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I had high hopes for the Eroscillator, after all, renowned sex therapist Dr Ruth has personally endorsed this product herself. As it’s the only sex toy she’s ever backed, I couldn’t wait to find out just how good it is.

The Eroscillator promises to stimulate rather than numb, and in keeping with its name, the product oscillates rather than vibrates. There are an impressive range of attachments, along with a claim that this sex toy is better than the average vibrator. Let’s find out if it lives up to the hype in our full Eroscillator review.

Our Eroscillator Review 

In this Eroscillator review we’ll find out more about the product, we’ll check out the specs and take a closer look at the functions and features on offer. We will then explore how you can use the Eroscillator to spice up your sex life – whether you’re playing solo or with a partner.

For the climax, I’ll give you the lowdown on my own experience with the purple pleaser. I enjoyed an intimate date with the Eroscillator myself recently which was very entertaining!

Eroscillator Features and Specs

eroscillator toyThe Eroscillator isn’t pleasing on the eye, instead it’s rather unusual. It’s deep purple in color, and has a silver panel running up the front. At first glance I’d say it looks almost alien – especially when you place it next to the equally strange array of attachments (more about those later)! The name has a high-tech ring to it, so let’s find out if the Eroscillator has an impressive list of features and functions to match. Here’s a quick overview:

Size Matters

They say that size matters, and the Eroscillator seems to measure up well. The main body comes in at 8 inches, and features a cylindrical shaft that’s covered in grooves.

The attachments measure 2-4 inches each, and circumference wise, the toy is 5 inches.

Quality Materials

The Eroscillator is made mainly from ABS plastic (phthalates and PVC free). The add-ons are TPE coated, and the soft finger attachment is made from medical silicone – which makes it exceptionally soft to the touch.

Good Vibrations

The main body of the product doubles up as the handle and control panel, where you’ll find three settings (low through to high). Stimulation is delivered via the unique axially oscillating engine that turns at an impressive 3600 oscillations per minute.

Whisper Quiet

No need to worry about a loud, distracting buzz coming from your Eroscillator. The product is whisper quiet, so you can focus on achieving orgasm rather than trying to drown out the noise!

Swiss Engineering

Associated with finesse and quality products, Swiss Engineering is linked to precision manufacturing, and an attention to detail. The Eroscillator is certainly robust, and it is designed to withstand vigorous play.

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Attachments & Heads

attachment headsThe Eroscillator has an ultra-soft fingertip which is beautifully soft and squashy, and is designed to tease the clit. There are also a number of attachments and heads, which are easy to put on and remove.

There’s the Golden Spoon, a double-sided attachment that features a flat side and a concave one. You can enjoy precision stimulation from this add-on. There’s also the Grape Head, with its knobbly, bumpy texture, and the Cockscomb Head that is both slender and satisfyingly stiff.

For something a little more exotic how about the Seven Pearls of the Orient? This fun attachment can provide both vaginal and anal pleasure. There are seven purple pearls lined up perfectly in a neat row. The largest sits at the bottom and the pearls decrease in size until you reach the smallest at the tip. Soft and flexible, the pearls offer intense pleasure.

The next attachment sounds a little odd (and looks even odder). Known as The French Legionnaire’s Moustache, this attachment features bristles on either side. Ideal for vaginal play, you can use the moustache to tickle and tease the inner areas of the vagina, or simply use it to invigorate your clit!

Cleaning Up

You can remove the attachments and give them a good wash in warm, soapy water. The cap and slider can also be cleaned. But remember, this is a mains operated appliance – so make sure you switch off and unplug before you get wiping and washing!

Charging Up

The Eroscillator plugs into the mains, which has advantages and disadvantages. On the plus side you won’t have to worry about running out of power during play. But you do have to think about where the cord is trailing.

The cord is very long, which means you can plug in and play all over the house (except the bathroom)!  Don’t forget – the product is mains operated – so you can’t take it for playtime in the bath or shower.

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Getting the Most from Your Eroscillator

Whether you’re looking for some solo fun, or want to add a little bit more pizzazz to play with your partner, the Eroscillator could fit the bill.

Solo Play 

Who says you need two to Tango? Use the Eroscillator next time you fancy a little “me-time” and you won’t be disappointed!

The toy is relatively easy to hold, and with a bit of practise you should be able to locate your special spot without too much trouble.

Enjoy the smooth rotating motion and get to know each of the attachments intimately as you seamlessly move from the squishiness of the ultra-soft fingertip to the bobbly exterior of the grape head.

Partner Play 

A sex toy can add plenty of va-va-voom to your bedroom antics, but some are still fearful that adding an “appliance” to the mix will decimate the intimacy of love-making. Thankfully, the Eroscillator isn’t an intrusive toy. Yes, you know it’s there, but it’s not a noisy, motorized gadget.

more attachmentsThe design allows your partner to comfortably maneuverer the Eroscillator, placing it just where it needs to be. As it’s on the larger side, it’s quite easy to grip and control, but not too overbearing. The long cord will enable you to move around – you’re not confined to one spot for love-making after all!

You can use the Eroscillator during sex to help reach climax, or your partner can simply use the toy on you for stand-alone orgasmic fun. The toy should fit between you and will work well when used in a variety of positions. You don’t have to get out your copy of the Karma-Sutra to have a good time.

You can use the Eroscillator to add extra sparkle to the missionary position, however you might find it tricky to hold the toy in the position that best suits. Doggy style tends to work well, as it allows your partner to reach around and place the Eroscillator on your hot spot. As you’re raised from the bed there’s easier access, and you can maneuverer your own body back and forth to find the best position.

Woman on top (cowgirl) is another option. This is a popular choice as it allows you to take control of the speed and depth of penetration. Adding in the Eroscillator to excite your clit will add an extra layer of fun – Yee-Haw!

It’s also worth remembering that vaginal fun is not the be all and end all of sex! Oral sex can also provide pleasure (and bring you to a shuddering climax).  Enjoy the double sensation of a tongue and the Eroscillator getting to work on your nether regions and wait for the pleasure waves to roll!

Whilst we are on the subject of other types of fun, let’s not forget anal play. The Eroscillator has attachments that are made to stimulate and arouse both the front and back. Don’t be afraid to experiment, you can take it easy to start with and find a position that feels comfortable for both of you.

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Does the Eroscillator Hit the Spot? 

I couldn’t wait to get going with the Eroscillator. I must admit, it’s weird looks and odd attachments intrigued me, and I had a burning desire to see what it felt like. I can tell you straight off what it doesn’t feel like a vibrator!

As promised, the Eroscillator quivers, and provides something similar to a rubbing motion. There’s no harsh drubbing from this toy, your clit gets wined and dined rather than 69’ed. You won’t need to be too vigorous, gentle pressure should be enough to take you where you need to go!

As for the all-important orgasm, the Eroscillator did the trick, but it took a little more time to build up the pressure. However, once you’ve found your rhythm things seem to play out nicely – be prepared for an intense finale!

Would I recommend the Eroscillator?

I like this odd-looking sex gadget, it’s fun and you can swap and change the attachments to enjoy different experiences. I’m all for versatility in the bedroom department, and like to ring the changes!

The manufacturers have also worked hard to make sure the Eroscillator isn’t overly noisy. You can hear it as it gently buzzes, but we’re talking a discrete hum rather than a shrill drone.

Ok, so it took a little more time to hit the spot, but the subtlety of its touch will ensure your clit ends up simulated rather than numb. It seems Dr Ruth was right to back the Eroscillator – why not give it a try and see for yourself.

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