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If you were to ask me to think of a well-known Swedish company I would probably (along with a lot of other predictable people) say IKEA. But let’s move away from the flat-pack furniture and onto something a little more interesting. Let’s take a look at another Swedish gem of a brand – LELO.

A lifestyle company that designs and produces quality sex and massage toys, along with BDSM equipment, selling their products internationally. They create and market a wide range of vibrators and other goodies, including The LELO Ina Wave.

So, what does the LELO Ina Wave have to offer? In this review, we’ll take a look at the product’s spec and its range of features. We’ll get to grips with how the vibrator can be used to engage in solo play and how it can be utilized to enhance your sex life with a partner.

I will also let you know how I got on when I spent a cozy evening with the LELO Ina Wave. You’ll find out if the toy provided crashing waves of pleasure, or was more reminiscent of small breakers gently lapping the shore! I’ll tell you more about that in a while! For now, let’s find out what the product has to offer in this LELO Ina Wave review.

LELO Ina Wave Features And Specs

The LELO Ina Wave comes wrapped in pretty packaging. Open the lid of the understated white box and you’ll find a black box, and inside that you’ll see the LELO Ina Wave, sitting handsomely on a black cushion – very regal!

box with LELO contentsI’m quite struck by the design of this one. It’s a rabbit-style vibrator, but I’m inclined to say that the LELO reminds me of a lobster’s claw! Thankfully it doesn’t feel anything like a crustacean’s sharp pincer, and there’s no orange color sex toy in the range. Instead, you can choose from cerise, blue/turquoise, and plum.

The LELO Ina Wave is made entirely from body-safe silicone (which has a reputation for being soft and pliable). In the past, LELO has produced toys that feature silicone bodies but have ABS plastic handles. However, that’s not for the Wave – it’s silicone all the way for this high-quality toy.

The Wave certainly feels smooth and silky, but it has a matte finish and doesn’t have that sticky feel that some toys seem to exhibit. The main shaft/arm is quite firm to the touch. The shorter “ear” (or pincer depending on your point of view) is much more malleable, and you can bend it more easily.

Size-wise, it measures 7.9 x 2.5 x 1.7 inches and has a diameter of 1.46 inches. The toy is slimmer at the base and becomes wider at the insertable shaft (the insertable part measures 4.3 inches). The main shaft looks quite wide, but as we’ve mentioned, the top part has been rounded off.

LELO describes the product as a “streamlined rabbit vibrator” and they have based the design on similar toys in the LELO range (in particular the Mona and the original Ina). Both arms are rounded off at the ends, and there are no extra bits on the top – which should make insertion comfortable and easy.

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The concept is straightforward and The Wave is designed to tease and please. There’s a dual motor to power both of the arms. The main body of the vibrator aims for your G-Spot, giving it a sensual massage, and the shaft moves gently back and forth as it pulsates. The smaller arm stimulates the clit, and the two combined should bring you to climax with relative ease.

The LELO Ina Wave is a powerful sex toy, offering ten different modes of vibration and intensity. Try out the various cycles and enjoy the different sensations – the pleasure should build to a satisfying climax. There are five easily accessible buttons in the integrated control panel, so you can move between levels to find the intensity that suits you.

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There’s also a charger included and powering up the Wave for two hours should provide you with two hours of playtime. Hopefully, this will be more than enough time to enjoy the toy and reach (at least one) climax.

When the LELO Ina Wave is charging you will see LED lights gently flashing inside the control buttons. Once the toy is ready to go, the lights will stop blinking. When The Wave needs to be re-charged, you’ll see red lights flicker on. Make sure you power up enough – you wouldn’t want to run out of charge at a critical moment!

We’re pleased to say the sex toy is waterproof too, which means you can take it in the shower, or bath, and enjoy getting wet (in more ways than one!). However, I wouldn’t recommend diving into a swimming pool or hot tub with the Wave, as the spec states that it can be submerged to a depth of no more than one meter.

You can also use water-based lubricants when you’re playing with the toy. As a side note – a silicone-based lubricant isn’t a good idea (it can cause damage to the silicone cover of the toy).

Keeping the LELO Wave clean is easy too, especially as you can dip the vibrator in water and rub it with a wet cloth without worrying. The charging port can also be cleaned out.

On a final note, the LELO Ina Wave also has a handy travel lock feature. This enables you to secure the toy when it’s not in use or when its being transported in your bag. To unlock and lock the Wave you just press the plus and minus buttons for three seconds.

Using The LELO Ina Wave

The Wave is simple to operate. Get it going by pressing the center button – you’ll find the vibrator picks up where you left off. So, whatever mode you ended on last time will be your starting point next time.

You don’t have to stay on this level though. It’s easy to change modes – just use the relevant buttons to increase and reduce the type and intensity of movement.

There are ten levels to choose from, and clicking the buttons will allow you to work your way through them all.

side view of LELO ina waveYou can find your favorite, or mix things up each time you play. You can set the large and small arm to vibrate, or you can set the shaft to move back and forth without the vibrating clitoral arm pulsating. There are lots of options! For all-over pleasure, you can even set the whole toy to move, which means the main shaft will vibrate and move back and forth, and the smaller arm will vibrate too.

You don’t need a partner to reach orgasm, you just need a trusty vibrator. Solo play can be just as intense as sexual intercourse, but for some masturbation is seen as distasteful. This seems crazy when you consider that sex is an act of self-care.

You can find pleasure in many ways, and sex (especially when it’s playful and stimulating) can lift your spirits. Achieve an orgasm or two and you can reduce cortisol levels (otherwise known as the stress hormone). More fun and less stress? We like the sound of that!

So how can you use the LELO Ina Wave for solo play? Begin by finding a calm, relaxing, and comfy space (somewhere that offers privacy). Get yourself settled and try rubbing the Wave on different areas of your body to explore the sensations.

When you’re ready you can insert the shaft (use a water-based lubricant to ease things along). You should be able to find the right position, but be prepared to shift about to get it right. The smaller arm should line up with your clitoris and you can use that to tickle and tease your clit.

You can also use the LELO Ina Wave when you’re playing with a partner. You could use the LELO Ina Wave on yourself, and ask your partner to watch (very erotic).

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Or maybe go one further and blindfold your lover, this way they can hear the buzz of the toy, and hear your moans of pleasure, but they won’t be one hundred percent certain what you are up to.

Alternatively, why not showcase your masturbation technique to your partner, and watch as they show you how they reach orgasm through play? This is an intimate act, and you might feel a little bit self-conscious at first, but it can be a great learning curve. You get to find out what your partner enjoys and they can discover what makes you tick.

ina wave front of packaging

If you’re not in the mood for performing, you could ask your partner to simply use the LELO Ina Wave to stimulate and tease you into submission. Letting someone else take control of the situation can be very liberating. If you’re comfortable with your partner (and have talked things through beforehand) you could add a little BDSM into the mix.

A simple blindfold can be very effective. Not being able to see what’s happening (or what’s going to happen next) can add sexual tension, and increase your pleasure. You can simply enjoy the feel of the Wave touching your genitals. Silk ties can also be used to fasten the wrists – again a loss of control can take the play up a notch. If you’re going to engage in this type of play you need to adopt the S, S, C approach (make sure any play is Safe, Sane, and Consensual).

So does the LELO Ina Wave Hit the Spot?

I decided to play on my own with the LELO Ina Wave. The hubby is away working and I have the house to myself – a perfect opportunity to have some fun with my new silicone encased friend.

I’ll start by saying I quite liked the design of this toy. It does resemble a rabbit, with its two ear-like arms poking upwards and outwards. I found The Wave easy to hold and move around, and I located the sacred G-Spot with relative ease. I enjoy penetrative sex but find the best orgasms come from clitoral stimulation, so I was pleased to find the smaller arm reached up and hit my clit right on the button!

I toggled between the ten different levels and found there were quite a few options to choose from. I tried out a variety of combinations and found that some were more powerful than others. If you have the whole lot going at the same time (e.g. the large arm/shaft vibrating and also shuffling back and forth, and the clit arm vibrating), you end up with a less intense experience.

This wasn’t a problem for me as I quite like the change in pace and depth of feeling, plus you can always toggle back to your favorite setting (once you’ve established what it is!).

The vibrations were pleasurable. In particular, I enjoyed the mode that delivered deep and rumbling sensations. The shuffling back and forth motion of the longer arm proved to be enjoyable too. I would say it almost feels like fingers brushing and caressing the genitals.

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The LELO Ina Wave has a lot going for it. Bright colors to choose from, an interesting design, and a range of settings to keep things interesting. I like being able to change the type of play depending on my mood, and being able to switch between different modes quickly and easily is a benefit.

I used this toy for solo play and it didn’t disappoint. If you’re a fan of clitoral stimulation you’ll find the Wave rousing. Sadly, I didn’t get the chance to share the fun with my partner – but we will be trying the LELO Ina Wave out together at the earliest opportunity. I’m looking forward to handing control over to my other half, I just hope the power doesn’t go to his head!

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