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There are already many toys out there, but here Lovense is again, creating something the market hasn’t seen before – and this time, it’s an adjustable, teledildonic prostate massager. This sex toy is carefully designed with direct p-spot stimulation in mind. The design is unique, and what makes it really stand out is the fact that it’s both adjustable and connects to an app.

If you enjoy butt play and are looking for great sex toys for men, the Edge 2 by Lovense is definitely worth looking into. This type of prostate massager is meant to be used inside of you, with two pleasurable bulbs to be inserted and an attached arm for stability when you use it. It claims to be adjustable and versatile, and with the app, it even works over long distances if you want or need it to.

It all sounds great, doesn’t it? Now that you have the gist of what the product is designed to do, you’ll want to know the details and see how it actually measures up in action. That is exactly what this article will be covering. Today we’ll be taking a look at all of the Lovense Edge’s features and specs, and I’ll be telling you about my personal experience trying it out. Let’s go and get in to the meat and bones of our Lovense Edge 2 review.

The Principle Behind The Lovense Edge 2

lovense edge boxedThe concept of the Lovense Edge 2 is that it is an adjustable, hands-free teledildonic prostate massager designed to hit the spot for all men. This new sex toy is the successor of the previous version, the first Lovense Edge, with a few improved aspects that make it even better than the first edition.

Two important selling points really contribute to the overall unique experience you get with Edge 2 by Lovense: the app connectivity and the adjustable arm. Both of these features let you decide exactly how you can receive the stimulation in different ways.

The app connectivity allows you to control the vibrations through Bluetooth. An unlimited number of patterns can give you a unique experience with intense vibrations exactly how you want them. It’s easy to switch between patterns, change the speed of any pattern you like and even generate new patterns through sound or the interface on your phone.

The adjustable arm means that the toy can hit the exact right spot for almost any man. It’s easy to adjust, and once you have, it stays put, allowing pressure and vibrations on your p-spot. If you’ve tried a few toys and found they don’t quite work for you, Lovense Edge may be what you need to actually reach orgasm.

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Specs and How It Works

Let’s now take a look at some of the key specs behind the Lovense Edge 2.

Design & Appearance

edge 2 close upEdge 2 comes in solid black and has a bit different shape from many other anal toys. It is two-pronged, designed to both penetrate and stimulate the prostate while at the same time also stimulating the perineum. The penetrating arm is adjustable for your comfort and pleasure.

This adjustable arm is one of the things that make this toy in particular so appealing. Everybody’s bodies are unique, and the fact that the Edge 2 is adjustable means that it fits most men. It actually stays put and hits the sweet spot during use.

The dual vibrators (one for the prostate, one for the perineum), are driven by a single powerful motor that can deliver some seriously intense vibrations. Yet, despite the intensity, it’s designed to be whisper-quiet and ready to be used at any moment.

The magnetic charger port as well as the PCB-board (for Bluetooth connection) are both located at the base of the toy together with the start button.

It’s coated in medical-grade silicone, making it soft, comfortable against the skin and waterproof.

Patterns & Intensity

As mentioned, Edge by Lovense has two powerful vibrators, stimulating both your perineum externally and your p-spot internally as you use it. For men who want to reach new levels of orgasm, dual stimulation is critical. If you haven’t previously experienced dual stimulation (which you likely haven’t, given the lack of dual stimulator toys out there), this is a new experience you’ll love trying out.

You can switch between patterns for these two vibrators separately. Additionally, you can create your own custom patterns through the app. The combination of these things gives you a pretty much endless amount of variation. It makes the toy very personable, so you can enjoy things just as you like them.

If the experience sounds a bit too intense for you, don’t worry – you can tone things down if you want, too. If you want to experience more subtle vibrations, it’s easy to lower the intensity for each of the vibrators.

Regardless of the vibrations you’re using, you’ll find that Edge isn’t all that noisy. Sure, it does create a bit of a rumbling sound, but not enough to draw unwanted attention if you are behind closed doors. When it’s inserted, that also dampens the noise of the prostate massager. But, of course, the external vibrator is never inserted, so you may have to turn down the intensity of this vibrator if you’re somewhere you could be heard and don’t want to be.

Battery & Charging

As is to be expected from a high-tech sex toy from Lovense, Edge 2 is indeed rechargeable. When Lovense Edge is fully charged, it allows you to play for up to 2 hours before it needs to be charged again. You’ll know when it’s time to charge as it signals a low battery through the LED indicator.

This new, updated Edge has a magnetic charger port, which means a few good things. For one, charging is easier, and you don’t have to worry about breaking the charger’s pin. The second advantage of the magnetic charger port is that it makes the toy 100% waterproof, allowing for fun play in the water and easy cleaning of the toy without being concerned you might damage it.

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Using The Lovense Edge 2

My First Impression

Once I’d ordered my Edge 2 online, it didn’t take long until I found the much anticipated brown box on my doorstep, and I knew my little friend had arrived. Eager to try it out, I brought it inside and ripped open the package.

The toy comes with a few things; a charging cable, a user manual, a quick setup guide, and a storage bag. Pretty much all you need, and nothing more.

The toy is solid black and looks well made; it felt soft but durable as I picked it up. When you hold the toy in your hand, you can feel that it is high quality and will likely last you a while.

My Experience Using The Edge 2

edge by lovenseFor my first time using this toy, I decided to try it on my own to get the most relaxed experience. I had already installed the app and connected the toy (which was effortlessly accomplished by following the guide) earlier to make my experience focus on pleasure rather than the technical details. Although this is pretty easy I’d definitely recommend setting things up in advance otherwise it could be a bit of a buzzkill.

The first thing I did was to lube up and prepare to insert the toy. It helps to play around with yourself a bit, get yourself turned on, and insert a lubed-up finger to start off.

Once I felt ready, I lubed up the toy as well and started inserting it. I can’t stress the importance of using a rich amount of lube, as the water-based lube (which is best to use for silicone toys) may dry out pretty quickly. I kept the lube by my side so I could reapply at any time, but as there isn’t a lot of thrusting action, the lube I already applied was enough for my session.

lovense edge 2 sizesEdge 2 felt a bit big to insert, which was initially slightly uncomfortable, but only made the experience more intense. I imagine that if you’re a smaller person, though, it may become painful, and the toy may be too big to enjoy the experience.

Beyond that, I was happily surprised to discover that it really is able to hit just right. I just had to adjust it once, and after that, it stayed in place, applying pressure directly on my p-spot. No other toy has really been able to do that for me.

Since the Lovense app has plenty of options for patterns, it took me a while to decide which to opt for – but this is a good problem to have believe me. Finally, I ended up mainly playing with the base patterns, but I am sure to discover more the next time I use Edge 2. The vibrations on both my p-spot and my perineum made it very pleasant to use. I played around for around half an hour, and while I certainly enjoyed myself, I didn’t reach orgasm. I have never before had a p-spot orgasm, so that didn’t come as a surprise, but I think if I really want to try getting one, then Lovense Edge is a great tool to be equipped with. With all the customizable patterns and combinations, there is a bit of a learning curve to figure out what feels the best for you, and I am all in on that journey.

Something to keep in mind is that you’ll lose most of the features if you don’t have an internet connection. However, since most people have internet data or WiFi almost anywhere they go, that isn’t really a problem. It’s just good to know.

Differences Between The Lovense Edge and Edge 2

The first Edge by Lovense was released in 2017, and it became a hit among users. But, in a typical Lovense fashion, the sex toy company decided to gather all the feedback they could get from their customers and create an improved version. So, in 2020 they could proudly present the Lovense Edge 2.

The two versions look pretty similar, but a few small but important tweaks really affect the toy’s performance. One of those things is a new arm design for even more targeted and intense p-spot stimulation. Another thing is a larger bulb on the neck to create more stability during use.

Some other things that make the Edge 2 better are the extended battery life and the magnetic charging port. The Bluetooth connection has also been improved through an updated PCB board and the changed location of the antenna.

A final minor difference between the two is that the Edge 2 comes with a storage bag. It’s not a big change, but it’s just one of those small things that make the new model better. You’ll know where to put it to keep things inconspicuous and make sure the toy remains clean and lint-free.

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Lovense Edge Connectivity

One very useful feature of the Lovense Edge is its hands-free controls. While you can switch between the pre-existing patterns with the buttons, it is designed to connect wirelessly to your phone and let you control it through the free app, Lovense Remote.

Edge 2 has an improved, more stable Bluetooth connection than the first Edge. In my experience, it didn’t disconnect at any point. It responds in real-time, letting you choose precisely what you want or allowing someone else to control it for you.

The Bluetooth connection allows you to connect the toy to your phone within a distance of 20 feet standing or 5 to 20 feet sitting down. With your phone within range and an internet connection, the controls can be handed over to anyone in any part of the world. These features mean that the Lovense Edge 2 is excellent for solo play, foreplay with a partner, and long-distance sex. The app lets you connect more than one toy, which means that if you’re playing with a partner, you can hand over the controls to each other.

The connectivity to the app means more than convenient controls, hands-free use, and long-distance sex – it also means a world of new patterns. If you haven’t previously used Lovense Connect with a toy, you’re in for a treat. Lovense Connect gives you the ability to create, share and explore an unlimited range of patterns.

One of the features includes tapping and dragging to create your custom pattern or control the toy’s vibrations in real-time. Another feature lets you sync the vibrations to a soundtrack like a partner’s voice or your favorite song. You can then save, name, and share these patterns with other users if you wish to.

Tips For Using The Lovense Edge 2

Getting yourself ready

No one wants a mess when indulging in anal play. The first step to getting ready for anal play can be a shower where you clean the area. You can use unscented soap around the area – just don’t try to wash with any soap or body wash inside your anus. Warm water is enough.

It’s always good to make use of foreplay to get yourself relaxed and ready. Just because you’re inserting a toy and not a penis, that doesn’t mean you should skimp on foreplay. If you feel ready to insert the toy directly, you can certainly do that, but getting yourself turned on before you insert the toy doesn’t hurt. Whether you’re enjoying the toy alone or with a partner, using a finger is often the perfect way to prepare. Use a finger to circle around your anus and gently insert it and start rubbing it in and out when you’re relaxed.

Don’t forget to use plenty of lube

Using lube is extremely important when you engage in anal play since the ass doesn’t lubricate itself. Therefore, you should use a rich amount of lube when using the Lovense Edge 2 and apply it both to your asshole and to the toy before insertion. Don’t be afraid to play around with your finger as you’re applying the lube to yourself. Lubing up can be the perfect preparation step that gets you turned on before the real action begins.

Silicone-based lubes can make your toy deteriorate over time, which is why it’s best to stick to water-based lube when using a toy like this one. Use a rich amount from the get-go, and don’t forget to reapply whenever necessary.

Always clean it before and after every use

Just as important as the step before, cleaning the toy is very important for proper hygiene. When it comes to the Edge 2, cleaning is straightforward, thanks to the waterproof silicone-coating and magnetic charger port. When you’re cleaning the toy after use, all you need to do is wash it with warm water and some kind of non-scented soap or toy cleaner, rinse it off until no traces of soap residue are left, and then dry it off. It is entirely waterproof, so you can submerge it without worries.

If you haven’t used your toy in a while, you should give it a quick rinse before use, too.

Prepare everything before you get started

With technical toys come technical difficulties. If you want to avoid being cock blocked by a technical issue, it’s always best to ensure everything’s in place before you start playing. Connect your toy to your phone, try out a couple of features you’ll want to use, and connect to your partner (if you’ll want to do that later!) before you start playing for real. Making sure the toy is adequately charged can also save you from some disappointment later along the road.


Lovense seldom disappoint their customers, and their Edge 2 takes butt play for men to new levels. With the adjustable handle, it can please any man, and the connectivity to the app provides endless variation in patterns and ways to play with a partner or alone.

My own experience with Edge 2 was overwhelmingly positive. Many anal toys are a bit hard to use, as it takes a certain amount of angling and hassling to get them to hit the spot, but this G-spot massager is built differently. It’s hands-free, too, which means you can just simply enjoy the sensations or concentrate on a partner while you play. It’s a dream for both your solo session and playtime with your partner.

I don’t have any real complaints – it may be a bit expensive, but it is the quality you’re paying for. Lovense Edge provides you an experience worth the price and will last you a long time. The other thing to keep in mind is that it is a bit big, so if you’re a very small person or can’t handle a decent size, then there may be a better option for you. For those looking to upgrade the intensity of their butt play sessions, it’s an excellent choice.

Since prostate massagers for men don’t exist in as many shapes and forms as vibrators for women, Lovense really managed to develop something the market needed when coming up with Lovense Edge. I, and any other man longing for intense and precise p-spot stimulation, certainly appreciate it!

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