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Emma Miles considers herself an expert when it comes to bullet vibrators. Here, she takes this mini one for a test run in our Lovense Ambi review… Find out how she got on with it and whether it’s a good fit for you below…

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Intimate, fun, creative – sex allows you to escape from the daily grind and indulge in a much more exciting kind of grind. Put down that mop and close that laptop, it’s time to lose yourself in love-making. You can add a touch more excitement to sexual proceedings by introducing a sex toy such as the Lovense Ambi, a bullet vibrator designed to stimulate and thrill.

In this review, we’ll get friendly with the Lovense Ambi. we’ll find out more about what it does and how it works, and we’ll let you know how well it performs too. Let’s get going with our Lovense Ambi review…

Lovense Ambi Specs And Features

A Vibro bullet vibrator with a difference, the Lovense Ambi provides deep and intense clitoral stimulation. Alternatively, you can use the toy to arouse the genital area. The versatile bullet is perfect for foreplay or enhancing sexual intercourse, and the best news of all? You can use it pink lovense ambiwith your partner or you can make the most of playing solo.

Looks and Size

Pink and with a sort of hammerhead shape, the Lovense Ambi doesn’t strike me as reminiscent of a regular bullet vibrator. Dimension-wise, the toy has a length of 86mm and a diameter of 27mm.

Body-Safe and Waterproof

Made from body-safe medical silicone, the Lovense Ambi is hypoallergenic and non-toxic, so it’s great for those with sensitive skin. The product is also IPX7 Waterproof, so you can enjoy a leisurely shower or bath, complete with bubbles, lather, and lashings of orgasms.

Low Maintenance

It’s fun to play with sex toys, but not so much fun to clean them afterward. However, the Lovense Ambi is low-maintenance, so you just need to rinse it under water after use. Ideally, use a gentle detergent too to keep your toy clean and in great condition, then store it safely until your next play session.

Ergonomic Shape

The design is best described as contemporary – as we’ve mentioned, the product doesn’t conform to the usual bullet shape. Instead, the unique curves mirror those of your hand and body, so you can enjoy a more comfortable experience.

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Powerful Stimulation

The Lovense Ambi is a powerful toy, and allegedly four times more powerful than other bullet vibrators on the market. Described as the most versatile bullet vibrator EVER, the Lovense Ambi provides broad, pinpoint or super pinpoint stimulation.

Multiple Vibration Levels

As it’s fully programmable, the Lovense Ambi can be tailored to meet your own specific needs. The range of vibration levels (3 steady levels and up to 10 patterns) will no doubt keep things interesting.

Clever Connectivity

The Lovense Ambi isn’t just a handheld standard bullet vibrator, it’s so much more. All Lovense toys will connect to your device via Bluetooth connection and the Ambi is compatible with iPhone/iPad/iPod Touch iOS 11.0 and later. It will also connect to Android 5.0 and later (with Bluetooth 4.0 enabled), Mac (with Bluetooth 4.0 enabled), and Windows PC (but you will need a Lovense USB Bluetooth Adapter for this).

We’ll talk you through how to connect your device later, check out the “Easy to Operate” section. You can use the app to tailor vibrations to suit and select the power level that works for you. If you’re feeling brave why not hand over control to your partner? The Lovense Ambi boasts both close and long-range control, so you can have fun together in the same room, or when your other half is miles away from you.

Versatile Play

dimensions of ambiWhether you’re flying solo or enjoying the fruits of coupledom, the Lovense Ambi will add spice to your sex life. The Lovense Ambi can enhance sex with your partner and can be used to complement several sexual positions such as missionary, cowgirl, and doggy style.

Charging Up

The Lovense Ambi is USB rechargeable. You’ll know the device is successfully charging as the red indicator light will appear. Once fully charged you can make the most of 1.5- 2 hours of continuous use.

Easy to Operate

The Lovense Ambi is easy to operate. Locate the on/off button (you’ll find it on the body of the toy), when you press “on” you’ll feel a brief vibration to indicate the vibrator is good to go. Then choose your preferred mode from the options and get ready for some fun. To switch off, just press the on/off button once more and you can then clean and put your vibrator to bed for another day.

To use the app just tap the “+” and search for your device. When detected, click “done.” From here you’ll need to set your perimeters, you can do this by choosing your mode of choice from the options given.

Bonus Extras

We do like an added extra, and the Lovense Ambi comes with a few add-ons designed to make your experience even more pleasant. There’s a 1-year warranty, which is great for peace of mind and you’ll also be furnished with a useful user manual (ok, so you might not need it, but take a look just to get to grips with the toy and its functions).

We should also mention the Lovense Ambi Vibro bullet is compatible with other Lovense products. As a bonus, you’ll also get a storage bag, perfect for tucking your Lovense Ambi neatly away after use and discretely transporting it too.

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Using The Lovense Ambi

The unique curvy shape and bright hue certainly jumped out at me as I unpacked the Lovense Ambi from its simple white box (there is a photograph of the product on the front of the packaging, so it’s fairly obvious what you’re getting!).

I’m drawn to the versatility of the product, the fact that I can use it to satisfy myself or to enhance sexual play with my other half appeals (I do like a multi-tasking gadget). I also like the fact you can go one further, not only can you get your lover involved, you can also hand them the key to your orgasm (in the form of an app that controls the Lovense Ambi). I’m all for innovation, be it electric cars, wrinkle-free material, or Bluetooth sex toys, bring them one, bring them all.

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I decided to give it a go alone, so I pulled out my water-based lubricant (the toy should only be used with this type of lubricant) and I found a quiet and comfy place. Rather than use the app I opted for the manual controls (I figure if I’m having hands-on fun I may as well go totally hands-on).

Play begins well, the vibrations are strong and robust – not too much, but enough to cause waves of pleasure from the off. There are different levels depending on your mood, and despite the powerful vibes, I’m pleased to discover the Lovense Ambi isn’t overly loud.  This is a definite plus point in my book as I live in a busy house – a hubby, teens, and a barky dog! I might be able to zone out their background noise but I cannot zone out the worry that my sex toy might be buzzing too loudly, after all, that’s enough to put anyone off!

The shape is bang-on. I’ve used bullet vibrators before and they are ergonomic in the sense they fit snugly into your hand, but it can be hard to hold the toy in the right place for the duration of play. In the past, I’ve found myself rotating and twisting my hand and the toy to hit the spot. The Lovense Ambi requires very little manipulation as the curves mirror your contours and make for fuss-free fun.


I found the Lovense Ambi to be affordable and fun. I’m planning to try out the app and hand the controls over to my hubby (he’ll no doubt be in his element as he loves gadgets and gizmos). I’ll let you know how that goes, but if it’s as good an experience as the solo play, I’m sure it won’t be disappointing!

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