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Emma Miles tests this travel sized toy in our Womanizer Liberty review. Find out if it has what it takes right here…

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Manufactured by Wow Tech, the Womanizer Liberty is a clitoral stimulator designed to help you reach climax in a short amount of time.  The toy is billed as the perfect companion for ladies who have the confidence to go where no one has gone before. I’m not sure where that is, but if it involves reaching a knee-trembling orgasm, I’m willing to give the Womanizer Liberty a fair go – so let’s find out how I got in with it in my full Womanizer Liberty review…

How Does the Womanizer Liberty Work?

The Womanizer Liberty uses Pleasure Air ™ Technology (we’ll talk about that in more detail later) to stimulate the clit. The product doesn’t need to make direct contact, the clit is so sensitive that this clever toy can use feather-light suction to increase blood supply to the genitals. This action boosts clit sensitivity further and propels you toward orgasm central.

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Womanizer Liberty Specs & Features

womanizer liberty in caseVibrators come in all shapes, sizes and colors, so it can be tricky to pick out one that will float your boat. The Womanizer Liberty has a range of features, let’s find out what it has to offer.


Neatly packaged in an open front box (so you can see the product in all its glory) the Womanizer Liberty is curved and features two parts – a silicone head and a protective cover. The product measures 105mm in length and weighs in at 90g, so it’s not too cumbersome. Choose from four colors – pink rose, powder blue, lilac, or red wine.


The main body of the toy is made from soft-touch ABS, while the head is made from silicone, a robust material celebrated for being non-toxic and body-safe. The Womanizer Liberty is 100% waterproof too, so you can step away from the bedroom and get steamy in the shower or bubbly in the bathtub.


The Womanizer Liberty boasts Pleasure Air ™ Technology, an innovative concept that allows the toy to pull in and blow out air at the same time.

The Liberty doesn’t have to touch your clitoris to send ripples of pleasure through your body, the air flow creates pressure and that’s enough to tickle your clit into ecstasy. There are six levels of intensity – start at the bottom end of the scale with low intensity, and up the ante as you become more comfortable and aroused.


The Womanizer Liberty comes with a quick start guide but you don’t need to be a tech expert to get to grips with this product. There’s a built-in remote control for easy use and just two simple buttons (+) / (-). You can toggle between the stimulation levels (from low to high) using the buttons.


The toy utilizes a micro-USB cable via magnetic charging pins. Once charged it gives you two full hours of play and you can keep track of power levels via the white LED charging level indicator.

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liberty in blueCleaning

You’ll need to clean your new toy after every use to keep it in tip top condition. It’s best to use an antibacterial soap and warm water to wash the product, give it a rinse and then leave it to dry.


When not in use, you can store the Womanizer Liberty in a dry, clean place (away from bright sunlight and electromagnetic force). As an added bonus the product is equipped with a hygienic travel cover, just close the cap to protect the silicone head.


You don’t expect to run into problems when you purchase a new product, but it does occasionally happen. The Liberty has a 60-month warranty, so you’re covered just in case.

How to Use the Womanizer Liberty

my Womanizer libertyWe’ve already mentioned the Womanizer Liberty is easy to use, here’s a quick overview for you:

  1. Find a quiet and private place, you don’t want to be disturbed!
  2. Get comfy – move around to find a relaxing position.
  3. Lubricate your genitals with water-based lube.
  4. Locate the power button and hold it for 2-3 seconds to switch on the toy.
  5. Use the two-button operation to select intensity (each time you press the button you’ll notice the intensity grow stronger or weaken).
  6. Use your fingers to gently spread your labia.
  7. Place the Womanizer Liberty over the clit, lining up the clit with the hole.
  8. Enjoy!
  9. When you’re done press the power button again and hold it for 2-3 seconds.
  10. Wash after use and store until next time.

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Pros and Cons


  • Variety of modes
  • Made from trusted materials
  • Useful storage cap
  • Quiet


  • Charge capacity could be longer
  • Lube needs to be purchased seperately

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liberty toyAs with all products, the Womanizer Liberty has its good points and a couple of areas for improvement. Let’s start with the good. Well, first off, we like the range of operating modes, with six to choose from you can vary the intensity depending on your tolerance and mood!

We also appreciate the fact that this one is made from hypoallergenic silicone, which is waterproof, durable, and safe. Transportation and storage are covered too, the handy cap keeps the toy dust and germ free.

We should also give a shout out to the unobtrusive noise levels. Thankfully, the Womanizer Liberty doesn’t omit a loud buzz, so you won’t disturb your roommate or neighbors. The toy is pleasingly quiet – so it’s ideal for private moments.

We’re impressed by the array of features, but there are a couple of things that could be improved upon, such as the charge capacity. In fairness two hours should provide plenty of play time, but a little more wouldn’t hurt (just call me greedy!). There’s also the lube to consider – you can’t just grab any tube from under your bed, you have to use water-based lube – so you might need to purchase that too.

How Well Did the Womanizer Liberty Perform?

I like the look and the feel of the Womanizer Liberty. It’s compact and easy to handle, but what about the all-important performance?  

All-in-all the Womanizer Liberty proved to be a fun toy. Clit play can be very intense, but the Liberty doesn’t over-stimulate, instead the Pleasure Air ™ Technology creates a light, tantalizing pressure that builds nicely.

I did as recommended and started at the lower end of the intensity scale, working my way up with a smile! I climaxed quite quickly (a plus point for some), but I prefer a slow-burning orgasm, so I’ll probably stick to a lower intensity next time and go for a longer journey rather than race to the destination.

Would I Recommend the Womanizer Liberty?

The Womanizer Liberty would be a good addition to your toy box. It’s particularly good for travel, as it’s not too big and comes with that handy cap to ensure hygiene. The liberty could certainly pep up a dull business trip (just wait until you get out of the meeting before you get going).

Great for solo play, but equally good to spice things up when you make love to your partner. Use the Womanizer Liberty to get the party started during foreplay or save it for the main event and enjoy orgasmic fun.

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