latex glove. The base could be a lotion bottle which is half full, a Pringles can stuffed with wet sponges or some other container filled with some soft stuffing, and then the condom or glove which will form the sort of “skin” on top of it.

A Pringles can with wet sponges and a latex glove is a popular alternative, and a lotion bottle is also something a lot of people like to use. The upside to something like a bottle is that you can create suction by pressing down on the DIY fleshlight while using it.

DIY Fleshlights to avoid

Not all ideas are good ideas, and this has never been truer than when talking about homemade fleshlights. Here is a list of some fleshlight-substitutes that are a bad idea to try:

  • Vacuum cleaner – Since most households are equipped with a vacuum cleaner, and they do have suction, many have had the idea of using one as a type of fleshlight. A few of those people have ended up at the hospital
  • Raw meat – Using raw meat as a fleshlight is never a good idea. Since raw meat can contain harmful bacteria, it could lead to a very painful and even dangerous infection if you’re unlucky. If you really want to use meat as a fleshlight, try boiled ham
  • Pudding – The smooth, jiggly consistency might tempt you to think this one is a good idea, but it seldom holds up in reality. The pudding will be a mush within seconds and just like that you’ve ruined your pudding without satisfaction of any kind

Never forget to clean your toy

Don’t forget the importance of cleaning your toy after every time you use it. Cleaning it makes sure it stays fresh and that there isn’t any gunk left in it and that bacteria doesn’t build up. How you clean it will depend on the specific toy, so make sure that you read the instructions and check whether the toy is waterproof or not. In general, lukewarm water and a gentle, antibacterial soap or toy cleaner will do the trick best. You can clean the outside with a damp cloth.

Apart from the fact that not cleaning your toy is disgusting, it can also be harmful to you. You could get a urinary tract infection the next time you use it. Although urinary tract infections are less common in men, you’ll want to avoid them at any cost. It’s alleged torture for any gender (take it from my girlfriend) and can even get dangerous if the infection spreads to your kidneys.

Final Thoughts

As the toys (and techniques to use them) show, there’s really no need to live without a sufficient amount of blow jobs in this day and age. New and exciting toys are constantly being developed and available to anyone who’s curious and willing to splurge a bit in the name of sexual pleasure.

Whether you’re looking to invest in something to bring you to total bliss through suction, pulsating, and vibrations, or simply want something to help along with your imagination, there’s a toy for you. Hopefully, you’ve found the one – at least for now. Keep up with the blog, and we’ll let you know when the next new, mind-blowing thing shows up.

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