Best Standing Sex Positions

I think standing sex positions might be some of the most underrated sexual activities in the world. I mean, why do we always make a run for the bed when the mood strikes? What’s wrong with finding a quiet corner to get it on? Although it does take a lot of physical strength and some extra maneuvering, there are still many advantages to standing sex positions. 

And although you might think you have limited options due to your physical strength, we are here to tell you otherwise.

A few of the real benefits of having sex in a standing position are:

  • Entering from a deeper angle (most of the time).
  • The sex is usually way more adventurous, and your adrenaline levels rise, leading to (sometimes) deeper orgasms.
  • You get a fun workout.
  • You get to experience new sensations because your bodies are aligned differently.
  • Standing sex is also more flexible. You can do it in bathroom stalls, alleyways, corners, wherever there’s enough room for two people to stand, there’s enough space for standing sex.

Now that I’ve established why standing sex is the greatest thing since opposable thumbs, we can move on to why I’m writing this article; to teach you about the five best standing sex positions. But before that, here are some tips to make sure that you do it right when you put these positions into practice. So get ready to take notes, guys.

Tips For Great Sex In Standing Positions

Leverage Your Body Weight

Retaining your balance while lying horizontally on a flat surface is an instinctive reaction. That’s why we’re able to perform positions like missionary, doggy, cowgirl, and reverse cowgirl almost instinctively. However, standing sex is a whole different ball game. It can be challenging to maintain stability while having penetrative sex, but that doesn’t mean that it’s impossible.

You’ll have to find your center of gravity and find a way to have your partner take some of the weight if you’re the one that has to do all the twisting and bending. For example, you can hold onto his shoulders, wrap your arms around his neck, or get a leg up on his hip or shoulder. Whatever works for you.

Use Your Surroundings

Just because the title says “best standing sex positions” doesn’t mean both partners have to be standing. You’re still having standing sex as long as you’re both not horizontal. You can make use of the things next to you—for example, furniture. If there’s a table close by, you can easily hoist yourself up onto it and spread your legs to let your partner penetrate.

Or if there’s a doorway or couch or stand or whatever nearby, you can grasp that for stability. You have to make sure that the item that you grab is sturdy.

The Wall is Your Friend

Leaning against the wall is a terrific way to have mind-blowing standing sex without worrying about stability. You can simply lean your partner up against the wall, have them poke their butt out and arch their back, and you’ve got a safe and sufficiently nastily sexy standing position. Luckily, walls are the most accessible prop anywhere. All you have to do is get in the mood.

Shower Sex is an Option But Exercise Caution

One of the most well-known places for standing sex is the shower. The enclosed space can provide a lot of leverage for the receiver, and if you decide to invest in a bath stool, you can include even more positions. Plus, you can easily just wash off when you’re done and head straight to bed after. Be careful of the slippery walls and floors. Also, please don’t use soap as lube; it will mess up your vagina’s natural pH level.

Try Oral Sex, Too!

Savor all the possibilities of standing sex positions by being open to receiving and giving standing oral sex. There are so many ways to do this, and I’m pretty sure you’ve heard of some methods before. However, penetration can get somewhat awkward during standing sex, so it’s best just to have some fun through other ways if you really can’t hack it.

You Don’t Have to Finish While Standing

Standing sex is physically taxing. Depending on who is receiving and giving and the positions you’re offering, you’ll work out your arms, legs, thighs, core, and back at the very least. And while it feels good, you sometimes get so tense with the effort that you can’t cum. But you don’t have to have an orgasm while standing.

Sex is supposed to be fun, not grueling. Of course, you can always switch positions if you want and head to horizontal space.

Now that you know how to handle standing sex, let’s move on to the real point of this article: the best standing sex positions.

Our 5 Best Standing Sex Positions

1. Three-Legged Stance

If you’ve ever heard of a three-legged race, you’ll have a basic idea of what this position looks like. In essence, the receiving partner will be the one who’s a “one-legged” person.

How to do it

Stand face to face with your partner. Lift one leg and allow him to clasp it and pull it close to his hip. You can also try to wrap that leg around his waist and try to make it so that the ankle of your raised leg is down around the soft part behind the knee. Your partner will have to grasp your raised leg from behind the knee and have you lean on him to maintain stability.

However, if you want to show off your acrobatics, you can straighten your leg in the air and put your ankle on his shoulder, literally doing a standing split on his penis.

Why we love it

You and your partner can enjoy a lot of face time in this position. It’s so romantic how you get to look in each other’s eyes while you have sex. Apart from the deep penetration, seeing the pleasure you’re giving to them is a massive turn-on. The three-legged stance also works well for super small spaces.

2. Table Top

table top imageThe name of this standing sex position says tabletop, but in reality, it can be practiced on any piece of furniture that stands around the hip level like sinks, dining tables, kitchen islands, long stools, shelves, and more.

How to do it

While it does feel sexy to have the giver lift you and carry you everywhere while you sit on his penis unless you’re slim, you’re going to weigh way more than a feather. So get up and hop up on that table, sink, bookshelf, etc., by yourself.

Spread your legs a little to allow yourself to be penetrated from the front. Alternatively, you can just bend over any piece of furniture that’s at hip height and let your partner slip in from the back.

Why we love it

Personally, the first option is my favorite. Your hands and his hands are left free to run wild, and you can kiss as much as you want. The second option is also great because you can achieve a deeper level of penetration which makes it all the sweeter. And for those who like getting their hair pulled, option number two will get your rocks off.

3. Stand and Deliver

This standing sex position bears a lot of similarities to option two. However, it requires lots of leg and core strength and doesn’t include any tables, sinks, or bookshelves. All you need is yourself, your partner, and both your limber waists.

How to do it

Stand with your body facing away from your partner. It’d be preferable if you both were in a place that has enough space for your upper body to lean forward plus more room for your head’s movements. That is, apart from the space where you’re standing, the room should have an additional six to eight feet of space in front of you. Again, these specifications are for your safety.

After ensuring that you have enough space, stand with your legs apart to maintain a greater sense of stability. Then, bend forward at the waist to allow your partner to penetrate you from behind. Both of you should bend your knees for better stability and align your centers of gravity. Next, your partner can grab your arms and use them as handlebars to thrust harder and faster.

Why we love it

He’ll be in deep, guys. Real deep. Plus, he doesn’t need both of his hands to hold you up. This means that he can free a hand to touch and stimulate your clitoris, which we all know leads to better orgasms. And if you get a little weak at the knees, he can hold you up or at least slow your fall.

4. Door Jam

This particular position does have its benefits, but it also has its drawbacks. It’s also not as spontaneous as the other standing sex positions. However, if you have a particularly wide door frame available and a partner who’s up for a bit of risk, then you have just about everything.

How to do it

The instructions on this one are pretty simple and can be implemented in different ways. Here’s option one. Lean back with your upper back pressed against the doorframe and hoist one leg up. Your partner can also help you and himself by using a hand to lift your leg higher, thereby opening you up for deeper penetration. Your hands are free to roam here, and so are his.

Option two has you facing the door frame and clinging to the edges with both hands while your partner rides you from behind. He has both hands free, so you can expect extra stimulation.

Option three has you leaning entirely on the doorframe with your back flush against it. Your partner will have you hoisted up with both hands, supporting your weight with his hands, hips, and the doorframe. This is the option with the deepest penetration, and you also have free hands to touch as much as you want.

Why we love it

The door frame carries some of your weight, so any carrying position doesn’t need to be complicated. In addition, you or your partner have at least one arm free between the two of you, so you’re able to get some extra stimulation. 

5. Upstanding Citizen

upstanding citizen imageOnly try this sex position if your partner is athletic and can carry you easily for reasonably long periods. But if not, I don’t advise this for other couples. Also, please don’t try this if your partner cannot lift you easily. You could get an injury. But if you can, let’s get into how to do it.

How to do it

Both partners should stand facing each other. Put your arms over your partner’s shoulders and let your partner stoop a little so you can straddle his waist. Jump a little to make it easier on him and wrap your legs around his waist, locking your ankles behind his back. Then you can have your partner support you under your butt. Then he can slowly penetrate from the bottom.

For extra support, you can get your partner’s back up against the wall, kind of like the door jam but on a broader surface.

Why we love it

You get fantastic deep penetration, and since you’re facing your partner, you can easily kiss and touch him. The front of your body will be rubbing against him, so your nipples will get some incredible simulation as well. Plus, getting lifted by your partner is such a heady feeling—you kind of feel like the female lead in some action movie.

Here are some other standing sex positions that we like but didn’t make the cut for our best standing sex positions:

  • Wheelbarrow
  • Corkscrew
  • Standing O
  • Stand up Guy

Final Thoughts

I’m pretty sure that you already have a couple of ideas for your next vertical tango. But before you do so, you’ll need to keep safety in mind. Make sure that you’re stable, secure and that you use your body weight to ground yourself. You can also use props like swings, ropes, and toys to increase your enjoyment. Standing sex while swinging in a doorway. Can life get better?

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