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The Pulse Solo Interactive is the result of two renowned sex toy manufacturers partnering up to share their technology and resulting in a pretty impressive toy for men. This collaboration takes the Pulse Solo from UK based Hot Octopuss and Netherlands based Kiiroo’s interactive technology to deliver a truly unique offering.

The big question is – how does the Pulse Solo Interactive perform and has this collaboration finally delivered ‘the ultimate’ men’s toy – or is it just another flop?

I’ll be looking to give you the answer to that in this comprehensive Pulse Solo Interactive review.

Pulse Solo Interactive First Impressions

pulse solo interactive in handThe Pulse Solo Interactive looks very much like the other models in the Pulse range – the Pulse Solo Lux and the Pulse Solo Essential. In fact, just looking at these models it is almost impossible to tell them apart – with the exception of the neatly embossed logos that show the brand names of both Kiiroo and Hot Octopuss as well as the model name.

The toy weighs in at 191g and measures up at 10.6cm (l) x 6.7cm (w). It is easy to hold in the palm of your hand and this is one of the first things you notice about this toy when comparing it to strokers such as the Kiiroo Keon – and that is that it is incredibly small. The size is not really an issue when it comes to operation with larger models, but it makes a big difference when it comes to storing it – and the Pulse Solo can easily be stored in it’s little black bag (that is supplied) in a drawer or under the bed – and it will remain pretty discrete. In fact, it would be hard to tell this is a sex toy just from looking at it.

The underside of the toy has a hard moulded plastic shell that feels robust, with the front curved sections and inner part being made from a soft silicone with some of the inner area being ribbed. There are 4 buttons on the device; a power button, turbo button and two buttons for turning the intensity up and down. The power button also doubles up as a button to switch the current pattern.

There is also a magnetic charging port at the bottom of the device.

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Pulse Solo Interactive Features & Specs

The Pulse Solo Interactive is the most well spec’d of all the Pulse Solo models. This does also make it the most expensive of the three so if you don’t need the connectivity features it may be better to opt for the Solo Lux. That being said, it really is the connectivity that sets this model apart from the rest of the competition and that’s what I was most excited about trying when I bought this model.

pulse solo specs on boxAlthough I was also excited about the connectivity to porn apps/sites as well as the long distance app controlled connectivity, I was also concerned that this might get in the way of my enjoyment of the toy – something I will mention in more detail later in this review.

Like all the Pulse models, the Solo Interactive uses an oscillating pulse plate technology and has a maximum power of 4450 rpm. This is the same as the Solo Lux and 500rpm higher than the Solo Essential. The PulsePlate technology essentially uses vibrations rather than strokes that your standard strokers use. This makes a big difference to the way in which you use the toy and my initial thoughts around this were that using vibration could be a stroke (forgive the pun) of genius when it comes male sex toys – more on this later.

When it comes to noise levels, the Pulse Solo produces less than 55db of noise and when using this guybrator it really doesn’t feel noisy. It has a running time of around 1 hour and takes 3 hours to charge so you do need to be organised and keep it charged if you plan to use it spontaneously. You cannot use it while it is plugged in which is probably a good thing as this would take away from the experience.

Thanks to the magnetic charging port, the Solo Interactive is waterproof and although I didn’t try this in the bath, using it in the shower is a great way to use it if not using the interactive features.

In terms of sizing, the Pulse Solo is a one size fits all (or most) – of course all bodies are different so you may find that you are too small or too large – but unless you are in the extremes one way or the other you should be fine. Hot Octopuss state that you should have a maximum girth of 8 inches (which is around 2.5 inches wide) – other than that you should find this toy usable.

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Using The Pulse Solo Interactive

Let’s be honest, you’ve probably skipped over most of the specs as this is what it all boils down to… what is the Pulse Solo Interactive like to use?

pulse soloWell, I was a little surprised at my answer to this.

I absolutely love it.

Now before I get too carried away there are some points to make and I feel I almost need to qualify exactly why I love it – with the first being that I am not the biggest fan of strokers. Having an alternative to the multitude of strokers on the market is a great thing for the male sex toy market and using a vibration led approach provides a very different experience to what you get with a stroker. It may however take a little getting used to if you are new to this sort of technology, but having used this toy more than I needed to in order to write this review – well… take from that what you need to!

It’s also worth pointing out that the Pulse Solo Interactive can be used to stroke at the same time as using the PulsePlate vibrations so if you think you can’t climax without stroking (you will by the way) then you can get hands on and stroke at the same time.

I found that the Solo Interactive was not a completely hands free experience but this was largely depending on your positioning. I found that lying on my back the toy would stay in place well, but any other position and it was more prone to slipping. This again will depend on your body and Hot Octopuss say that for some it will be hands free and for others it won’t – but I didn’t find this to be a big issue.

The first time I used this toy I didn’t bother connecting it to anything. I simply used it using the buttons and cycled through the patterns and speeds and even used the turbo button. The latter got me to finishing pretty quickly and the orgasm was pretty intense – much like when wearing a cock ring.

To get going, you simply place your penis inside the toy and then switch it on. I found it was best to switch it on after being in position but you can do it the other way around too. The penis can be erect or flaccid for the toy to work and Hot Octopuss even say you can reach climax without ever getting fully erect – this however was not something I was able to test as the vibrations started to get everything working as you might expect. It’s easy to hold the Pulse Solo as the shape is perfectly sculpted to do so and as it is pretty lightweight it does not feel overly intrusive.

Switching through the power modes and patterns is easy and one of the patterns is just a continual high power vibration which is great for finishing with.

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Get Connected

app showing pulse solo interactive connectingThe next time I used this toy I tested the interactive features and started by connecting it to porn sites. You get a free 1 month access to FeelXVideo when you buy this model and so that seemed a good place to start – however, I have also connected it to PornHub and it also works seamlessly here too.

To connect you will need the FeelConnect app (for iOS or Android) which allows you to connect your phone to your device. This can be used to watch videos, chat with cam and control, control the toy yourself using touch control or choosing from the presets and to control devices over distance.

If you want to watch videos on a larger screen you simply connect the app, scan a QR code on the screen and you are connected – this worked brilliantly and I am guessing this is where Kiiroo had a big part to play – that and the long distance controls.

Using the toy when watching videos is one of the big selling points of the Pulse Solo Interactive as the vibrations sync with what you are seeing on screen. I found the syncronization to be perfectly in time as each thrust was accompanied by a suitable vibration. When using PornHub the syncronization was not quite so well executed but this is down to the scripts of the video rather than a flaw with the Pulse. Most videos have been scripted for strokers and of course this doesn’t translate perfectly to vibrations – but I still found this pretty enjoyable.

Using the toy over longer distances or even playing with a partner (or solo for that matter) using the app is a great way to enjoy the added functionality of this toy. The cam mode means you can feel really connected to your partner if you are not with them and they can see how much their controls are stimulating you. For Bi or Gay users you can even connect more than one Pulse to control so you can have double the fun.

Like I mentioned earlier on in this review, I was concerned that the connectivity element might get in the way of my enjoyment of using the basic functionality of the toy – after all, having connection issues or a clunky operating interface is hardly a turn on. Luckily, Kiiroo have ensured that this is not an issue and the connectivity and interactive features actually enhance the usability and definitely do not cause any issues when it comes to enjoyment.

Compared to using a stroker, the Pulse Solo Interactive is a mile ahead in my opinion – and even if you took away the interactive elements of this model and simply used the Solo Lux or Solo Essential you are going to be in for a lot of pleasure.

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pulse solo with bagCleaning & Maintenance

Another huge advantage that this toy has over strokers is the cleaning and maintenance of it. It is really simple to clean. All you need to do is run it under warm water, use a little soap and within 20 seconds your device is all clean and ready to go again. If possible, it’s probably best to let it drip dry as the silicone does attract a lot of dust and fluff which it might pick up when drying with a towel.

Compare the cleaning of this to a stroker and you will be glad you opted for this over a stroker any day.


As you can probably tell from this Pulse Solo Interactive review, I am a big fan of this new toy. The male sex toy market has felt pretty stale on the whole for some time but this really has given it a new lease of life. Whether you want to play solo, partner up with someone in the bedroom or across the other side of the world, the Pulse Solo Interactive will allow you do so.

For those who still feel stroking is required then you can do that too while at the same time getting the benefit of the added vibrations. The Pulse Solo Interactive really does have something for everyone and for once I feel I can wholeheartedly recommend a male sex toy!

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