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Sex toys have been around for thousands of years. However, male sex toys don’t go back quite as far. So, now that we’re making some headway in terms of male sex toy tech, it’s pretty exciting to say the least.

Today, we’re going to be looking at one of the most high-tech male sex toys of the past decade: the Lelo F1S V2. Lelo is well-known for churning out some of the most well-known high-tech sex toys in the industry. In the past few years, they have been a lot more invested in their male or penis-having market, and their toys have reflected that. But the Lelo F1S V2 is unique because it’s Lelo’s first foray into full blown (excuse the pun) male sex tech.

Today, our job is to tell you how this foray went and so we bring you our full Lelo F1S review. We’ll let you know how this mens toy looks, feels, runs, and any deficiencies it might have. To do this, from the moment the package arrived, we’ve been dutifully testing the device – no need to thank us. Just doing our job to make sure you get the information you need.

Let’s get into it the Lelo F1S review.

Lelo F1S Design

FS1 toyThe guys at Lelo were comprehensive when manufacturing the F1S. In fact, before the model that I’m reviewing today, the Lelo F1S was manufactured and put on the market, there were two other models before it: the Lelo F1S Prototype and the Lelo F1S Developer’s Kit. Both are still available today, but today’s star and the newest and most improved version is the Lelo F1S V2.

Our first impression of the toy was: “Well, it’s pretty futuristic-looking, I’ll give them that.”

It looked like a speaker from a few feet away, and I’ll have to give Lelo props for being more innovative with discretionary tactics than most sex toy manufacturers – you could probably leave this on a shelf with your other gadgets and no-one is going to bat an eyelid.

Apart from that, this toy just looks nice. Expensive, nice. Don’t-touch nice. Can-leave-on-your-bedside-table nice. It even comes with expensive-looking gloves and expensive-looking equipment for your next hands-on session.

But even when you pick it up, it still maintains its expensive-item-aura. It feels smooth to the touch. The outside is made of black aluminum alloy, and the rest is made of ABS, and the inside (where you insert your penis) is made of red, extra-soft silicone, which is meant to simulate the soft insides of a partner. That is when you add lots of water-based lube.

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There’s a little window at the side where you’re supposed to be able to see your penis. At least, we think that was the original intention, which is reminiscent of some of the more transparent Fleshlight models.

Seeing your dick work can be super hot under the right circumstances, but it seems like the boys at Lelo missed the goal here. You can only see what your dick is doing to the red silicone, which, while vaguely pleasing, can’t replace the awesome vibe of seeing how your penis works.

The Lelo F1S is moderately sized at a length of 5.6 inches and a width of 2.8 inches. However, you can only insert your penis around three-quarters of the way in, which is around 4.3 inches. The average penis size is about five inches, so while this length might leave some guys feeling left out, it should be enough to stimulate the most sensitive parts of the penis, which are the head and frenulum.

However, Lelo is much more accommodating when it comes to girth, and the F1S can fit in a penis that’s almost six inches wide. Fun fact: that’s almost as wide as a $1 bill.

Controls are pretty accessible, very intuitive to use and are located at the top of the device. It’s a simple three-button setup. One power button, one “increase level/intensity” button, and one “decrease level/intensity” button. There’s also the covered charging port below the buttons. The flap is a little difficult to open, but that’s what makes it 100% waterproof, so it seems like a worthy exchange.

Let’s Talk Power

The Lelo F1S is pretty lightweight, but it packs a ton of power. Lelo has always been about adding more power, more vibes, and more orgasms to all of their toys, and they’ve done it here, recreating the tech that made one of their products, the Lelo Sona, a bestseller, thanks to its Sonic Wave Technology.

lelo F1s imageThe trademarked name of the sonar technology used within the Lelo F1S is SenSonic Technology. Another trademarked term for Lelo tech is Cruise Control Technology. It’s also another form of tech shared by both the Sona and the F1S. Here’s a quick run-down on both.

SenSonic Technology uses sonar waves to increase sensation by way of Sonic vibrations. That is, instead of a regular vibe where you’re only going to feel it through the area that’s touching the vibe, SenSonic Technology makes it so that you can have sonic vibrations that travel all through your penis. This is probably why full coverage of the entire penis length was deemed unnecessary.

Cruise Control Technology gives you total control of every part of this powerful machine. The Lelo F1S V2 has two motors, four modes, and seven patterns for each of these modes. It also has ten sensors that allow this toy to sense changes in your behavior, such as your holding it more tightly because that’s just the way you like it. Because of Cruise Control Technology, these points are noted, and the toy will automatically crank it up to pleasure you even better.

Plus, this is done without your input, but you can speedily adjust it back down if you wanted to. However, because of the intensity of the sonar vibrations, many people have complained that this toy is too powerful, and we haven’t yet heard of anyone who can make it to the sixth level – perhaps you are up for the challenge!

The developers of the Lelo F1S went even further to place total control in the hands of their customers. We’ll explain exactly what this means for you in a little bit.

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Lelo F1S Charging and Runtime

Even though the Lelo F1S looks futuristic, it charges like most of your other electronic devices: through a USB cable. The only difference is that this toy uses a DC plug compared to a standard USB meant for phones and tablets.

As we said before, this toy has a closed charging point, which makes it impossible for water to get in if you don’t leave it submerged for long periods. So for a regular shower or bath, it’s okay. But it’s not advisable to take this toy for long soaks in the hot tub.

The Lelo F1S V2 takes around two hours to get a full charge, but if your socket doesn’t reach at least 5.0V 700mA, it can take longer. The Lelo F1S V2 has LED lights to indicate various information such as vibration level and whether the toy is charging and is finished charging.

With a full charge, your F1S can last for two hours of play. However, since most people probably won’t make it to the end of that charge in one go, the Lelo F1S V2 can stand by for up to 90 days without losing its charge.

However, there’s no way to know how much power is left after each session. Therefore, to avoid an abrupt end to my orgasm (which is of course psychologically painful and frustrating, I do not recommend it) due to the F1S running out of juice, it’s best to charge it fully after every use.

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Noise Level

While the Lelo F1S can be disguised as a variety of things, the whole game changes when you switch it on, you can hear the difference.

f1s imageSince Lelo uses sonic technology, you’d think that the Lelo F1S V2 would be pretty silent, yeah?

Well, it’s not.

In our honest opinion, it sounds like a car revving. It’s not as loud as that, but the sounds are similar. We’re not sure whether that’s a by-product of the use of Sonic technology or if that’s just the way it is. We’re not even sure if the guys at Lelo didn’t make it sound like that intentionally to make it fit within the toy’s hi-tech image.

However, because this toy has two motors, the noise can get pretty loud. Not so loud that the neighbors can hear it, but loud enough for everyone in your home to wonder if the neighbor is having some car work done. This makes the Lelo F1S V2 incompatible with shared spaces. That is, if you use this toy in your dorm room or when your roommate is home, you won’t be fooling anyone.

You can block the sound out with a louder one, though. Music, for example. And if you live near a busy area along the street, the sounds of traffic might be enough for you to mask it if you wanted to.

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The Developer’s Kit

Before the Lelo F1S V2 came out, there were already two versions of the Lelo F1S out. One of them was the Lelo F1S Red Developer Kit. So some of the features of that toy were integrated into the F1S V2.

The Developer’s Kit is a new feature from Lelo. Since the F1S can be operated from an app, you can create your sex apps and alter the program by yourself. In addition, the code is open-source, which means you can change already existing programs, create new ones, make entirely new patterns and variations that can be shared with the rest of the Lelo community.

The potential of this toy for programmers is vast. You can make stamina training programs, remake some of your favorite patterns from other toys, and so much more. We realize the huge attraction this feature can have for people who can understand how apps are made.

The only thing you need to start designing your pleasure program is the app, which will be received with your package. After that, you’ll only need your computer and your tester, your penis.

What’s In The Box?

The Lelo F1S is a little light. That was our first thought when we received the package. So when we opened the box and found only four items, it wasn’t surprising. Included in the box was:

The Lelo F1S V2 – The machine itself was laid in cardboard, and the black and blue of the toy itself were a stark contrast to its packaging. The machine itself weighs almost 300 grams, so without it, the whole package became light.

USB Charging Cord – The USB Charging Cable with the Lelo F1S V2 is the only plug used to charge it. If you use any other DC plug, you might not last as long or charge as fast.

Warranty Registration Card – Your Warranty Registration Card is Lelo’s way of identifying you and your toy if it needs fixing one day. Of course, “ one day” must be within a year after purchasing the Lelo F1S V2.

Detailed Instruction Manual – You need this. Don’t think you don’t. You do. The Instruction Manual has the F1S’ specs, methods of use, instructions for cleaning, and so much more. You’ll need this book to learn how to take care of the Lelo F1S V2 so that you can use it for as long as possible.

The Lelo F1S doesn’t include any lube or the Lelo cleaning solution, which is the recommended cleaning solution for the F1S. This is a bit disappointing for a machine that’s so expensive, especially since these tools are included in the Lelo F1S Red Developer’s Kit, however they are widely available and relatively inexpensive.

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How To Use The Lelo F1s V2

The Lelo F1S V2 is one of those toys that you can use remotely or manually. Since this is Lelo’s first male sex tech toy, they did create an app for it: the F1S app. It’s available on Android and iOS, but it’s not on any app stores. You’ll get a download link when you purchase your toy. If you don’t want to use the app, you can just do it manually. Here’s how.

How To Use The Lelo F1s V2 Manually

This is the easiest way to use the Lelo F1S and the one we use when looking for a quick and easy cum.

using F1SStart by pressing the power button for one second to wake up the Lelo F1S V2. You’re pressing it for just a second to switch it on but NOT activate Bluetooth mode. You’ll know it’s done when all the LED lights blink, displaying the battery level for a few seconds. Then they’ll steady showing the current vibration level.

Now comes the fun part. Grab your bottle of water-based lube, squeeze some out, and apply it to your penis as liberally as you can. If this is your first time trying out this toy, slather on as much lube as possible, especially if you’re thicker around the shaft. Squirt some lube into the sleeve of the F1S, too (that’s the part where your penis goes).

Then, you can slowly start to insert your penis into the toy. When we say slowly, we mean slowly. Fill up the toy steadily and make sure that you do it at an angle you’re comfortable with. Bumping or scraping yourself into the side of the toy because of an unnecessarily speedy entry is a pain that can be easily avoided.

Plus, you need to know precisely how far you can go with this toy. If you shove it in all at once, there’s a chance that you might get…stuck.

Once you’re inside and comfortable, focus on the + and – buttons at the top of the toy. Press + to increase strength and decrease it until you hit just the right level of sonic vibrations to get you off.

After deciding on the strength level, you can now thrust or relax into the vibes, whichever works for you. When you’re done, hold the power button for three seconds to turn it off.

How To Use The Lelo F1s With The App

After two tries on the other F1S models, Lelo finally uncomplicated their method of connecting the app to the toy. So now, all you have to do is download the F1S app onto your device. Once that’s done, hold down the power button for three seconds, and you’ll turn it on in Bluetooth mode. All the LED lights will blink simultaneously to show that the Bluetooth is on.

Switch on your device’s Bluetooth connection and open the F1S app. Once the app is open, your job is to wait for your Lelo F1S and the app to connect automatically. If an automatic connection is established, all the LED lights will stop blinking and stay steady, and you can start controlling the device through the app’s interface.

If the connection is unsuccessful, your F1S V2 will automatically shut down after 30 seconds to avoid wasting battery.

The app gives you control over almost every part of the toy, including the vibrations emitted from each motor. It also tells you a lot of things through its ever-changing stats. Things like:

  • The speed of the motors
  • The temperature of the device
  • The pressure your dick is putting against the sensors
  • How much of the primary motor’s capacity you’re using
  • The percentage of your vibration level
  • A counter to count the number of your thrusts and more

Before we move on, we’d like to state that this guide does not, in any way, shape, or form, replace the Lelo F1S V2’s Instruction Manual. We’ve just given a quick rundown here, and you should read the manual for all the details.

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My Experience With The Lelo F1s V2

We loved the look of this toy, so we were excited to try it out. And we continued to try it until we were sure of what we liked and disliked about this toy. So this could count as our pros and cons part of this Lelo F1S review.

What We Liked

The Vibrations – Remember that SenSonic Technology we were talking about earlier? Yeah, it works. It works well. We didn’t receive equal sensations on all sides of the penis, but it did feel like vibrations went all the way around. There were deep, rumbly vibrations up, down, around, everywhere. Quite unlike anything we’ve felt before, and it nearly wrung us dry.

The Sleeve’s Texture – The sleeve’s texture is bumpy and ridged on the inside, which is way better than we think it would’ve felt if it were smooth. Plus, the vibrations also create another sensation when you include the bumps.

Decent Battery – We liked that it didn’t take all that long to reach a full charge. It can also retain its battery for up to 90 days. However, we were stumped on making sure that the Lelo F1S V2 could stay on for two hours, so we just documented the amount of time we used it for each round and calculated it. The total time came up to two hours and four minutes, give or take a few seconds. So, we give it a pass.

Luxurious Feel – The material still screams quality even after being used a few dozen times.

Programmability – We’re not sure if this is a real word, but the fact that developers can program their preferences into the F1S app and use the SDK to create their versions seems remarkable to us, even though we’re clueless on how that’ll work.

Waterproof – Enough said.

What We Didn’t Like

The Noise – It’s loud. You need at least equally loud music to drown it out a little bit, and as loud music isn’t our thing, we were upset about this.

Length Was Too Short – Some of us are movers; we like moving, or more specifically thrusting during sex, and the fact that there wasn’t that much room to do that here really put a damper on things, although we did eventually come. However, ordinarily, we think the vibrations alone are strong enough to put us over the edge if our hips could just stay still.

Our Verdict

The things we liked about the Lelo F1S vastly outnumbered the things we dislike. However, we can see the effort that Lelo has put in, and it makes sense that the F1S V2 is the product of the accumulated knowledge from both the F1S Prototype and the F1S Developers Kit Red.

While there are still some problems related to the noise and the overall size, we think that the vibrations and the orgasms are more than enough reasons to invest in a speaker or some earplugs – and ultimately, it is a great toy to use for guys who are looking for some pleasure in their lives.

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