Dildos That Cum

When you need sexual fun, but there’s no erect penis to hand, what do you do? You read a steamy novel or watch a sex-fuelled movie, or you could reach for your trusty dildo, the perfect substitute!

However, we’ve found something even better. Dildos that cum not only simulate penetration, but also ejaculate, heightening your experience.

The average dildo provides the bump and grind, but dildos that cum go that extra mile by providing you with creamy cum (albeit fake!).

Great for satisfying penetration or an impromptu facial, squirting dildos can be used for solo fun or partner play. In this review, we’ll discover how squirting dildos work, and we’ll check out five of the best on the market. It’s time to get aroused as we get to grips with dildos that cum.

Squirting Dildos – How do they work?

Whether you need stress relief, want to relieve pent-up sexual tension, or just want to climax, the squirting dildo can meet your needs. On first inspection squirting dildos look like any other dildo, they are penis-shaped and designed for insertion and sexual play. However, you also get a shot of imitation semen for extra pizzazz! So, where does the jizz come from?

Look inside a dildo that cums and you will find tubing, which enables the faux-semen to travel along the shaft and burst from the end. Some dildos have syringes that need to be filled to facilitate ejaculation, others feature an external pump that fits the tubing.

You will also find squirting dildos that work in a similar way to a teat pipette or turkey baster. You place the end of the dildo into the faux-semen and squeeze the balls to slurp up the liquid. Then, when you’re ready to receive cum you simply give the balls another squeeze.

The size, shape, and color

You’ll find a vast array of dildos available, in a range of shapes, sizes, and colors. Big isn’t always best, but if length and girth are the thing, you might want to go all out on a 12-inch squirter that will fulfil and gratify.

Diversity is key and dildos are no exception, you can usually buy sex toys in a range of skin colors including tones of brown, white, and black. There are also a few random colors e.g., vibrant pink (in case you want something different).

Texture plays a part too, you can go for a smooth toy, or you can opt for a more lifelike dildo – one with veins to add authenticity. Silicone dildos are a good bet as they are firm but silky. Silicone also has a reputation for being body-safe (no toxins) and easy to clean. You can buy Cyberskin and PVC dildos too, which have a pliable, soft feel, but might not be as easy to clean.

Shooting your load

If you’re going to the bother of buying a squirting dildo you may as well put some thought into what’s being squirted! Real semen is best described as creamy, milky, and white. Silicone lube offers the same sort of look and consistency as cum and is body-safe too – so you can enjoy the sensation of squirting semen in your vagina, anus, or over your boobs and face. It’s your playtime, get creative!

Silicone lube is best as it’s made by manufacturers who know what they’re doing, but if you nose around online, you’ll come across posts relating to homemade jizz. Contrary to how that sounds this does not involve collecting male sperm and using that to power your dildo!

We’re talking about mixing your own faux-semen by using store cupboard produce such as corn starch, coconut oil, and eggs. This is fine if your dildo is just going to ejaculate over your skin – but not if you want to squirt it into your vagina or anus, as injecting starch can cause bacterial infections. Not the best way to end your play!

Six of the best Squirting Dildos

So we know what they are and we know how they work, now let’s move on to a few of the best squirting dildos on the market and find out what they have to offer.

Doc Johnson Bust It

The Doc Johnson Bust It is encased in discrete packaging, so you don’t have to worry about people knowing what you’re up to! The product itself is authentic-looking and available in both flesh-colored pink and flesh-colored brown.

Size-wise the Doc Johnson has a respectable length of 7 insertable inches and a circumference of 5.75 inches. The shaft has realistic veins and the balls are impressive too – they are big enough to stimulate and are textured too for added sensation. The Vac-U-Lock suction base can be used to secure the dildo – allowing you to use a harness and enjoy the fun of a hands-free experience.

dildo and pumpSquirting is easy with this toy; the semen dispenser is simple to use and offers a convincing spurt – very satisfying! On a hot day, you could even take this outside and use it as a water pistol – but I wouldn’t suggest doing that at the local park!

Play with the Doc Johnson alone, or introduce your new sex toy to a partner and spice up foreplay or intercourse. Heighten the experience further by using water-based lube to moisten the dildo (good for easy insertion too).

Made from PVC, the Doc Johnson is latex-free and phthalate-free. It’s also soft, flexible, and waterproof, so you can play with your new toy in the bath or shower and submerge it for easy cleaning.

The Doc Johnson comes with a storage bag, so you can keep your toy safely stowed away when it’s not in use. You also get a specially formulated ‘Nut Butter’ which comprises water, dimethicone, propylene glycol, dimethiconol, xanthan gum, hydroxyethylcellulose, and colloidal silver.

The butter resembles semen and you just add water to the ready-made mix and load the pump, then you’re good to go!

As an added bonus there’s a 100-day money-back guarantee – not that we think you’ll need it, but it’s there for peace of mind, just in case.

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Vibrating Squirting Dildo

dildo showing veins and ballsThe Vibrating Squirting Dildo has been designed to look and feel like a real-life penis and has a realistic texture and shape, it can even ejaculate. The vibrator is 8.5 inches in length (with an insertable length of 6.5 inches) and at its widest, the toy has a diameter of 1.75 inches.

Made from TPR and ABS plastic, the squirting dildo is robust and waterproof so you can enjoy fun in the bath or shower as well as in the bedroom. Just fill the dildo with water-based lube (the toy has a 10ml capacity) and you’re ready for action.

The vibrator comes with a remote control (which needs two AAA batteries – not included) or you can switch the toy on and off using the button near the base. The product is also rechargeable using a USB charging cord that plugs into any USB outlet.

If you like the powerful internal stimulation of the g-spot, you won’t be disappointed. The vibrating squirting dildo boasts no less than ten vibration modes so you’ll have plenty to keep you busy. Once you’ve finished with your dildo it’s important to give it a good clean – you can use anti-bacterial soap and water or a specialist sex toy cleaning solution.

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Lifelike Lover Dildo

hand squeezing dispenser into dildoWith its life-like veins, globular head, and rounded balls the Lifelike Lover Classic Realistic Ejaculating Dildo lives up to its name. The dildo is 6 inches in length, boasts 5 insertable inches, and has a 5-inch girth.

Ejaculation is easy with the Lifelike Lover; it has a turkey baster style gadget that allows you to squeeze the bulb, placing the end into the faux-semen. As you release the bulb the liquid flows into the tube, you then place the tube into the base of the dildo and squirt when you’re ready!

The Lifelike Lover is made from PVC, so it’s flexible and phthalate-free. The toy is also waterproof, which means you can get as wet as you like, and on a more practical level, it’s easy to clean!

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Fetish Fantasy Strap On Dildo

Here we have a hollow ejaculating Fetish Fantasy Strap On – ideal for sexual play, including penetration and pegging. This product is also allegedly beneficial to those suffering from erectile dysfunction and premature ejaculation.

dildo with strap onThe Fetish Fantasy Strap On is 8.5 inches in length, with an insertable length of 7.5 inches and a girth of 6.25 inches. The dildo also boasts an impressive pair of balls and is very life-like – with realistic veins and a rounded head.

When you want to prompt ejaculation you don’t need to worry about syringes or bulbs. Instead, the tip of the dildo slurps up the faux-semen and holds it in its very own liquid reservoir. When you’re ready simply squeeze the tip of the dildo to release the liquid (for best results use creamy cum-style water-based lube).

The toy comes with a harness – which fits a waist of 30 inches up to 52 inches, as its adjustable it is quite comfy to wear (the stretchy elastic is accommodating so you can move around easily). To ease insertion it’s a good idea to use water-based lube, just to make sure you glide and slide into place!

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Doc Johnson 5.5 inch Dildo

female hand holding dildoAnother one from Doc Johnson, this one is the 5.5 inch Doc Johnson Realistic Ejaculating Dildo, a convincing sex toy that squirts when you want it to. The actual length is 7.5 inches, but you can insert 5.5 inches, and with a circumference of 6 inches, this one will satisfy you.

The detailing on this dildo is spot on, with its veiny shaft, bulbous head, and rounded balls – it’s every inch the penis! There’s a suction cup that will stick to smooth surfaces, so you can go hands-free. The dildo is also waterproof so it’s easy to clean (submerse it in water) and you can enjoy wet and wild fun in your bathroom if that rocks your boat.

The Doc Johnson 5.5 inch is made from PVC, so it’s firm to the touch but also has a degree of flexibility, the dildo is also latex-free and phthalate-free. The faux-semen is easily loaded, there’s a syringe to fill and tubing inside the dildo, so when you’re ready simply press the syringe and shoot.

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A Squirting Dildo

If you like a penis with a decent length the Squirting Dildo will put a smile on your face. There’s a full 9 inches for your pleasure (with an insertable length of 6.5 inches) and a girth of 1.8 inches.

dildo with nut butter, tube and pumpThe squirting dildo is made from PVC, so it’s body-safe, antibacterial, and phthalate-free. You can use any type of lube to aid the use of this toy, so slather it on, lie back and enjoy.

Take a closer look and you’ll find a little hole at the end of the dildo. There’s a tube attached, along with a pump. Choose your semen-like substance of choice and fill the pump, you can then expel the creamy fluid to mimic ejaculation. This product does come with a small amount of Nut Butter lube (one ounce), so that should get you started!

The dildo also features a suction cup, so you can fasten it to a flat, smooth surface and enjoy no-hands fun. Once you are done give the dildo a good wash with antibacterial cleaner or warm, soapy water, leave to dry thoroughly, and then pack away until next time.

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If you want to ramp up your bedroom antics squirting dildos could provide the added fun you’re looking for. Whether you’re playing solo or with a partner, dildos that cum replicate the feel of penetrative sex with the added bonus of authentic ejaculation.

The six squirting dildos on our list have plenty to offer, they look the part with their life-like veins, heads, and bulbous balls. There are straightforward dildos that cum, dildos with harnesses for strap-on fun, and dildos with suction cups for hands-free action. They say variety is the spice of life – why not try them all?

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