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Ever dreamt of having him control your sexual pleasure in public without anyone knowing a thing? How about cybersex that actually brings you over the edge? There’s a toy for that; Lovense Lush 3 promises those things and more. 

The Lush 3 is the 2021-edition of the previous best-selling remote-controlled vibrators, Lush and Lush 2. Lovense Lush 3 guarantees that it’s everything we loved about the earlier versions and better.

In this Lovense Lush 3 review, we’re examining how well this newest remote-controlled vibrator really measures up and exactly what it has to offer. We’ll go through functions, specs, and a few ways you can use the vibrator. What are the differences between the older models and this new one? Is Lovense Lush 3 the solution to all your long-distance relationship problems? (Well, probably not, but one can always hope).

 In this review, I answer all the questions you might have about Lovense Lush 3 and tell you about my own experience with it. Let’s cut right to it.

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Quick Verdict: Lovense Lush 3

The Lush 3 is one of those toys that you just fall in love with from first use. It's easy enough for beginners to use but has more than enough to keep experienced sex toy owners coming back for more and more. If you want a quality toy that gets amazing results every time then the Lush 3 is for you.

Lovense Lush 3 Key Features And Specs

Design & Appearance

The first thing you’ll notice about Lovense Lush 3 is that it’s hot pink, and the vibrator itself is sort of egg-shaped with a tail. The feel of it is very soft and smooth, thanks to the silicone coating, which also makes it waterproof.

Lovense Lush 3The vibrating egg is rather big, and the motor offers some potent vibrations, but the size may be a bit much for some people. If you are petite, this toy might unfortunately not be for you.

The tail is fixed – but that doesn’t mean it’s not a comfortable fit. Once you insert the egg, you’ll find that the toy hugs your body and provides you with stimulation on your g-spot, but is still very flexible. The vibrator’s flexibility ensures that it will adjust to your body type and sit comfortably. I have to admit that the tail isn’t the sexiest design, but what are you going to do? It’s worth it for the stable Bluetooth connection.

A discreet storage bag is also included in your purchase, so you can bring it with you without worrying that someone will peek into your purse and see Lush 3 lying there. Additionally, there is a setup guide and a user manual telling you how to charge, connect to Bluetooth and use the app.

Charging & Battery Time

Nobody likes a vibrator dying in the middle of the fun. Therefore, the importance of the battery life is crucial to the performance of a vibrator, which is definitely something Lovense is doing well with Lush 3. The vibrator is rechargeable, and the battery lasts for up to an impressive 5 hours. This vibrator is perfect if you were hoping to use it throughout the day. 

As for how to charge it, this new model is charged with a magnetic charging port for convenient and easy charging. When it’s plugged in, the vibrator will show a dim red light to let you know it’s charging.

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Control & Vibrations

Lush 3 doesn’t come with a remote control, therefore works through either the connected app or by manually switching between vibrations by pressing the buttons on the vibrator.

First, you turn it on by holding the button on the tail for 3 seconds. Once it’s started, you’ll switch between the patterns by tapping the same button. The vibrator comes with 7 preset vibration patterns.

The Connected App

The Bluetooth-connected app is really what makes this toy stand out amongst others. The app is free to download, and you’ll find it on App Store or Google Play by the name of “Lovense Remote.” Connecting through Bluetooth is easy enough; choose to add a new toy, and within a few seconds, the app should be able to automatically detect Lush 3 (assuming it’s turned on).

Once it’s connected, the real fun begins. Real-time control lets you guide it with the tap of a finger. Just move your finger up and around, controlling the vibrations and intensity of the toy at that very moment.

And there is a lot more to discover within the Lovense Remote. You can head over to “My patterns,” where you can create and save as many custom patterns as you like. You do so in the same way you control it in real-time, with your finger, and then save it with a custom name. This pattern can then be opened at any time and will be looped until you choose a new one. You can even play it back faster or slower.

lush 3 packagingThere is even more to explore as you don’t have to create your own patterns but can view thousands of patterns created by other users! Furthermore, you can let it vibe along with your favorite songs or even react to the surrounding sounds and noises.

The long-distance option also enables remote control from any distance. If you want to disconnect, it’s as easy as tapping a button.

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3 Ways Of Using The Lovense Lush 3

Lovense Lush is used mainly for 3 different purposes; public play, long-distance, and solo. Let’s look at how you can do each of these things and the options the toy and app gives you.

1. Discreet Public Play

Lovense Lush 3 could be just the thing to spice up your next date night. One of the key selling points of Lush 3 is that it allows for discreet public play. It’s Bluetooth-connected, quiet, wearable, and has an incredible battery life – everything you need for a successful night out.

Your partner can control the vibrations, patterns, and intensity, simply by tapping away at their phone. To others around you, it may look just as if he’s a bit preoccupied with his phone. You definitely won’t be annoyed that he’s on his phone on your night out. You’ll be enjoying it way too much.

Another favorite feature for sexy outings is letting the toy vibrate along to the surrounding sounds; if you’re at a club, you’re bound to get some intense vibrations. If you’re out at a more quiet restaurant, your lover’s voice will give you pleasure. And the best part is that it’s all your secret, and no one else will know. As long as you’re able to hold in the moans, that is.

To use it for public play, make sure your partner downloads the app and pair it with your toy. Then you can insert it, and both of you are ready to enjoy the sexiest night of your life. Just make sure to stay within 13 meters distance when you’re walking about and within 7 meters when you’re sitting down.

2. Long-distance sex

Distance does make you fonder, and especially when Lovense Lush 3 is involved. Even if your partner can’t physically enter you when there are miles between you, he can still bring you to the big O with a little bit of help from Lush 3. 

Remote control sex toys are great tools for keeping the sexual spark alive in long-distance relationships and helps satisfy you while he’s not able to be there in person.

The app is absolutely designed with long-distance in mind, so it comes with handy features for letting your lover take part in your fun with Lush 3. He can control it remotely in any way you’d be able to; he can switch between different modes, control it in real-time or create custom patterns. And he won’t be missing out on your delicious reactions as the video call feature allows him to see just what he’s doing to you in real-time. 

To use Lush for long-distance sex, you both need to have Lush Remote downloaded on your phones, and you both need an internet connection. Once you’ve paired Lush 3 to your phone through Bluetooth, you can give him permission to take control of it and let the thrill begin.

3. Solo play

There’s no reason why you can’t enjoy Lovense Lush 3 all by yourself. With so many patterns to discover and different ways to use it, it could easily become the most treasured g-spot stimulator you own.

You don’t need to use the app to use it solo, though I’d certainly recommend it. Masturbation becomes a lot more fun with so many options. You can set alarms to wake you up in a fantastic way, vibe along with your favorite music, or create and save new patterns from scratch. You might want to use it together with another vibrator if you need clitoral stimulation to get yourself off. 

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Lovense Lush 2 Vs. Lovense Lush 3

lovense lush 3When creating Lush 3, everything users weren’t entirely satisfied with from the previous model was considered and fixed where possible. These are the improvements made for the third edition of Lush.

Decreased sound level

Lush 3 is slightly quieter than Lush 2. Lovense Lush 2 already had a low sound level of a maximum of 45.5dB, but Lush 3 takes it a step further. Despite the powerful motor, this vibrator is never louder than 43dB. The real question is if you will be able to stay quiet when you’re using this intense egg vibrator.

More stable Bluetooth connection

 With Lush 3, you won’t experience repeated interruptions by a broken Bluetooth connection. The newest version has a redesigned antenna and printed circuit board, allowing for stable Bluetooth connections with distances up to 13 meters when standing up. When sitting down, the range is a maximum of 6-7 meters which is definitely enough to enjoy a special dinner together where your partner commands your pleasure.

Even longer battery life

Lush 2’s battery life certainly wasn’t bad with up to 190 minutes on a single charge. Still, Lush 3 has a significantly longer battery life. With a battery life of up to 290 minutes, that’s 50% more playtime! A battery life of up to 5 hours opens up the doors to teasing and foreplay throughout the whole day or a lot more enjoyable days at work if you’re playing by yourself.

Easier charging

The newest model of Lush has a magnetic charger (Lush 2 had a pin charger), making charging even easier than before. Some users have had experiences accidentally breaking the pin while charging, so Lovense took the matter in stride by changing the charger type to a magnetic one where that can’t happen. 

Using The Lovense App With The Lush 3

You can pair the Lush 3 with a phone, an iPad, a computer, or even an Apple watch. The app is free to use and is called Lovense Remote. On Google Play, it has over a million installs.

The dedicated app features lots of exciting options for using the Lush 3. Some things you can do with the app include:

  • Custom patterns: Lovense Remote lets you create and save as many patterns as you want. Creating patterns is as easy as tapping and swiping.
  • Browse patterns: Besides creating your own patterns, you can also browse and download patterns that other users have created. And of course, you can share your own with the world as well.
  • Real-time control: Allowing you to control the toy’s vibrations in the moment simply through touch. 
  • Music mode: Pick your favorite tune and let Lush 3 vibrate along. You can sync the vibrations with any downloaded songs or other audio files.
  • Sound activated vibrations: You can also let the vibrator activate the surrounding sounds. The app then uses the phone’s microphone to detect surrounding sounds, allowing your environment to provide you with pleasure. This means that if you’re at a club, you’ll feel the vibrations from the sounds around you. Another popular and intimate use is letting your partner’s voice bring you to ecstasy. 
  • Remote control: You can allow your partner to take control of the toy from anywhere in the world. All you need is for both of you to have the app downloaded and are connected to the internet. The remote control allows your partner to adjust your vibrations and use all of the above features.
  • Chat feature: It’s easy to communicate within the app through text messages. You can even activate vibrations for incoming messages. 
  • Built-in video calls: This makes it easy to see each other while you’re playing together. It’s also possible to use a third-party app, but the built-in video call feature lets you see both your lover and the vibrations on-screen simultaneously.
  • Alarm: Yep, you can even use the Lovense Remote app to set alarms. Finally, no more dreadful alarm sounds! This alarm feature is sure to give you a great start to the day.

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Teledildonic Use
Teledildonics is what we call the tools we have for virtual sex. Teledildonic sex toys can add so much to a long-distance relationship. By letting your partner control the toy from a distance, you’re opening up the door to a new, powerful sexual connection where distance isn’t as big of a hindrance anymore. As you’ve seen from the list of functions above, Lush 3 is a helpful toy to play with if you’re exploring teledildonics.

Maintaining & Cleaning The Lovense Lush 3

“So,” you’re asking, “How much dreadful maintenance goes into this delicious toy?” Luckily, not too much. You’ll be able to focus most of your time and energy on enjoying it, and there’s just a few simple things to keep in mind in between the usages.

One of those things is cleaning the toy, of course. Cleaning is never a fun task, and cleaning your sex toys isn’t exactly something you’ll look forward to after every use. It’s still important, though.

The importance of cleaning the Lush 3 lies in the fact that you’re likely to get an infection if you don’t. It’s essential to clean all sex toys, but it’s even more crucial with insertable toys. Your vagina is sensitive to bacteria, and urinary tract infections are very uncomfortable, so just don’t risk it. Clean it after every use, and if you haven’t used it in a while, you may also have to give it a quick rinse.

Lush 3 is really easy to clean since it’s waterproof, so you don’t have to worry about damaging it. It’s recommended that you use antibacterial, unscented soap or a toy cleaning spray to ensure the toy gets completely clean. Use warm water, and make sure that you rinse off any soap residue from the toy before you dry it and put it back in its storage bag. Store it somewhere dry and away from direct sunlight.

Besides cleaning, you also need to charge your toy. Since it has a really long battery life, you won’t have to charge it after every use. That said, you don’t want it to shut off just as you were about to get there, so if you know you’ll be using it for a while, it’s better to be safe than sorry. To charge it, just plug in the magnetic USB cable. If you see a dim red light, it’s charging. Charging it fully takes around 85 minutes.

One thing to be mindful about when using this sex toy is that the lube you’re using should be water-based. You ONLY want to be using water-based lubricants for this toy. Using silicone-based or oil-based lube could break down the silicone coating over time, ruining your precious Lush 3. 

Our Experience With The Lush 3

lush 3 app imageMy first impression during unboxing was good. The charger came in a little box within the box (a bit unnecessary if you ask me, but it made things look very neat as you open up the box). The vibrating egg is soft to the touch and very bright pink. Since it’s stated that it has a fixed tail, I somehow expected the tail to be more rigid, but it’s really flexible. While it goes back to its fixed position by default, it doesn’t feel stiff.

My boyfriend and I were very excited to try out Lush 3 when going out together. We have kind of neglected romantic outings lately – our go-to dates have been taco night or pizza & cuddles. A spicy night out was a welcome idea. We decided to go to a restaurant for our first Lush 3 experience.

The night before, we got the technical stuff out of the way by pairing the Lush 3 with my boyfriend’s phone. The process was pretty easy, mainly because the vibrator comes with these cute little instruction booklets that tell you exactly what to do.

Before we went out, I prepped by getting myself ready and lubing up the Lush 3. We connected the app and the vibrator before I inserted it, so we were ready to start playing once we went out. The egg is pretty big, but at the same time, the shape is really comfortable and the tail flexible, so it definitely wasn’t painful for me to insert it. It did make my walking a bit stiffer than usual, though.

As we sat down at the table, my partner turned on some low vibrations. It wasn’t loud at all, but we both were convinced the waiter would catch on. He didn’t seem to notice anything, though, except he might have thought we were a bit drunk since we were giggling so much.

That night was the most fun we have had for a while. It wasn’t the most sophisticated experience, but we both laughed a lot, and it also turned us on. Once we got home, we were both more than ready to throw out the Lush 3 (thank you for your service!) and get our hands on each other.

After our incredible night out with Lush 3, we both had really high expectations for trying out the toy long distance. While it did everything it was supposed to do; connected to the app, the video chat feature worked fine, control in real-time… It wasn’t as exciting as using it for public play. But then again, my boyfriend and I are mostly able to be together, so we can take the physical contact for granted. If you’re in a long-distance relationship and cannot see your partner often, I definitely see how Lovense Lush 3 long-distance control could be a great addition to your sex life.

Finally, for the sake of the review, I dutifully used it by myself too. Like most women, I prefer clitoral stimulation when masturbating, and I ended up using it in combination with another vibrator. The combined stimulation was delightful and a bit different from my usual solo sessions. I wouldn’t recommend you to buy Lush 3 if your primary goal is masturbation, but it can certainly do in a pinch and also lets you switch things up if you’re tired of your old vibrators.

As far as g-spot vibrators go, Lush 3 is already on top of my list. It’s of high quality, it’s perfect for both couples who live together and those who are far away, and the battery life is superb. There’s just so much that you can do with it and nothing you can’t.

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Final Verdict

A long battery life, easy cleaning, versatile use, unlimited patterns, and powerful vibrations. This vibrator is going to have to get a “Hell yes!” from me. There are very few toys on the market that are as carefully designed and as high quality as the Lush 3 from Lovense.

Lush and Lush 2 were already excellent options. Lovense Lush 3 builds upon these best-selling toys, implements user feedback, and becomes an even better vibrator than the previous two variants. It’s even quieter, even more powerful, and with an even better antenna for an effortless wireless connection. This is what I mean when I say humanity is moving forward!

I personally think that everyone should own a remote-controlled vibrator. There is really no end to the fun, excitement, and new experiences using one can give you. From sexy outings to long-distance sex that actually feels really good, it’s definitely worth the investment. Lovense Lush 3 just so happens to be one of the absolute best options on the market.

The only thing I can point out that isn’t a daydream about the toy would be the price tag, but the price is only reasonable for the high-quality toy you get.

A stable Bluetooth connection and intense vibrations are two critical requirements when buying this type of toy, and Lush 3 gives you both of these things plus way more. The incredible battery life opens up many possibilities for you to wear and use it throughout the day. Who says a day at the office has to be boring?

If you’re on the lookout for a great sex toy, I can vouch for Lovense Lush 3.

9Expert Score
Verdict: Lovense Lush 3

The Lush 3 is one of those toys that you just fall in love with from first use. It's easy enough for beginners to use but has more than enough to keep experienced sex toy owners coming back for more and more. If you want a quality toy that gets amazing results every time then the Lush 3 is for you.

Ease of use
Pleasure rating
Value for money
  • Great for individuals and couples
  • Long distance connectivity
  • Premium quality
  • Easy to use
  • At the high end cost wise

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