How To Pillow Hump – A Woman’s Guide

For a lot of girls, our first sexual experiences happened not with our first boyfriends but with our pillows. Pillow humping is one of the least talked about but most common ways of masturbating amongst teens and preteens.

I thought I was weird until I started writing these articles and realized that millions of girls are out here humping their pillows (even as adults) without knowing what they’re doing, why they’re doing it, or even how to do it for maximum pleasure. Well, this guide is here to tell you all about the mystical art of pillow humping.

What Is Pillow Humping?

Pillow humping means exactly what it reads—humping a pillow to reach orgasm. You just rub your genitals on a pillow ubtil you reach your happy ending. Pillow humping has existed for a long time, but it’s not as well-known as other sexual terms.

In a world where masturbation is being freely discussed and accepted and when people now recognize sexual pleasure as a basic human need, the fact that pillow humping is still subconsciously seen as a shameful thing to talk about is flabbergasting. By the end of this article, you should understand what pillow humping is, why it’s such an instinctive thing and how to get even better orgasms from your favorite pillow.

Why Do Women Hump Pillows?

I think I implied this before, but I’ll say it again: Pillow humping is usually an activity that starts during puberty. It may be weird to think about it, but them’s the breaks. Pillows are a readily available option for horny preteens and teens because that’s the only thing that might be able to give them relief. Later, they might transition into grinding and humping other objects for sexual stimulation.

However, this activity might carry into adulthood, and all of a sudden, you’re on Vibratorist looking to polish your pillow humping skills. Well, let’s get into that right now.

How To Choose The Right Pillow for Humping

woman with pillowYou might have been using just any old pillow for your humping sessions, but I think you’ll agree with me when I say that different pillows give different orgasms. Plus, we all have different needs. You might have a more sensitive clitoris and need a different pillow from me, whose clit might be less sensitive. So, when next you go pillow shopping, here are a couple of criteria to keep in mind.

1. Pillow Firmness

Some people like feeling like they’re sleeping in a cloud. Others like something firmer, and there are yet others who prefer a rock-like toughness. But what sort of firmness does your vulva prefer? What texture of pillow will stimulate your clit without leaving your vulva aching?

Pillow firmness is absolutely important, and if you do not yet have a preference, I suggest trying all of them. Get soft pillows, hard pillows, body pillows, and more. Try them all out. Luckily, pillows always have a use around the house.

If you think you might need a more malleable pillow that you can easily press between your legs, a soft pillow is the better option. If you want a firmer, more stable pillow with less give, then a harder pillow might be your best pick. Take your time to choose.

2. Pillow Shape

There are so many different pillow shapes available that it’s crazy. You have rectangular bed pillows, square pillows, round pillows, heart-shaped pillows, and let’s not forget our pseudo-pillows, the stuffed animals. Each pillow Shape will have a different feel to it when they’re between your legs. Since they all have different shapes, corners, and bumps, they all can stimulate you in a new way.

Step outside the box and check out a whole new world of satisfying pillow-humping experiences.

3. Pillow Size

Although most people may start pillow humping with classic bed pillows, a lot of people don’t enjoy humping something so big. Look for a pillow size that suits you so you can have enough leverage to hump and still provide stimulation to your vagina.

Those are the three factors you need to look out for when shopping for a humping pillow. But, how should you go about humping?

Methods Of Humping

Are you looking for new ways to get yourself to new heights? You can do it with pillow humping. The best part is you can easily give yourself an orgasm without spending any money on sex toys, lube, or any of that stuff. All you need is your bed, yourself, and your favorite humping pillow. Here are a few ways to bring yourself to seventh heaven by pillow humping.

1. Buck Naked

Lots of people hump their pillows with their clothes on. This isn’t bad because the clothes can add extra friction and make your humping that much sweeter. However, there’s also something to be said for a naked roll on the sheets/pillows.

Being buck-ass naked increases contact between your vagina and the sheets. This way, you’ll be able to get direct friction from the sheets and the texture of the pillow. The sensations also won’t be slightly muted the way they are with clothes on.

2. Stack ‘Em Up

If you use softer pillows, you should try this method. Stack two or three pillows together and mount them. Then, start grinding on them. With softer pillows, you’ll get a fuller feeling and be able to grind deeper. This is a nice change once in a while.

3. Lie Down

This is practically the easiest method or position on this list. All you have to do is make a pillow between your knees and in between your legs at your crotch. Then, flip to lie on your stomach and start humping your pillow. While this is a comfortable position, it doesn’t leave much room for movement and can be a bit awkward.

4. Create A “Body Pillow”

When we say body pillow here, we don’t mean an actual ready-made body pillow. We mean shaping a couple of pillows in the shape of a human body.

Does it sound creepy? Yes.

Is it functional? Also yes.

Shaping your pillows in this way means that you can snuggle up to the other pillows while you grind your way to orgasm. You’ll feel rather safe and protected, and it’s comfy.

5. Fold And Ride The Pillow

Here’s another trick for you ladies who like sleeping on soft pillows and love some friction between your legs. You’ll need to fold your pillow in half and then sit on it with your knees on either side of the pillow, then ride it into the sunset.

6. Slip Something In

If you want even more friction, you can create some by slipping a phallic object in between your pillow’s folds. That is, fold the pillow into two and slip something with a cylindrical shape between the folds. This will provide some extra firmness and give your pillow a defined shape to grind against.

Tips for Getting the Most Out of Pillow Humping

under the coversWait Till You’re In The Mood

The best thing about humping pillows is that your pillow is always ready when you are. Wait until you’re horny to start grinding. That way, you can get to the main event quickly.

Start Slow

Don’t rush into the feeling. Instead, start slow and build up to the big finish.

Edge Yourself

Edging means pushing yourself to the brink of orgasm, stopping for a little bit to calm yourself down, and then starting over again until you can’t hold back your urge to cum. Orgasms after edging multiple times are usually explosive, and with only your pillow there, you can be as loud as you want.

Make Some Noise

You may be used to stifling yourself during your pillow humping sessions, but I’m here to tell you that pillow humping is just another form of masturbation. Allow yourself to express your enjoyment by making some noise.

Wear Something Sexy

Feeling sexy, even if I’m home alone, makes me feel extremely good and maybe a little more sensitive. This might apply to you too. So wear a pair of sexy panties or a cute lace bra, get humping and watch yourself experience new sensations.

Add Some Extras

If you’re willing to spend a little more, you can add some toys to your regular pillow humping sessions. Adding a fairly powerful vibrator to the mix or even a dildo can open you up to a whole new world of pleasure. And if you want to splurge a bit, there are toys like the Liberator, which are pillows made for humping. There’s even space for a dildo or another extra if you so wish.

Wrapping Up

Pillow humping is an awesome way to get an orgasm without any need for a partner. However, this doesn’t mean you can’t let your partner in on it. You can always add extras to your pillow humping plays which is what makes it so versatile. Don’t be afraid to get a little freaky with your pillows. After all, the only casualty is the pillowcase.

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