Silicon Wives Review

If you had asked me about sex dolls a few years ago I would probably have turned my nose up. The shiny-plastic blow-up dolls of old had little to offer but three conspicuous holes. They were fine for bachelor parties, but little else.

Thankfully, times have changed. If you opt for a high-quality sex doll, such as those available from Silicon Wives, you can expect tasteful over tawdry. Anthropomorphic and anatomically correct, Silicon Wives are designed to look and feel like real women.

In this Silicon Wives review, we’ll find out more about Silicon Wives and take a closer look at the range of dolls available. We’ll also check out the practicalities of doll ownership in terms of how to best use your new female friend and how to clean and maintain her. So, let’s find out if a Silicon Wives sex doll could be the woman of your dreams…

Who Are Silicon Wives?

silicon wife imageTaking their name from the technical hub of Silicone Valley and the robust material known as silicone, Silicon Wives was formed back in 2015 with one clear aim – to revolutionize the sex doll industry.

Not impressed with the inferior products on the market, the company decided to focus on providing high-quality, authentic sex dolls to discerning individuals. With over ten years of experience in the sex accessory business, it’s fair to say that the Silicon Wives team has a wealth of experience.

If you check out the company website, you’ll find premium products from a range of superior sex doll manufacturers including JM Dolls, JY Dolls, Sanhui Dolls, and other selected producers.

Silicon Wives profess to take customer satisfaction seriously. The team believes that dolls are more than just toys for sexual play, they can provide warmth, companionship, and a memorable user experience.

Silicon Wives offer sex dolls that resemble real females. However, the company is quick to point out that their dolls are better than tangible wives, lovers, and girlfriends. Why? Because you can do whatever you please and you won’t have to put up with any nagging!

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What Type Of Silicon Wives Are Available?

Silicon Wives boasts a large range of sex dolls, and diversity is the name of the game. You’ll find lovely ladies in a myriad of shapes, sizes, and colors, so you can choose your perfect match.

japanese sex dollThere are white girls, black girls, Japanese girls, Swedish girls, redheaded girls, petite girls, and girls with huge asses, to name but a few. Play with a slutty policewoman, toy with a long-legged housewife, or even indulge in magical moments with a curvy elf.

Once you’ve selected the doll for you, shape her into your fantasy woman by customizing the design. Start with the skin tone and choose from several options including white, fair, pink, natural, tan, brown, and black.

Hair and eye color can be tailored too. Will you fall for a blonde bombshell, a beautiful brunette, a ravishing redhead, or a dark-haired diva? Look into your lover’s eyes – are they blue, brown, or green?

As if that’s not enough there are a few other changeable features available. You can define the boobs by choosing from standard, hollow, and gel breasts, and you’ll also find a range of vagina options. Go for a built-in one or opt for a removable lady part, and finish things off by choosing between hair or bare!

There are optional extras too. You can have metal screws implanted in the feet to provide balance (ideal if you want to stand your doll up). You can also add a heating element so you can enjoy body warmth when you get cozy with your woman.

The shrugging shoulder option adds realism, as does the articulated hand skeleton – complete with copper wiring for a better grip.

You can also request an enhanced mouth (which features a textured tongue) and realistic moaning sounds for authenticity. As a final flourish, why not add a penis attachment? The removable penis attaches to the vagina to provide a memorable transsexual experience.

Are Silicon Wives Quality Products?

 Silicon Wives are proud of their products, you won’t find any cheap imitations amongst the range. The dolls are made with quality in mind, using superior materials to ensure they have a lifelike appearance and feel pleasing to the touch.

Your doll will last from two to ten years depending on how often you use her, how vigorously you play with her and how well you look after her. Frequent, robust use will result in more noticeable wear and tear, but you can prolong the life of your playmate by careful cleaning and maintenance – we’ll explore this further later on.

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What Do Silicon Wives Feel Like? 

Silicon Wives feel realistic, and all of the products are made using silicone and rubbery materials (thermoplastic elastomers or TPE’s for short). Silicone is celebrated for its durability and TPE materials provide the ductile, life-like feel you would associate with a premium sex doll.

Silicone is generally firmer than TPE, which means dolls made from silicone are a little more robust. They are also a little pricier than TPE dolls, so you might have to dip further into your pocket.

breasts vagina and anus imageSilicone is known for being body-safe, so there’s no need to worry about human contact – you can enjoy getting up close and personal as much as you like. This type of material is also easier to clean, so you can keep your doll in tip-top condition.

TPE sex dolls tend to feel softer, and the bodies have a little more “jiggle factor,” we’re talking breasts that wobble and bottoms that quiver beneath your hand.

This type of rubbery material is more flexible than silicone, so joints will feel more moveable.

TPE sex dolls also boast good heat retention, so you can enjoy authentic body heat as you cuddle up. Another bonus is the price, TPE dolls are usually cheaper than their silicone counterparts.

However, we should also point out that TPE dolls aren’t as robust as silicone ones, so you’ll need to be gentler and make sure you clean and store your new friend carefully.

How To Use Silicon Wives

What are you looking for in a sex doll? Companionship? Cuddles? Mind-blowing sex? The ladies from Silicon Wives might not be able to whip you up a three-course meal, but they can provide closeness and intimacy (and as a modern guy I’m sure you can cook anyway – or get yourself a takeout!).

When it comes to sex, the Silicon Wives are dreamy. This is the perfect opportunity to indulge your deepest fantasies. The dolls invite access to all three holes, vagina, anus, and mouth – so, there’s plenty to keep you occupied.

There’s the option to go for a fixed/built-in vagina or a removable one. The built-in vagina resembles the genitalia of a real-life woman and stays in place all the time. The removable vagina is a tube-like feature that can be inserted and taken out as required. The tube is clamped in place by the labia and can be easily removed for cleaning.

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Meet The Silicon Wives Sex Dolls

Silicon Wives has an extensive range to choose from. It takes two weeks to process your order and a week to ship your new woman to your door. Free international shipping is offered and dolls arrive discreetly packaged. Unfortunately, we don’t have time to take a closer look at every doll in the range, so for now, we’ll get to know two of them a little better.

Introducing Auburn

Let’s start with Auburn, the popular red-headed sex doll. Auburn has a bio on the Silicon Wives website, where she’s described as a college student from Seattle.

redhead sex doll on bedAuburn has a love of books and reading, but also a keen sense of adventure and colorful imagination. Despite her audacious nature, Auburn appears to have led a sheltered life when it comes to love-making and is still a virgin.

The student professes her willingness to learn and is hoping to find the right man to teach her the art of sex. Auburn’s fiery red locks give her a sexy, alluring look, but she has an innocent nature and longs to be in the arms of a strong but caring male.

Let’s take a look at Auburn’s key characteristics. Well, to start with, she stands at 157cm tall and weighs in at 28kg. With a 66cm bust (B cup), 48cm waist, and 76cm hips, this doll has pretty impressive statistics. The steel skeleton has moveable joints, so you can enjoy multiple positions.

Sex-wise all three holes are available for your pleasure. The vagina and anus both have holes that are 17cm deep and the mouth offers a depth of 13cm. Auburn is made from TPE materials, so she feels soft to the touch and very realistic.

Introducing Pippa

Now please allow me to introduce you to our second lovely lady, Pippa, the Asian sex doll. Pippa also has a bio on the website, where she is described as a liberal soul. She seems to be the type of woman who likes to be satisfied, and she enjoys all types of sexual play.

Sexual adventurous, and bisexual, Pippa isn’t averse to a threesome.

Pippa sex doll in a sitting position

If you have a female friend who would like to play, you might want to bring her along too. The write-up indicates Pippa likes other women, but she also has an insatiable appetite for men.

So, what does Pippa do aside from having mind-blowing sex? Her bio informs us that she is 24 years old and works as a barista for a leading coffee chain. Looks-wise Pippa stands at 163cm and weighs in at a slender 31kg. The Japanese doll has a steel skeleton with moveable joints for easy positioning and you can indulge in oral, vaginal, and anal sex.

As for dimensions, Pippa has a 76cm bust, 56cm waist, and 76cm hips, so she boasts a perfect hourglass shape. If you’re interested in the depth of her holes, I can tell you that her vagina and anus both feature a hole with a depth of 21cm and her mouth is 15cm deep.

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Cleaning And Maintenance

Have plenty of fun with your friend, but if you want her to stay with you for the duration, you’ll need to take care of her. We’re not talking champagne and roses, but you do need to keep your doll clean and well-maintained.

Prevent the build-up of germs by wiping your doll after every use, and don’t forget to clean external areas and inner parts. This is especially important if you ejaculate inside your doll. If you’re not keen on this idea you could use a condom to catch the sperm and accelerate the clean-up process.

When it comes to cleaning products, you need to be careful. As you’re getting intimate with the doll you won’t want to use anything too harsh (this could be toxic for your skin and your doll). However, you do need to make sure bacteria is removed and that your new toy is kept sanitary.

Thankfully there are antibacterial sprays and foaming cleaners available that have been designed with sex toys in mind. These body-safe chemicals won’t cause damage to either of you. You can also use oil-free makeup remover to clean off eyeshadow, lipstick, etc.

If your doll stays packed away for lengthy intervals it’s a good idea to embark on a monthly inspection – check her over and wipe her down. It’s also wise to remember that your doll may be durable, but it’s not infallible. If you’re packing your doll away for a while it’s a good idea to dress her in loose-fitting, light-colored attire.

Are Silicon Wives For Me?

 There’s no arguing over the quality of Silicon Wives’ sex dolls. The products are robust, well-made, and created to resemble real women.

The company care about customer satisfaction and offer bonus extras such as free shipping, inconspicuous packaging, and a returns policy (refund or replacement) just in case you are unhappy with your purchase.

With Silicon Wives for every occasion, you should be able to find your ideal woman among the versatile range. Customizing your doll will allow you to fine-tune those important features such as eye and hair color. With so much choice this could be the perfect opportunity to create the woman of your dreams. Let’s hope you live happily ever after!

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