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Fleshlight Destroya – Could This Be The Hottest Fleshlight On The Market?

Incredibly sexy Stoya has been a breath of fresh air since she entered the porn market, and the launch of the Fleshlight Destroya, with realistic lips molded of Stoya herself, quickly brought her even more popularity. Stoya’s Fleshlight Destroya has become known as one of the most intense fleshlights out there, so this one is not for the faint-hearted. The intensity lies in the complex texture, where words like “fangs” are being used to describe it. You get the picture. It’s quite the fleshlight.

In this Fleshlight Destroya review, we’ll go through what you might want to know about the Destroya fleshlight and how it actually performs in real life. I’ve tested it out, and I’ll walk you through my personal experience with this extraordinarily fierce stroker for men. We’ll talk about whom it’s suitable for and give you a full run down of the pros and cons to help you decide if this is the Fleshlight for you.

After that, I’ll also give you some important pro-tips for getting the most from your Destroya Fleshlight (or really, any of the Fleshlight Girls). Finally, we sum things up with my final thoughts about the Destroya.

Now that you know what’s to come… buckle in and let’s get started.

The Face Behind The Fleshlight

stoya with the destroyaIf you’re already familiar with the sexy porn star Stoya, you can go ahead and skip this section. If not, you might want to know what you’re getting yourself into (and I mean that quite literally). Stoya isn’t just any woman – she’s one of the hottest women you’ll find on this planet, and she truly loves to get stuck in to the action.

Stoya started off as a sex-positive alternative model. Her skinny, tall figure and intense hazel eyes captivated many, and her debut in the porn industry was a huge success. Today she continues to seduce and please men, and on her Instagram she shares her thoughts and daily life, as well as raunchy pictures that make the whole world swoon.

Not only is she active on Pornhub, with one hot video after another being released, but she also has an OnlyFans account. There she shares exclusive content with her devoted fans – if you’re one of them, you absolutely deserve to enter her fleshlight. What better way to enjoy the visual stimulation than a fleshlight molded after Stoya herself?

Stoya’s beautiful, elegant body and her love for having sex are what attracts viewers to her videos over and over. She does all kinds of action, and some videos even feature the Destroya fleshlight that any loyal fan can purchase and enjoy for a real taste of her.

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About the Destroya Fleshlight

Time to talk about the Destroya Felshlight itself now… It’s molded after Stoya herself, meaning the entrance is just like her real vagina. Thanks to the realistic feeling material and lips, you can really imagine actually entering her – and then you’re met with the inside texture.

Right after the tight opening, you’re met with a more open space featuring fangs. The fangs don’t dig into you, but they provide some pretty intense stimulation as they grace and drag against your skin. Next up, there are some ridges that are designed with different shapes that provide an equally intense experience in a way that is quite different to anything you will have experienced before. The final section is a progressively tighter tunnel with a gentler ribbed texture providing the last touch that brings you all the way.

The material that the toy is made up of feels much like real skin, and has a similar elastic but skin-soft quality. Combined with lube, this feels very much like the real thing – except more intense than anything you’ve experienced before.

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My Experience With The Fleshlight Destroya

I’m not new to Fleshlights. I’ve tried out quite a few over the last couple of years, but I have to say that Destroya was one of my early favorites and remains the case. Let me get into why, from the very first touch.

First Impressions

Destroya was a pretty early purchase of mine. I didn’t really watch the porn star before, but ever since my purchase I’ve been one of her fans. Heck, I even subscribed to her OnlyFans for a month! Before coming across Stoya’s Destroya sleeve, I had been using an untextured and tight sleeve. I was curious how the textures would feel, so I decided to go with something with a lot of texture to really feel the contrast.

After unpacking it, I was initially delighted. The lips and the realistic mold are truly beautiful, and the opening looks really welcoming. I became a bit too eager and rushed things a bit – and let me tell you, my member was not quite prepared for what was coming. They really do call it Destroya for a reason.

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Using the Destroya Fleshlight

destroya fleshlight being held by StoyaLike I just mentioned, I went a bit too fast, kind of assuming it would be like my other fleshlight. It wasn’t – it was much more intense!

At first, I thought it was too intense, and quickly pulled out (ouch!). I was about to give up on it, but after I browsed some of Stoya’s porn, I was tempted to try again. Cautiously glancing at the fleshlight, I decided to give it another go.

This time I was VERY generous with the lube, and decided to ease into it. That made all the difference. When it was just the tip of my penis that felt the gentle dragging of the fangs, it felt kind of good. After a few minutes, I was completely hooked. I got more and more worked up, pushing further and further into the toy. It didn’t take long until I finished inside her.

I’ve used Destroya for a couple of years now, and found all the right ways to stimulate myself with this tight fleshlight. From twisting it to short strokes, it has become a long-term partner I wouldn’t want to be without.

Maintenance – How To Clean The Destroya

Here’s the part I don’t like. Cleaning and caring for the Destroya is a chore I wouldn’t have wished for, but I do it diligently and carefully since I absolutely want to keep her in good shape. Once you get the routine down, it’s really not that bad, but it does take a bit of time. And you absolutely do have to wash it after every single use.

To wash it, take out the sleeve of the case and rinse the inside of it thoroughly. You might want to get your hands in there to ensure you get everything out; you definitely don’t want any residue to greet you next time. This washing does take some time and effort because of the complex texture of the toy. You’ll want to avoid any soap or cleaner except one created especially for the unique material. You can buy a fleshlight wash on the official Fleshlight website. I’d recommend you pick some up when you place your order.

Once you’re done cleaning it, it’s important that it’s dried before you place it in the case again. You may be tempted to use a hair dryer to make it dry faster… Don’t. It will only ruin the sensitive material. Instead, shake it out as well as you can and then let it air dry for a few hours or even overnight.

When it has dried, apply powder (Fleshlight sells “Renewing Powder”). You don’t have to use it every time, but do use it once in a while, as it will keep the material feeling amazing. You can also wash the case if you want, but normally the case will remain pretty clean, so it’s definitely not something you have to do after every use.

I have made that sound pretty complex – the reality is that the cleaning and maintenance of the Destroya is actually pretty straightforward – but I did want to make it clear in the review that this is a process that simply cannot be skipped.

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Pros & Cons Of The Destroya Fleshlight

Now that we’ve gone through everything, we’ll list the pros and cons for an easy overview of the good and the bad.


  • Molded by Stoya herself: The opening is realistic and the lips look just like Stoya’s. If you’re a sucker for this porn star, you’ll fall in love with the realistic mold that makes it feel almost as if you’re with Stoya herself.
  • Realistic Material: The material not only looks, but also feels, real. It’s perfect if you dislike silicone-molds and crave the feeling of real skin.
  • High Intensity: With a complex, intense texture, you can be sure that Destroya will catch your attention and keep it. If you think your previous fleshlights are a bit boring, and you’re now looking for something really spicy, then you’re sure to fall in love with the Destroya fleshlight from the moment you thrust into her and experience the textures.
  • Best-selling Sleeve: It’s tried and tested! With hundreds of reviews that praise the Destroya sleeve, you know you’re in good company. Previous customers love the quality and feel of the toy, and you’re likely to enjoy it too.
  • Adjustable Suction: The Destroya has a bottom cap which can be adjusted to change the level of suction. This can provide some variety to your experience, and of course also add to the experience. It’s also perfect if you’re looking to recreate the feeling of a blowjob with the Destroya sleeve.
  • Optional Accessories: If you want to mount the Destroya to the wall, there are compatible mounts to buy that can help you do that. There are also sleeve warmers you can buy, and even drying accessories that make it easier to hang up the toy to air dry after you’ve used and washed it.


  • Time-consuming To Clean: The texture feels amazing while you’re using it, but… It’s not so amazing when it comes to cleaning it. Not only can it be a bit difficult to ensure you get inside all the bumps and ridges, but it also takes longer to dry than most fleshlights for the same reason. Also, the sensitive Superskin material needs to be treated with care, so no harsh soaps can be used.
  • Deteriorates Over Time: There’s no getting around the fact that the material doesn’t last forever. Unlike some other toys, like those made of premium silicone, this one isn’t going to last you for 10 years. If you take proper care of it, it will feel like new for a few years, but eventually it does get looser even with proper care.
  • Too Intense For Those With Sensitive Members: If you are especially sensitive, the Destroya isn’t for you. It’s designed to be intense; it literally has fangs! If your member needs to be treated with extreme care, the Destroya is simply not an option.

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Is The Destroya Fleshlight For You?

stoyaThe Destroya Fleshlight is, of course, great for fans of the sexy model, but also very suitable for anyone who simply loves a fleshlight that shows no mercy. The Destroya is tight, has a realistic entrance and fierce textures that will make you weak at the knees in no time.

The Destroya is designed to be intense and fierce, and the fang-like details provide just that. Furthermore, it’s thoroughly ribbed and gets tighter the further in you get – if that’s not what you’re looking for then Destroya isn’t for you. It’s also not automatic in any way, so you won’t experience vibrations, strokes, or pulsations.

And again, It’s not suitable for sensitive users. If you don’t enjoy intense textures, then the Destroya is definitely not for you. Instead, you might want to check out some other fleshlights, like Kendra Sunderland fleshlight with a softer and gentler texture, or the Classic Pink Lady for an untextured snugness.

How To Use The Destroya Fleshlight – Tips & Tricks

Of course, you probably already know how to use a fleshlight, but you could likely use a few tips to make the experience better. Here we’ll go through some tips for getting the most out of your fleshlight and enjoying stronger orgasms.

Make sure it’s clean before use

We’ll start off with an obvious but very important tip; make sure that your toy is clean and free from bacteria. You need to wash it after every single use, and let it dry completely before closing it again. Don’t ever use a dirty toy. It can lead to some seriously nasty and uncomfortable infections. Even having the thought in your head that it’s not fully clean can be a real turn-off and no-one wants that.

Start off slow

Lots of build-up makes an orgasm stronger, and this applies for masturbation as well. You might be tempted to just immediately start thrusting into the fleshlight (and there are days when you might do just that) but if you want to level up the intensity you should try some solo foreplay. You can do this by starting off watching some steamy videos to get you going and gently using your hand. Then start off by inserting just the tip into the fleshlight, and gently tease and work your way into deeper penetration.

Make things wet with tons of lube

Using lube is really important, especially because Destroya is such an intense fleshlight that you’re bound to get chaffing if you don’t use enough. Make sure that the lube you’re using is water-based, so it doesn’t deteriorate the fleshlight sleeve. You can experiment with different lubes; for example, thinner ones help you feel the structure better, while thicker lubes are great if you want it to feel a bit less intense. There are also some interesting ones for unique sensations, like warming and tingling.

Try heating it up first

There are a few ways you can bring some heat into your experience. You can leave the toy in warm water for a while, letting it heat up to a comfortable, warm temperature. You can also purchase a toy warming stick, which you insert into the toy before use and let it warm up from the inside.

Finally, you can heat up some lube. You can do this by putting some into a microwavable bowl and then heating it up for a few seconds, or you can place a lube bottle in warm water for a few minutes. Just make sure to feel with your fingers before applying, so that you won’t burn any sensitive areas.

Spice things up with toys

There are a couple of different ways to use toys with your fleshlight. One is a cock ring. You simply put it on before or a few minutes into stroking. There are a few different kinds, including vibrating ones. You can also throw in a bullet vibrator into the sleeve if the toy is big enough for that. Just ensure the vibrator is waterproof first!

Vary the types of strokes

I shouldn’t need to mention that both variation (so it doesn’t get boring) and experimentation (so that you find more things you like) are very important when it comes to sexual pleasure. Alternate between long and short strokes, as well as slow and fast ones. Twisting the fleshlight around your member can also feel amazing and really emphasize the texture of your Destroya. And don’t forget to experiment with different levels of suction by adjusting the bottom cap.

Switch up your routine

There are many ways to switch up your routine. Try using your fleshlight in different positions, in different surroundings, or take off the case for a different experience. Mounting it is also a great idea to try new positions. You can kind of DIY it by placing it between pillows, in a shoe or any other way you can think of, but you can also buy and use a mount. The Fleshlight website also sells shower mounts, so you can use it hands-free in the shower and attach it at any height that fits you best.

Bring it into your couple sex

You have a sexy partner. You have a pleasurable toy. Why not combine the two? You can either use the fleshlight to jerk yourself off and let your lover watch, or hand them the fleshlight and let them use it on you. If your partner is up for it, a fleshlight can be an awesome addition to your existing sex life.

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My Verdict

I think I’ve made it pretty clear that I love the Destroya sleeve, and that it has a reputation for good reason. That said, I think it’s important to note that it’s not for everyone. If you don’t like an intense and very textured feeling, you’re simply not going to enjoy the Destroya. It will be too much and instead feel uncomfortable.

It’s also not for those who want to put as little effort as possible in, as cleaning up after using the toy can be a bit tedious. You have to be careful, as the material will pretty quickly fail you if you use the wrong soap or overheat it trying to get it to dry too quickly.

But, if you’re willing to put in a bit of time to get it clean, and love an intense experience, then Stoya’s Destroya sleeve is going to be heaven for you. In terms of experience, it’s absolutely one of the best fleshlights I’ve ever used. Especially considering the fact it doesn’t vibrate, suck or stroke. Despite being completely manual, Destroya manages to be extremely intense and pleasurable. Much more so than some automatic strokers! And it’s all because of the carefully designed inside texture and beautiful, tight opening.

If you’ve made it this far, I’m betting you’re going to be loving the Destroya. If you want to get it, buy it directly from the official website here!

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