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Meet the team who live mostly behind the scenes here at Vibratorist. All of the team can be reached via email at support@vibratorist.com.

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Sammy Taylor – Editor In Chief

Sammy not only writes for Vibratorist but also takes on the lead for all editorial. Nothing makes it to screen without Sammy’s say so.

Sammy has an MS in Psychology and is currently training to become a full time sex therapist. 

When not training, writing or editing content for the website Sammy is a keen Jiu Jitsu enthusiast and regularly competes in local competitions.

Sammy is happily married and feels she has a very healthy relationship with her husband of 7 years and with herself when it comes to sexual satisfaction.

She openly admits that she used to find the world of sex toys an unexplored oasis but over the last 9 years has made it her mission to become fully au-fait with this pleasure filled world.

Jonny Keller – Writer

Johnny is the only male writer at Vibratorist and is incredibly proud of that fact. As the only male on the team he brings a fresh perspective and an important male oriented view to our work.

Jonny has worked for some of the biggest e-commerce sex toy online retailers and is well respected within the industry.

We sure do feel lucky to have him.

When not writing about vibrators or sexual health, Jonny can be found walking his two Golden Retrievers or eating out in the local steakhouse.

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Marie Walker – Writer

Marie is a keen advocate of talking about sex and ensuring women have a sound understanding of sexual health and their own bodies. 

She is one of the main writers here at Vibratorist and she often writes our product reviews, buyers guides as well as bringing her research to our informative guides too.

She loves to party and can be found dancing the night away in local clubs where she sometimes throws down some of her dance moves that come from her other main passion in life – salsa dancing.


Emma Miles – Writer

Emma Miles writes on an eclectic range of subjects, she has a handful of clear favourites though, including travel, relationships, food, and sex.

Keen to de-stigmatise sex toys and eager to promote the many ways you can have naughty fun in bed (or anywhere else for that matter), Emma takes pride in crafting insightful and entertaining reviews and guides for Vibratorist.

When she’s not tip tapping on the laptop, she enjoys long hikes and motorbikes, going out to dine and drinking lots of lovely wine.

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